Versatile Mage Chapter 244

Chapter 244 - You Want to Hurt Me with Your tiny Common Grade Fire?


The Cursed Beast could feel its owner’s frantic rage as it used all of its power to charge toward Mo Fan.

The Cursed Beast’s speed was relatively fast. In less than a second, it was already fifty meters away from Mo Fan, and the remaining fifty meters was just a wink away.

Mo Fan looked at the Cursed Beast and this time, he didn’t even try to dodge it. The corner of his mouth curved as he thought, Let’s see how savage you’re gonna be!

His fingers moved slightly, and a invisible thread wrapped around his finger. It looked as though he was trying to pull something.

Mo Fan’s finger was precisely controlling the Giant Shadow Spike. The Giant Shadow Spike that entered the void did not represent it being lost; it was waiting for Mo Fan’s command, while he waited for the moment the Cursed Beast’s shadow appeared!

The Giant Shadow Spike appeared noiselessly. Due to it being strengthened by the Nyx Regime, it didn’t emerge as a sharp sword, it was turned into six swords!

The first Sword Spike drove into the leg of the Cursed Beast!

The Cursed Beast was in the middle of charging. When its left leg got struck, it came to a abrupt stop. The other parts of its body looked as though they had all separated.

Yet another Shadow Sword Spike appeared, and pierced into the brain of the Cursed Beast without any warning.

More Shadow Spikes appeared, piercing into the Cursed Beast’s abdomen, right leg, and its two wrists!

Normally when Mo Fan used the Giant Shadow Spike, he would at most just force them to stay put, and the other parts of the person’s body would still be able to move around.

This time, the Giant Shadow Spike was strengthened and split into six swords due to the Nyx Regime. Each of the spikes fiercely struck out and even hit the different parts of the target’s body. This locked the Cursed Beast in place and turned it into an experiment specimen!


A second hadn’t even gone past and the Cursed Beast suddenly let out an incredibly painful shriek.

When the dark energy had slowly wrapped itself around the Cursed Beast’s body, a shadow aura penetrated deep into its body.

This kind of nail didn’t just pin their flesh body, it pinned their souls!

The Shadow force was an extremely bizarre thing. Originally, Mo Fan’s Giant Spike was only capable of pinning their body and restricting their consciousness. Beneath the Great Nyx Regime Formation, his Giant Shadow Spike gained the ability to pierce through the soul. Cursed Beasts had their own souls cursed. These six spikes had penetrated their soul, causing it extreme pain.

A Cursed Beast receiving extreme pain in their soul would basically lose all their combat prowess.

The biggest annoyance had been dealt with. Mo Fan’s gaze was then fixed onto the traitors, Jia Wenqing and Fu Tianming.

“Don’t be furious, have a taste of my Wind Magic!” Fu Tianming yelled out.

The Magic Fu Tianming cast was precisely Wind Disc, Tornado. The whizzing tornado began to blast out within the colossal Iron Cage; he had no intention of giving Mo Fan an opportunity to run around!

The wind was like daggers, painful before it even got there.

However, Wind was the least effective Element against the Shadow Element.

Mo Fan directly sank into the shadows and moved around. Who cared how strong that Wind Disc is, it could forget about even touching him!

Jia Wenqing, on the other hand, ignited into flames. There was an incredible Fire energy condensed around his wrist.

The spell Jia Wenqing was casting was precisely Fiery Fist!

The colossal Fiery Fist shot toward the shadow where Mo Fan was hiding. The Wind Element might not be able to wound Mo Fan, but once the Fire Element hit, then it would definitely turn Mo Fan into ashes!


Fiery Fist, Exploding Heaven was extremely tyrannical. It was like a little meteorite on fire as it charged over violently and a large dark hole blew away.

The scarlet flames was burning brightly. Jia Wenqing believed that he wouldn’t be using the Evading Shadow again. Furthermore, the flames were so bright, it gave Mo Fan no way to possibly use it!

The Fiery Flames were very powerful. As the sound of this was extremely loud, it naturally alerted the students who were roaming around.

As luck would have it, Mu Nujiao and Ai Tutu was standing at the stairs outside of the building. They first felt the force of a whistling wind and knew that there was a battle inside, and so they began to run in.

Who would’ve thought that after entering the place, they would find Jia Wenqing’s Fiery Flames being shot toward Mo Fan, who was hiding within a shadow.

“Jia Wenqing, what are you doing!?” Ai Tutu’s sharp voice was heard.

Jia Wenqing was’t being lenient at all. If it was a normal person without a defensive spell or a defensive magic equipment, they would definitely die on spot!

Mu Nujiao was a bit more rational. Her gaze scanned the surrounding and were able to see clearly see what was happening in this entire area through the dense fog…

When she took note of an extremely ugly creature stuck there like a pinned butterfly, she immediately realized something was wrong. She immediately dragged back Ai Tutu who was about to charge in.

“Sister Mu, don’t drag me. I need to check if the Great Demon have died or not,” Ai Tutu said, feeling hurt.

“Don’t be hasty.” Mu Nujia’s voice was very solemn.

Yu Ang naturally discovered these two girls. However, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to them. He had to take away the Underground Holy Spring and leave this area before the other students arrived!

“Stay away from here, they are from the Black Vatican!”

Just when Mu Nujiao and Ai Tutu had yet to comprehend what was happening, a ball of fierce flames began to ignite. A man with his body completely covered in flames slowly walked out.

The scarlet flames was burning brightly, even the steel poles had been turned red.

However, the flames on the silhouette within the scarlet flames were rose-colored. He walked out of the flames as he appeared, as if his entire body was burning up. The fact was, the rose flames were flames cast by him!

The rose flames seemed to be protecting him!

“Great Demon, you haven’t died!” Ai Tutu shouted out.

Mu Nujiao was also looking at Mo Fan. Her beautifully pale face was also astonished.

At this moment, Mo Fan’s entire body was covered in flames. The rose fiery flames could clearly be distinguished from the orange flames. He looked like a phoenix that had reincarnated from within the flames.

The problem is, how could he possess flames?

“You want to hurt ME, using those little common-grade flames?” Mo Fan said coldly. The second he released the aura of the rose flames, his temperament had also changed.

Common flames were common flames. How could they possibly win against the far more precious Spirit-grade Flames?

When Mo Fan used the rose flames, all of the orange flames appeared like soldiers who had seen their monarch, as they began to bow towards it.

The Rose Flames aura was even more tremendous. It was able to instantly swallow up all of the orange flames from Jia Wenqing. The burning flames all turned into Mo Fan’s rose flames!

It was as captivating as the ocean. Mo Fan was standing within the fierce flames, and his black eyes were burning with an unprecedented sharpness.

“Let me give you a taste of what are really called Flames!” Mo Fan’s voice was solemn and forceful as it carried his scorn!

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