Versatile Mage Chapter 257

Chapter 257

Chapter 257 - Wheres Your Contracted Beast?

Just what are you doing? Why couldnt the Soul Shadow Nail stop the girl who could use Fire? Shen Mingxiao said unwillingly to Peng Liang.

Peng Liang was dumbfounded. When she walked down from the arena, it seemed as though she didnt want to give any face to Shen Mingxiao as she retorted,What? The reason why we lost was my fault?

Shen Mingxiaos face immediately sank as he returned to the group in frustration.

Peng Liang was also smiling coldly. He didnt want to put up a front in front of Shen Mingxiao. Either way, he didnt think that this Shen Mingxiao had much ability to begin with.

Luo Song was even worse. Xu Dalong had said a couple of mocking words afterwards, which caused him to nearly rush back into the arena and start another fight. It simply made him far too angry.

Alright, go and rest up to the side, Gu Han advised the few people who were currently nursing their internal strife.

Mr. Gu Han! Let me go up in the next round. I still have some power that I had yet to unleash! Shen Mingxiao immediately asked Mr. Gu Han.

Shen Mingxiao was not happy about this. In one aspect it was because Peng Liang was a dreg of the Shadow Element. He was also not happy with Zhao Manyans passive battle style.

Just how were these two people chosen as exchange students? They were useless when it came to practical combat, it was like two vs four. If they hadnt lost then it wouldve been strange.

The next round of people have been confirmed. Its Mo Fan, Mu Nujiao, Song Xia, and Zheng Bingxiao, Gu Han stated.

You might as well have me go next round instead of having that pretentious Mo Fan go. I will definitely win the next round for us, Mr. Guhan. Or could it be that you think we will lose both of the rounds? Shen Mingxiaos mood was clearly affected, and he was no longer pretending.

This Gu Han glanced at Mo Fan and then back to Shen Mingxiao, who was very determined.

From their battle, Shen Mingxiaos strength was indeed the strongest out of the four. However, a loss was a loss. Gu Han had no reason to haveMo Fan stand down.

Mr. Gu Han, the compatibility between these four students is a little bit off. The Imperial College clearly came prepared. There isnt much of a gap between our students and theirs. But in terms of compatibility and teamwork, they are far more outstanding compared to ours. Zheng Bingxiao is a Summoner, and so is Mo Fan. The two people whose majors are Summoning are simply not as effective when theyre in the same arena, Mr. Li Jing said.

Li Jing had come to the Imperial College before Gu Han and Qiu Yuhua. He was primarily responsible for the communication between the exchanges. Mo Fan wasnt there this morning, so he didnt know there was another teacher taking care of the team.

This female teacher appeared to be siding with Shen Mingxiao. She added oil to the fire while Gu Han was slightly hesitant.

The thing was, Gu Han also thought Mr. Li Jing had a good point. Out of the four people in the second group, two of them had Summoning as their primary Element. He was not saying that the Summoning Element was bad, its just, in case it was countered by the opposite side, then they would be guaranteed a loss.

In that moment, Zheng Bingxiao opened his mouth.Since its like that, then Shen Mingxiao, you can take my spot.

Shen Mingxiao raised his eyebrow. He actually wanted to take Mo Fans spot. However, since someone else took the initiative to give that spot away, then that was good as well.

Zheng Bingxiao, are you sure you want to do that? Mr. Gu Han asked, feeling a bit surprised.

Dont worry, dont worry. Its all for our victory. Since Shen Mingxiao believes that he can win, then I might as well just give up on my spot. Zheng Bingxiao didnt want to fight about that spot as he displayed a considerate appearance.

Mo Fan and Zheng Bingxiao could be considered classmates. When they spoke of the six people from the Summoning Element, the only person who was able to contend against Mo Fan was Zheng Bingxiao. The other people could only revere them.

Then go ahead. Make sure you dont lose this time, Qiu Yuhua said.

Dont worry, I definitely wont! Shen Mingxiao said with confidence.

Shen Mingxiao was more prepared now. When he saw the eye-sore Mo Fan in the same team, he recalled the Peng Liang who was a major obstruction for him. He immediately said to Mo Fan with a bad attitude, You better listen to my instructions later, dont make any rash decisions on your own! If we lose, then you wont be able to compensate us for it! This is something that affects the reputation of our entire Pearl Institute!

In the past, I thought you were a bit arrogant. Who wouldve thought that youd be this shameless. If youre not strong enough, then why dont you just sit on the bench, whats the point of bouncing around blindlessly? You even took advantage of someone elses good nature and had them give up their spot for you. Mo Fan knew that Shen Mingxiao was against him, and after seeing his attitude, he decided to not be even a little bit polite.

Just what can you be considered? I just dont understand how the school could let someone like you, a waste who only knows how to please the crowd, come here for the exchange! Shen Mingxiao snarled.

Mo Fan didnt continue to fight with Shen Mingxiao. He walked over together with Mu Nujiao.

Originally, Mo Fan thought Luo Song was the most annoying person. That guy Shen Mingxiao was even more worse. He better stand closer to the good smelling Mu Nujiao so he can disperse of the disgusting smell of the two.

Shen Mingxiao was fixated on Mo Fan. As he saw Mo Fan and Mu Nujiao laughing and talking, his face sank even more.

Shen Mingxiao pursuit of Mu Nujiao was something the entire school knew about. The major reason behind his great dislike for Mo Fan was very much related to Mo Fan being very close to Mu Nujiao.

He didnt understand why Mu Nujiao, someone with such an outstanding personality, a goddess-like person, would actually let a ruffian like Mo Fan stay near her. It must be because she had a good temperament and didnt want to talk badly about anyone, so she let this shameless guy hang around!

Jiao jiao, when the time comes, please make sure to give me more protection. If I cant use Magic Equipment, then I basically have no defensive method, Mo Fan said repeatedly to Mu Nujiao.

Mu Nujiao ignored him.

Her relationship with him had yet to reach a state where he was allowed to call her name so intimately. However, this guy was not shy at all. From left to right, he would keep calling her Jiao Jiao. Hearing this made her feel ashamed, and really made her regret not dragging Ai Tutu away back when they co-rented their place.

You better use your full strength in this competition. If we lose once more, we will no longer have any face in our school. Mu Nujiao couldnt help but whisper to Mo Fan.

Mu Nujiao knew that Mo Fan was capable of using three different Elements. As the current situation was related to the reputation of the school, he should go all out in this battle.

Well see. I dont really want too many people know of my magnificent talents, Mo Fan whispered back, but the shameless tone that accompanied his words rendered Mu Nujiao completely speechless.

The people they sent out in the first round cant really be considered very strong. I refuse to believe that the Imperial College would only have this little ability, Song Xia spoke up.

Those words caused Shen Mingxiao to feel very awkward.

I also think so, Mu Nujiao nodded agreement.

Mo Fan, you have Summoning and Lightning Element, right? Song Xia seemed to have a natural ability to take command. Even though Shen Mingxiao was present, she still took on the position of the leader of the group and asked, Hows the strength of your Summoned Beast?

Its only one step away from the Warrior level, Mo Fan said sincerely.

Hmph, thats basically completely useless in this kind of battle. Shen Mingxiao didnt want to let go of any opportunity to attack Mo Fan verbally.

Song Xia, however, creased her eyebrows and asked, What about your Contracted Beast?

Contracted Beast was a power that belonged to the Intermediate level Summoners. It allowed a Summoner to enter a contract with a young Magical Beast. This would turn the Magical Beast into a Contracted Beast.

That I have yet to find a suitable one Mo Fan replied dismissively.

Everyone else creased their foreheads.

This meant that ever since the Rookie Competition, Mo Fans Summoning Element hadnt progressed by even a single step??

That meant he could only rely on a single Intermediate Elemental Magic!

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