Versatile Mage Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Chapter 0259 - Ice Elemental Domain

They had never seen such a shameless person in their lives!

When Mo Fan said that this goddess-like beauty was his wife, everyone was able to firmly give him this kind of compliment!

Alright, alright, I brought you guys to fight for the honor of our school, not to fight among yourselves for a woman and lose before you start! Gu Han interjected.

Originally, I thought we still had that chance to win. Now, it looks like we really will lose all of our prestige, Mr. Li Jing sighed.

He had come here before the other teachers and witnessed Mu Ningxues strength. Once she made a move, it was likely that she would begin to suppress everyone on their side.

Since weve seen enough, then we can think about how were going to fight against them! Song Xia spoke up sharply.

Mo Fan looked at everyone. Mo Fan was not concealing the feelings that he had for Mu Ningxue, whereas Shen Mingxiao was more fake. It was clear that he had nearly fainted on seeing her, yet he was still pretending to not care about it all as he continued his attempts to earn Mu Nujiaos favor.

Mu Nujiao was just like before, too lazy to even care about these two soulless guys. Instead, she was on her guard while cautiously watching the silver-haired Mu Ningxue.

She was able to tell just from the girls aura that her strength was rather incredible. Even though she wasnt purposely releasing her aura, she was still able to affect the temperature in her surroundings. She was like an ice spirit; no matter where she went, she would always be enveloped in a cold fragrance.

Mu Nujiao had heard from her seniors that some special Magicians were born with an astonishing Innate Gift. She assumed that the Captain of the Imperial College was precisely that kind of person.

Just be careful. She must be an Ice Magician. When we are in combat, I will do my best and restrict her. You guys go and deal with the other people as fast as possible, so we can join hands and deal with her! Song Xia ordered.

Her perception was in no way inferior to Mu Nujiaos. She was clearly able to sense that the elemental energy from Mu Ningxue was different from other people.

Fire and Ice has always been mutually restraining. As a Fire Magician, Song Xia would surely be able to properly restrain the other party.

Understood! Shen Mingxiao and Mu Nujiao simultaneously nodded.

Mo Fan was still cautiously observing his wife, Mu Ningxue, at the side

In the very beginning, Mo Fan was in fact very suspicious of Mu Ningxues outstanding Innate Gift. He did not understand why there were so many people in Bo City who admired her so much. However, he now had experience with Elemental Spirit Seeds, and was capable of finally understanding just how dreadful this girl was!

Her dreadful Ice was most likely not as simple as just being a natural Spirit Seed. When she walked onto the arena, the ground that she stepped on condensed frost

She did not use any Magic, neither did she release any Ice aura. All she did was walk. She was like an Ice Empress, everywhere she walked was an Ice Domain.

A Magician with this kind of Innate Gift was something that Mo Fan had never seen in Pearl Institute


Do you want me to make the formations? Lu Zhenghe asked Mu Ningxue as he put on an appearance to curry favor with her.

Mo Ningxue nodded. Her icy clear eyes swept past Mo Fan on the opponent's side as she appeared to think a little.

Seeing Mo Fan here as an exchange student had shocked Mu Ningxue. Recalling the astonishing scene where Mo Fan had defeated Yu Ang, Mu Ningxue couldnt help but wonder just what kind of realm Mo Fan had reached while he was at the Pearl Institute.

The most important thing was, she knew of his abilities. She did not want to see her own team lose against the Pearl Institute. Even if the outcome was even, it would be a great disgrace for the Imperial College.

Ice Spread!

Mu Ningxue stepped back a little. An icy sparkle was sliding down from her white hands.

She gently blew with lips that could excite countless people.

Frost flew, and the sparkling powder began to spread throughout the entire arena. The cold air immediately pervaded the entire atmosphere.

The ground originally had a little bit of frost on it, and looked like icy muslin. However, after Mu Ningxue used Ice Spread, the frost had turned into a living plant, like Boston Ivy as it densely began to spread all over

The sandy battleground had turned frosted and creased in just an instant. It was white all over, even the leftover water from the Water Barrier on the battleground appeared to have turned into ice!

At this kind of incredible transformation, everyones expressions changed greatly.

Is...Is this really an Ice Domain? Gu Han, Qiu Yuhua, and Li Jing beneath the arena watched this happen in awe.

They had never heard of anyone beneath the Advanced level and Soul-grade Elemental Seeds having this kind of Domain...

An ability like a Domain always appeared in the Advanced level. Among them, the most classic one was precisely the Shadow Elements Nyx Regime!

Nyx Regime was able to suppress every Element outside of Shadow creatures and Shadow-type things. Furthermore, it was also able to substantially increase Shadow abilities. Its power was something Mo Fan had personally experienced.

The other Elements similarly possessed Domains.

However, the Elemental Domain was usually something that existed only after you had reached the Soul grade of Elemental Seed. An Intermediate Magician like Mu Ningxue possessing such an ability, didnt that mean that she was basically unrivalled within her own level?!

Shit, her Domain will be able to completely suppress me. Song Xias complexion darkened.

Her flames were just commo-grade. Facing off against the Spirit-grade Ice, they would just get suppressed.

Who wouldve thought that this womans Spirit-grade Ice Seed would come with such a frightening ability! Her Fire would definitely get suppressed, there was no way for her to fight!

Song Xia was extremely unwilling. She clenched her teeth and took the initiative to start her Fire Star Atlas.

Song Xias Fire Cultivation was not much inferior to that of Mo Fan. Her speed forming a Star Atlas was also very adept. However, as she was halfway through forming her Star Atlas, she began to feel a bone-piercing coldness spreading up from her feet. She immediately broke away from her Star linking when she began to feel the cold devouring her.


Her Star Atlas drawing failed!

Song Xias complexion was extremely ugly. She practiced this thousands of times, how could she possibly fail? This was an incredible disgrace for her.

The rest of us shouldnt be affected by this. It was also the first time Shen Mingxiao had fought against someone able to use a Domain. His serious expression was at its most extreme.

Mu Nujiao also knitted her eyebrows. Her Plant Element and Wind Element did not get suppressed by the Ice Domain, but their strongest firepower, Song Xia, had failed. This made them feel like this fight had gone down the drain!

But no matter what, they could not cower!

The Domain was only able to suppress fire. Their original plan was to have Song Xia stall her, while they would deal with the other people, and then join hands to deal with her...

However, now that they looked at it, they must join together to deal with her first. Whether the Ice Domain was only able to suppress Fire was something they werent certain of...

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