Versatile Mage Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 - Its Better to Save the Person First?        

Tangyue, Zhang Jianguo, and Chen Weiliang were all stunned. 

Chief Instructor Zhankong had just flown into the cavern. Even if he was faster, theres no way that Zhankong would kill the wolf. In which case, just how exactly did the Spirit Wolf die? 

After the summoned beast of the summoner dies, they themselves will receive damage to their spirit and soul. It seems like the Spirit Wolf really died, Tangyue commented softly. 

Bai Yangs appearance just now was very clearly the result of a summoned beasts death, it was not something that could be faked. 

Didnt the Spirit Wolf chase Mo Fan into the cavern? 

Yeah, how come it suddenly died?

Is it possible that the Spirit Wolf hit a rock and died due to the cavern being too dark? Chen Weiliang wondered. 

Bai Yang turned his face around, his eyes brimming with maliciousness. You fucking hit a rock and died, your whole fucking family hit a rock and died!

My Spirit Wolf isnt some stupid rabbit who would crash into a wooden pole and die! The Spirit Wolf had night vision, and its body was strong! How could it possibly hit a stone and die?! 

Even if all forty students were to use their Magic at same time, they would not necessarily kill his Spirit Wolf! 

Lets go and check, Mrs. Tangyue said. 

Yes, yes, lets hurry and check it out.

The reinforcements will arrive soon, and theyll take these students back.


Inside of the cavern...

Chief Instructor Zhankong remained dumbfounded; he was unable to believe the scene his eyes were showing him. 

The student called Mo Fan didnt die, and at this moment, his entire body was covered in wounds. 

The Spirit Wolf, who originally shouldve been dealt with by Zhankong, was currently standing beneath or more accurately speaking, it was being pierced by a stalactite, directly pinning it to the cavern floor. 

There were no longer any signs of life. 

The Spirit Wolf had died! 

The combat prowess of this Spirit Wolf was in no way inferior to a genuine Magical Beast. The reason why Zhankong let it out was definitely not to defeat the students, it was to allow the fake Magical Beast to give the students some genuine practice! 

Defeating this Spirit Wolf?!

That was something that they shouldnt have been able to do. Even a genuine squad of Hunters would be defeated by a Magical Beast, and lets not even talk about those students who turned soft when they saw a Magical Beast. 

Thus, after Zhankong charged into this place, he only hoped for there to be fewer students dying before he could deal with the Spirit Wolf.

However, he saw a scene that he himself could not believe. 

The Spirit Wolf had died! 

It was impaled by the stalactite. 

There cant be something this coincidental in this world. Theres no way the stalactite would drop by itself and precisely hit the mad Spirit Wolf. Let alone with the Spirit Wolfs reflexes; before the stalactite could drop on it, it would definitely be able to dodge. 

This...this was done by you? Chief Instructor, Zhankong didnt come back to his senses for a long time. At last, he finally locked his gaze on Mo Fan. 

This student looked like nothing special. He had neatly cut short hair, and a face that you could say was quite handsome. His body and his face that revealed that he was somewhat exhausted. His hands were firmly holding onto the other thin and weak youth covered in bloodstains, as if he planned on carrying him out of the cavern. 

Mo Fan raised his head, and his eyes also showed astonishment. 

Wings! The Chief Instructor has wings!

Wind Wings, Mo Fan knew this was Wind Wings. However, he never thought that actually seeing the Wind Wings would stun his heart like this. 

The shadow hovering in the mid-air, the Wind Wings behind his back that looked like an angels Damn it, thats so cool! 

How did you do this? Zhankong still carried some disbelief. After asking this, Zhankong suddenly felt like he was asking too much.

From the perspective of following the crime scene and all the signs, it would be that this student used the Fire Burst to snap the stalactite, and made it fall down and pierce the Spirit Wolf. 

However, Zhankongs heart was still filled with numerous suspicions, as well as astonishment. 

First, just what degree of calm did this student have if he could think of baiting the Spirit Wolf into the cavern and using the stalactite as a weapon? Second, just how did he make the Spirit Wolf remain in place long enough to allow the stalactite stone to pierce through it?

In short, he was genuinely unable to accept the fact that a second-year high school student was capable of killing a Spirit Wolf whose strength was a bit stronger than a Magical Beast by himself! 

Chief Instructor, I passed by this blue bracelet in the cavern, does this mean Ive completed the bounty? Wheres my Magic Equipment? Mo Fan walked in front of Zhankong and smiled. 

Zhangkong quickly thought back and suddenly realized something.


He had never prepared any Magic Tool! 

The difficulty of this bounty was extremely high. Since the cavern was guarded by the Spirit Wolf, the blue bracelet was only put there to act as a symbol. There was no hope whatsoever for the students to acquire it! 

According to Zhankongs predictions, half of the students would be eliminated at the previous checkpoint, and the remainder would be completely annihilated by the Spirit Wolf. 

He would never have thought that this heaven-defying student would actually slaughter the Spirit Wolf! Just what kind of demon was this!?

Even instructors would not necessarily be able to resist the Spirit Wolf, yet it was killed by a student!

 As for the Magic Equipment? 

Magic Equipment was extremely precious, how could Zhankong possibly gift one away?

However, now This student had clearly completed the bounty.

Mo Fan watched the Chief Instructor, whose face had turned incredibly strange, carefully as he reached out his hand to demand the Magic Equipment. 

Cough Lets save the people first, lets save them first!! Zhankong answered awkwardly at last. 

Oh, oh, thats right I remember you said it was a defensive Magic Equipment, a defense Magic Equipment worth tens of thousands of RMB! Mo Fan nodded his head, showing his approval. 

The hovering Chief Instructors wings turned rather unstable, and he almost didnt dodge the fallen stalactite. 

Student, lets save the people first!


Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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