Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 402

Chapter 402: General Level Zombie

Chapter 402: General Level Zombie

They found the stairs to the next floor. Ye Cang, with his night vision, took the lead to go down with his ballista ready. Like before, it was just one long path. There were no doors on the left and right, while a coffin room laid in the distance. Due to the length of the passage, he couldnt get any concrete data on the room, but the inside should be very spacious

Ye Cang waved downwards, and everyone placed torches along the way to the coffin room. Suddenly, ThornyRose stopped everyone.

"Entering that half will trigger the boss battle. We dont know what type the boss is yet, so everyone be careful. Well go with the usual strategy"

Everyone nodded, and entered the coffin room. It was a circular room, with a four-sided stage in the middle. Every side had a set of stone stairs leading upwards. On the stage, was an exquisite sarcophagus. On the four corners were a total of 8 coffins forming a ring around it. At this time, the coffins began to show signs of movement.

"Its a group fight! FrozenBlood, Sister Lily, you two take the left. Ill take the right. SpyingBlade, you take on one. Shaking Bear is in charge of the boss. Little Tian, you too. You definitely have to coordinate and suppress it!" ThornyRose commanded.

Lin Le swung his bags and enveloped all the coffins in a sea of flames. ThornyRose secretly thought that this move of Leles was pretty good. They just had to stay outside the flames and make sure the enemies stay inside it. These molotovs were too useful

Zhang ZhengXiong directly charged up to the four-sided stage. There was a flash. Though he raised his left arm and blocked it, he was still sent flying a few meters. ThornyRose saw Zhang ZhengXiong react like an assassin. He flipped in the air and charged back with a Barbaric Tackle. Now, everyone could see what came out of the sarcophagus. It was a zombie holding a jagged axe. Its two eyes stared coldly as Zhang ZhengXiong charged with a roar.

Ye Cang identified it.

General Level Zombie (Boss - Abyss): A battle type zombie who had great strength when he was alive.

Ye Cang began to aim. As for ElegantFragrance, she helped ThornyRose restrain the surrounding abyss-elite ranked armored zombies. On the left side, FrozenCloud rejoiced that there was a sea of fire. The enemy seemed to be having trouble. A Wyvern Kick sent one back into the flames, while DyedLily leaned and dodged one of their attacks. Taking advantage of this moment, her shield smacked it back into the fire. They continued to deal with the zombies. As for Lin Le, he guarded the edge like playing a game of whack-a-mole. He slashed with normal attacks, saving up his rage to prepare a surprise attack on the boss.

While Zhang ZhengXiong suppressed it, OldWangFromNextDoor commanded his water elemental to slow its speed as much as possible. The sea of fire made it inconvenient to use area spells. Wu Na also used her single target ice spells to deal damage. Ice Spear was easily dodged by it, making her sigh at these bosses high intelligence and stupid fast reaction speed.

"Ice Spear, try to use it when the target is rigid or stunned. Ive calculated it and this way is easier. Boss level monsters react faster than most professional players do, so it will be very difficult to hit if you just use it like that. Or perhaps before attacking, use Little Tian as your eyes" GreenDew analysed.

Little Ye Tian nodded, "Shes right. Next time theres an opportunity, Ill notify you"

Wu Na nodded. She had too little experience. She looked at Little Ye Tian. She whatever, Little Ye Tian was different. Her IQ was equivalent to hers and Ye Cangs three, all added together. A total of over 300.

ThornyRose frowned. These little ones were all problematic. They were much stronger than normal elites. She turned, dodged and attacked, then smashed one in the face with her shield. She then charged towards the one FrozenBlood was taking on. Heavy Strike, Provoke!

As for Zhang ZhengXiong, while charging with Barbaric Tackle, he struck with his axe, causing it to temporarily stop. He himself was pushed back a few steps once again, but the temporary rigidness was enough for Ye Cangs Meteor Shot to accurately hit it. The Queen Bee Bolt instantly stabbed through its chest, nailing it to the sarcophagus. His shadow weapon shot the King Bee Bolt. With the two poisons stacking, a terrifying burst of damage arose, however it was much lower than expected. After all, an undead had very high resistance to poison

The two bolts formed a cross, nailing the General Level Zombie to the sarcophagus and causing a short stun. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly charged over and followed up with a Holy Judgement. His heavy axe emitted a white light as it struck three heavy blows. The third strike was a critical, which dealt terrifying damage to the zombie. The length of the stun was increased! The heavy axe hacked, leaving behind deep wounds! Little Ye Tian also seized this chance to send her Pearls of Light over to deal damage. It began to emit white smoke under the onslaught of holy attacks, as if salt was sprinkled on its wounds.

Ye Cang swung his black pike and charged over with a Dashing Straight thrust. Adding on Flame Blade and Fire Lotus, his Multiple Straight Thrusts caused bursts of flame. Seeing that it was showing signs of breaking out of stun, he turned and sent a shadow to support FrozenCloud, who appeared to be having a hard time taking on two. The shadow charged with a Dashing Straight Thrust which stabbed through its eye, then kicked it back into the flames.

"Team Leader, thanks" FrozenCloud sighed in relief. These zombies were too vicious. It felt like it would be impossible to kill them.

Ye Cangs two hands began to glow with flames. He cast a Light Strike Array at the four that ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, and SpyingBlade were holding off. He did his best to aim it further away. ThornyRose was about to chase, when she felt the fire under her feet become excited. She quickly retreated a step, just in time to see the light and flames rise past the tip of her nose. She was this close to being injured. She turned and glowered at Ye Cang, "Careful with your area of attack skills! Especially such a strong one!"

"Its fine, I calculated it. At most, only you would have been killed in the explosion" Ye Cang waved her off, telling her to not worry.

F**k! What do you mean at most, only I would have been killed in the explosion!? It was on purpose! Youre trying to make it look like an accident on purpose! You want to kill me that much!?

Ye Cang continued to cast Flame Burst. He threw it and sent DyedLilys two targets flying. As for DyedLily, she only got hit by the shockwave which knocked her back a few steps while causing no more than 10 damage. She looked at Ye Cang, who hadnt even looked over. Such a keen person. I was having some trouble, two abyss-elite zombies are just too tough, and my equipment and skills arent as good as ThornyRoses, let alone Brother Big Diamond, who is solo tanking the boss She nodded towards Ye Cang, "Thanks"

"Youre my future sister in law, its only natural" Ye Cang smiled.

Zhang ZhengXiongs morale immediately spiked. "Bro, she is!? She agreed!? Forget the boss, lets go to the civil administration center."

"Get lost!" DyedLily roared unhappily.

Zhang ZhengXiongs left arm struck the boss with a heavy punch, sending a burst of light into the bosss injured chest. After Rainbow Slam, with his hand still inside the boss, he activated the rings Desperate Prayer, healing everyone while also dealing impressive damage to the undead. It even dealt continuous damage over time. He then turned and looked towards ThornyRose. His eyes seemed to say, Its up to you, Sister Rose.


During her difficult fight, ThornyRoses legs suddenly went weak. Hey, youre still fighting the boss! Can you not be distracted?! You havent even taken out that hand yet. As she thought until there, Lele disappeared! So thats why! She watched as Lele appeared in the bosss blind spot with a Handcart Homerun! Zhang ZhengXiong calmly squatted, dodging the swing. The boss was sent flying, dragging Zhang ZhengXiong with him. Lin Le chased after them with a Handcart Charge! Handcart Tornado! Sword Drawing Arts! Whirlwind Strike! Rising Slash! Armed Destruction! As he fell, he flung his bag, burying the boss in molotovs. He stabbed a sword into the boss chest and began laughing towards the ceiling.

"Whos next!!!"
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