Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 513

Chapter 513


Pop music, heavy metal, funk, and jazz were performed one after another. It turned into a music festival as Ye Cang joined in, dancing all by himself. Not even Zuo Yiyi, FrozenCloud or anyone who had experience in dancing or musical theater could be Ye Cangs backup dancers. Zuo Yiyi knew that Ye Cangs performance was killing it, going up there would only ruin the show. As for FrozenCloud, she did not dare to go up because she knew that there was a huge gap between them in terms of skills. Undeniably, the team leader was Chinas top dancer. Differed from Gongsun familys sword dance, team leader danced his heart out.

Wu Na slowly plucked the electric guitar and FrozenCloud hit the disc. The melody of was cheerful and relaxing. Ye Cang looked silent, wearing a top hat and playing with a crane. He went around the stage, interacting with the audience.

Ye Cangs and Panty Uncles tuxedos looked similar, both wearing a top hat too. One of them was radiating an aura of a refined gentleman while the other gave a feel of a casual gentleman. When the act began, it was as if the audience was watching Monte Cristo and a white-haired Dracula in an act. Numerous girls screamed especially when they used their crane to fight each other in the act. The shadow cast by them both blending into one, sending their top hats off to the air. Each took a big step back, held on to the end of their cranes and hooked their hats. The hat was thrown back and instantly caught and put on. Smirks on crept on both their faces.

The charity show had reached its end. Every performer stood in a row and bowed to the audiences. Although their outfits may differ in style, it felt belonging.

"It has ended. No doubt it was the best performance that Ive ever seen. Just wondering, why do we have to be so secretive if we are just here to watch the show?" FrozenBlood picked the squashed hat.

"If he knows that I came here willingly, he would definitely drag me to the stage to make fun of me." ThornyRose continued to press down her hat.

When Ye Cang took off his hat and bowed, he scanned through the front row. He then went on to meet ThornyRose and FrozenBlood. He wanted to tease ThornyRose but time was not his friend, he just said goodbye and returned to the backstage. He loosened his hair and changed his outfit.

Zuo Yiyi was busy watching the overall effect of their performance and she was lost in the moment. The live performance was far more entertaining than the recording version. Flasher Uncles bass and the heavy metal howling together; Panty Uncles jazz tone and the drum were out of this world; the teachers dance was so good that it was hard for anyone to share the stage with him; Nanas and FrozenClouds green leaves effect was pure perfection. Looking at herself, she thought that this would be her last even though she was not part of the main act.

Being Ye Cangs die-hard fan and also the news reporter in the east district, Shan TongTong was holding a scarf, written "the right one.love.heart.Ye Cang." She barged her way to the backstage and started the interview. Ye Cang saw Shan TongTong and signaled Zuo Yiyi. "She is my royal reporter and support."

Although Zuo Yiyi was still watching the interview from afar, she started to sweat bullets. Do you have to be that straightforward? Wu Na said in a casual tone. "Ive heard that you became the east district news clubs third chief."

"Thanks to the General." Shan TongTong smiled. First-hand information about the Three Masters in the East, here I come! Quickly, she stood in front of Flasher Uncle who was still depressed about the current state of the world. "Flasher Uncle, are you satisfied with your performance this time? Everyone outside has spoken highly of this show. After the live showed by Rice Nation Weekly, the editor in chief, Ma XieLa commented you as the voice of a Rocker, showing strong respect and hoping for your precious wishes."

"The moral of society! The moral of society!" Flasher Uncle looked into the mirror and sighed. He then recalled the first time elephant attacked, the pleasant scream and also the cry in terror. But now, they were going beyond their boundaries. Tears in his eyes.

"The insecure children are constantly a concern of Flasher Uncle! Oh, this is truly touching." Shan TongTong shows respect as she saw tears streaming down Flasher Uncles eyes.

"Hold it right there. What does precious wish mean?" Wu Na asked.

"I dont know, probably erotic things?" Shan TongTong switched off the camera for a sec and restarted it.

Wu Na and FrozenCloud were resting at the backstage while SpyingBlade and Fang Ci both facepalmed. As for Flasher Uncle, he was not paying attention and was still recalling the good old days.

"Pan...Panty Uncle...You...You." Shan TongTong stuttered when it comes to Panty Uncle. Panty Uncle tapped her shoulder and continued the sentence. "My wife is dead and I have no children. Thats what fuels me to lend them a hand and Im truly grateful to be able to do that. Thats all."

"Goddess Yiyi, being the organizer of this show, what are your opinions?" Moving the mic to Zuo Yiyi, Shan TongTong was touched and felt sorry for what Panty Uncle said.

"All three of them are masters in their respective field which is worth learning. Being able to share the same stage with them, to be honest, is really stressful. However, Ive kept up with it. In the future, Ill be more composed to learn from them, in order to improve myself." Zuo Yiyis humble and respectful attitude towards the three masters caused favorable impression towards her, greatly increasing her fans and popularity.

"As expected from Goddess Yiyi, youve great talent and youre also a really nice person. *sigh* Artists nowadays lack that part of you." Shan TongTong sighed. She turned to see the star of the show, Ye Cang. "General, your silent movie was marvelous as if everyone had gone back to the golden era of the silent movies. Your act has a feeling of solitude but humorous at the same time. May I know how you perfected this act?"

Ye Cang thought for a moment and sighed. He stared at the night sky in sorrow and said. "I think is talent."


"Just kidding! In my opinion, it is just one word - foundation." After hearing what Ye Cang said, Zuo Yiyi recalled the true meaning of foundation mentioned and she laughed. His fundamentals were so polished that it made others envious.+9

In Ye Cangs opinion, fundamentals are something he has to perfect. Basic movements, basic movements, and basic movements. Simplify, simplify and simplify. Anything cumbersome and flashy would only make the basic movements complicated and changed the locus, strength, and luck that he wanted. By polishing the fundamentals, only then these actions will seem easier. There may be other ways to come about but he leans towards the fundamentals and is constantly improving them.
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