Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Fluorescent Ring

Chapter 7: Fluorescent Ring

Ye Cang was positioned a bit further than the others. When the light flashed, he vaguely saw that it was trying to run away from the the space to the right of Zhang ZhengXiong. "AXiong! At your four oclock! Cut it off!!"

Zhang ZhengXiong, despite being blind, used his other senses. He faced towards his right and charged. He crashed into something soft and scalding hot. He took this opportunity to chop his axe into it. The brilliant light created a lot of heat, Lin Le smelled a trace of burning and then heard Zhang ZhengXiongs snarl: "Ah!!".

Ye Cang watched the light and took a big stride forwards. "Lele, Attack!!"

"Brother LilWhite! I cant see anything, its too bright!" Lin Le yelled.

"Swing one meter ahead at your waist!!" Ye Cang roared with his eyes closed. He ducked as Lin Les woodcutters axe brushed past the top of his head. His body followed a streamlined trajectory as his longsword followed closely behind. Whoosh~ he stabbed into the light, the hot feeling spread to his hand and his health began to fall. The closer one was to the light, the faster their health would fall. He hurriedly pulled his sword out and continued stabbing.

"Bro, Lele, hurry! Im almost dead!" Zhang ZhengXiong roared. His health plummeted and he was still blind. At most he could last another 3 seconds. The fluorescent slime was becoming brighter and brighter.

"Not good!" Ye Cangs pulled his longsword back again for another stab, this time it brought with it a wave of fluorescent shining fluid. Then, just in time, a diagonal chop arrived. Lin Les chop had finished it off.

"Congratulations, youve killed the fluorescent slime. You obtain 100 experience."

Hearing the system announcement, Ye Cang and Zhang ZhengXiong could finally release their tension. If they didnt have the high powered axe from Lin Les gift box, they would have definitely been sent back to town.

"This thing gives a lot of experience. Were close to leveling up again." Zhang ZhengXiong said, resentfully looking at his remaining 3 health.

"Im already level 4." Due to the experience from creating a dark cooking recipe, Ye Cang had become level 4. He added his 1 point into Dexterity and looked at the still shining fluorescent slime corpse. He blinked his eyes and slowly reach out his hand.

Zhang ZhengXiong hurriedly stepped forwards and held Ye Cang back. "Lele! Go loot!"

"Bro! This rare creature is very important for our professional career! Calm down!" Zhang ZhengXiong yelled.

"Trust me! Im not unlucky! Ill definitely get something good!" Ye Cang was unable to take his eyes off the dead slime. He reached his hand out to try and touch it, unwilling to give up. Zhang ZhengXiong firmly held him back.

Lin Le looked around the corpse and pulled out a ring. "Brother LilWhite! Brother LilXiong! Something good appeared!!"

Zhang ZhengXiong released Ye Cang and the two of them looked closely at the ring in Lin Les hand. It was slightly transparent and gave a light fluorescent glow. It looked graceful and elegant.

Fluorescent Ring (Rare)

Category: Ring

Requirements: None

Wisdom +1

Fluorescence: In the area in front of you, within a certain range, cause 5 damage and blinds (cooldown: 1 hour).

PS: A ring that flicker with fluorescent light during the night.

"Not bad. Lele, good job. Cough~ Cough~ As the eldest brother, the ring is mine" Ye Cang grabbed the ring.

"The eldest should yield to the younger ones!!" Zhang ZhengXiong said as he snatched it.

"I looted it! Its mine~!!" Lin Le seized it back again.

The three of them scuffled as the ugly side of human nature revealed itself. Finally, as Zhang ZhengXiong was a priest and needed wisdom, he took it away.

"Oh right! You rascal, youre a priest that adds constitution!! Hand over the ring!!" Ye Cang roared when he recalled that fact while looking at Zhang ZhengXiong gently caressing the ring.

"Right! Hand it over!" Lin Le said, his hands on his waist.

"Who says! Even though I add a lot to Constitution, but as a priest, I still need Wisdom!!" Zhang ZhengXiong said earnestly and hurriedly put the ring on.

He hadnt even put a single point in Wisdom! Ye Cang gnashed his teeth as he crouched down to use gather on the fluorescent slime and got: 2 fluorescent slime eyes, a fluorescent gel, and a fluorescent gland.

Fluorescent Slime Eye (Rare): The eye of a fluorescent slime, edible.

Fluorescent Gel (Rare): What makes up most of the fluorescent slimes body, edible.

Fluorescent Gland (Rare): The gland that makes the fluorescent slime shine, edible.

"Ok! Heal up and well continue searching. This ring will probably save us quite a few times." Ye Cang put away the fluorescent slime materials and unhurriedly took out the half pot of green slime and feral wolf stew. He indifferently said: "Its still warm so we can still eat it. Once it goes cold"

The happiness from getting the ring instantly turned into a bitter smile as they held out their bowls. They originally considered using wolf meat and wolf bones or hunting a wild boar and making a pork stew, but after thinking it over, they realised they could use green slime and feral wolf stew to ward off wild animals. Therefore, they couldnt help but to cook this thing.

As they got closer and closer to the towering tree, it became increasingly auspicious and peaceful. Under the moonlight, their hearts became tranquil.

The three looked at the ancient tree under the light of the moon. Vines were hung down from the lush foliage above. Ye Cang estimated that this tree was at least 30 meters.

"This should be the mysterious, ancient tree that the general store granny mentioned" Zhang ZhengXiong looked at the ancient tree feeling relaxed.

Ye Cang noticed that there was some activity near the trees massive roots. Keeping quiet, the three of them lowered their bodies and moved around the bushes. Ye Cang readied his bow as he approached the disorderly roots and signalled the others to coordinate. He suddenly pulled his bowstring, his arrow aiming at the thing near the roots. Although it was dark, under the moonlight, they could still see the silhouette of a child curled up and shivering. Ye Cang quickly lowered his bow. "Jesse?"

The child, hearing someone call out his name and seeing a white haired man with a bow, happily crawled out. A child with a shabby wool hat and simple clothes appeared in front of the three.

"Granny Rica asked us to bring you home" Ye Cang looked at Jesses little face, and slowly extended his hand. "Shall we go."

At this very moment, noiselessly, Ye Cang felt the moonlight get darker. The ground was covered in shadows. Jesses startled expression turned into one of dismay. His back felt cold and his heart sank. "Not good!"

"Bro!!" Zhang ZhengXiongs shout out.

Ye Cang instantly grabbed Jesse and kicked his right foot, sending himself flying to the left. Something brushed past his cheek coming from behind. A cold light flashed by, burning a few of his white hairs.

Ye Cang held Jesse as they hit the ground and rolled a few times. He quickly got up and looked back. What entered his eyes was a 3 meter tall human shaped figure, but it had an incomparably sinister wolf head, black fur, and exceptionally robust arms. It had left behind three deep claw marks on the tree. With eyes filled with bloodlust, it gave a howl that left others shivering in fear.
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