Warning Tsundere President Chapter 592

Chapter 592 Seen This Everyday. Had Enough

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Huo Li’s eyes were lustrous upon seeing the star couple walking towards him. Fascinated, he began complimenting, “I knew you two were meant for each other. Look at the both of you, the prince and the prince-”

“So, how’s the situation?” Interrupted Huo Yunting.

“Well, the light isn’t off yet,” said Huo Li while glancing at the red light above the door, “But I think it should be no big deal. They won’t die, don’t worry.” Huo Li did not sound tense at all.

“They? Who are they?” Asked Lu Zhaoyang.

“Yan Se and Lu Bai,” replied Huo Yunting promptly.

“The two of them?” Lu Zhaoyang’s eyes went wide, “What happened to them?”

“It’s just a car accident,” added Huo Li.

“What do you mean by *just* a car accident?” She turned to look at Huo Li, “Why don’t you try getting hit by a truck or something? Try thinking in people’s shoes sometimes!” She was agitated because for once she almost lost her sight in a similar accident before.

If it wasn’t a car accident, Chen wouldn’t have sacrificed so much for me… 

“Calm down, my sister-in-law. They didn’t get hit by a truck. They just crashed into a barrier by the road while they weren’t concentrating. The doctor has already told me that they will be fine. So, don’t worry!”

“Ugh—the two clumsy kids…” She pinched her forehead, wondering how in the world two grown adults could drive so recklessly.

Please don’t tell me that Yan Se was teasing Bai while he’s driving and that is why they got into an accident.

“We are just passersby’. Won’t be staying here all night. Call me when there’s an update,” ordered Huo Yunting while beckoning to Lu Zhaoyang, “We are going to late. Let’s go.”

“Alright…” Lu Zhaoyang would want to stay but they had an important dinner to attend while the doctor had reassured Huo Li the two of them would be fine.

I hated the dinner, the formality, but it seems like I have to go. 

Twenty minutes later, Lu Zhaoyang arrived by the ballroom with her arm wrapped over Huo Yunting’s.

There were quite a number of acquaintances who could not help but give them a rather bewildered look upon their arrival. Rumors said they had separated yet in years Lu Zhaoyang had returned to Thunderbolt Corp. while she was gorgeous as ever.

Professionally the said female lead picked a filled glass and waltzed through the big shots in the hall under the lead of Huo Yunting. “Yes, I have her back to the company not too long ago,” said Huo Yunting with a plastic smile to one of the curious guests.

“Your northeast. Xiang Jinxi and Qiu Jin,” whispered Lu Zhaoyang upon spotting the two at the other corner. Huo Yunting did not bother to look back at her as he replied, “I think you’ve placed your attention at the wrong place.”


Excuse me, that’s your nemesis. Where else do I place my attention at? 

“Place it on people like me, for example.”

“Seen this everyday. Had enough.”

Hmph, thought you’re the only fickle one? I can be moody and mean too! 

Nevertheless, her little play struck a fire inside Huo Yunting as he hauled her to the other room without excusing themselves from the guests.

Listen, woman, we are married couples, you are going to see my face for the rest of your life and now you said you have enough of seeing it? 

That was when Lu Zhaoyang learned her lesson of not teasing a man with premature and peculiar menopause.

Obviously it would never end well.

“Huo Yunting, watch your stage if you want to play Mr. Alpha,” said Lu Zhaoyang, swinging her arm aggressively, wanting to break free from his grip. She looked at him and reminded, “Look around you. There are people around. Are you going to turn down all the deals?”

“Huo Yunting!” She was then dragged into the restroom and a skilful turn from Huo Yunting pressed Lu Zhaoyang upon the wall.

“Calm down!” She had thought of a SOP to handle such situation—she covered her lips with one hand and stared at Huo Yunting in watery eyes, “You can tell I was joking just now right? I mean, the president is the most otherworldly, handsome man in the world, how can I have enough of such face?”

“Now you learned how to butter up the right person. Unfortunately, it’s not the right timing, not anymore.”

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