Warning Tsundere President Chapter 594

Chapter 594 The Envy Unknown Yet Resolved

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That went pretty salty on Zhaoyang’s side.

“If you would like them, I could give you way more than what she had. Too bad you never said yes.” Huo Yunting nearly blew up upon her words yet somehow this woman always managed to keep him sane even under rage.

It was a different kind of abuse. In the name of love.

“Regardless, both of you were once bonded to each other and now look at how pathetic she is. I don’t care what the both of you are at this point but she *was* your nominal partner, at least. How heartless can you be?” Said Zhaoyang, beating around the bush, trying to squeeze out more information.

“It’s not bad to be heartless sometimes,” replied Huo Yunting.

At least if she’s heartless she would have left Huo Chen in her memories and moved on. 

“Yeah, not bad for you,” said Zhaoyang with a disdainful glance while tidying up the wrinkles on her gown, “We don’t have much time left. We should be going now. If we have anymore time later, we’ll talk.”

“Sorry, but we aren’t done yet and I’m not feeling well without doing anything. Any solution?”

I don’t think you could just leave the place like that, woman.

“You might have broken Ming Yue but don’t worry, there’ll be tons of girls like Ming Yue out there waiting for you to break them,” added Zhaoyang as she walked past him. Throughout their brief conversation, she could at least conclude that Huo Yunting was not into Ming Yue as much as she imagined. She had to admit that—it was a pretty relieving truth.

She was about to leave yet her back felt very chilly. Her instinct was alarmed as she ran towards the door, not forgetting to “control” the situation, “Just calm down, I was just joking, okay!”

She pushed the door open and her adrenaline level sank upon hearing the words came lightheartedly from her back, “Tomorrow then.”

“What for tomorrow?” She asked as her feet was trying to lead her out as soon as possible.

“Have a talk regarding our ‘business’. You know that.”

Okay, that’s obvious enough, girl. 

Mr. President wants to talk to you in his own way tomorrow at his office.

Talk about nostalgia. No, I don’t miss whatever happened in the first 300 chapters. 

But I must say—somehow knowing that they aren’t that close to each other makes me feel—calmer? I don’t know why I even joked with him in the last few minutes. 

Little did Lu Zhaoyang know, she was being jealous and that confession from Huo Yunting watered down her envy.

Huo Yunting remained in the restroom for the next few minutes to contain the fire inside him before heading out as his nonchalant self again.

The funky music echoed playfully at the ballroom as different pairs of men and women flaunted their moves. Huo Yunting picked another glass of wine from the waiter and sat down at a table while his eyes desperately searched for his woman. And there his eyes froze.

Xiang Jinxi?! 

What is he doing with Lu Zhaoyang? 

He bowed? Where is he looking at? He’s inviting Lu Zhaoyang for a dance? 

Not on my wat-

“Hello, President Huo. Would you join me?” That was when a charming woman stood in his way. It was Qiu Jin who was smiling. Huo Yunting placed down his glass after passing a glance at Lu Zhaoyang, “Sure.” He halfheartedly led Qiu Jin to the dance floor and threw a slow waltz with his eyes constantly checking out Lu Zhaoyang.

Speaking of our female lead, she accepted Xiang Jinxi’s invitation merely because she wanted to have a word with him. The indifference and sternness in his expression. They were familiar. She could not help but remember her mother’s remark before, that this man was Huo Zhenning’s son, too. Xiang Jinxi placed his hand on her waist. His expression remained unchanged. To be honest, everything remained unchanged, be it his personality, his gesture and sense of humor. The only thing that changed was the relationship between them, that they were no longer friends but foes.

“So—how are you, President Xiang?” She initiated as they took a few basic steps on the dance floor. She cast a spin before President Xiang grabbed her again.

“Have you thought of going to another company?” Said Xiang Jinxi directly with a cold expression.

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