Warning Tsundere President Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Flirt Is Quirk

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Lu Zhaoyang’s eyes were huge. “Nope.”

Well, President Xiang had that reply in his plan as he continued his persuasion, “It’s okay, you have once aband—I mean, move* from Thunderbolt Corp. to Ge Yu so no way you couldn’t do the same now. Xiang Yuan Corp. welcomes you, Miss Lu Zhaoyang.”

Zhaoyang was not sure if that was even a friendly offer anymore. It took her a few seconds before she replied with a change of topic, “You don’t have to worry about me. Frankly, I’m more worried about you. You shouldn’t be holding grudges to the misfortune you once had in the past. A lot of people suffered the same like you in this world. Yes, what he had done to you is obviously wrong. Yes, he is a total jerk but he’s an old, weak man soon in his grave and most importantly, he’s your father, no matter what. Could you at least—spare the old man since you have led his company to bankruptcy?”

“So, do you mean that he can avoid the consequences of the mistake he had done just because he is an old, weak man soon in his grave?”

“I never implied that. I mean…” She bit her lip in puzzlement.

How should I phrase this? I mean, I had never experienced what he had been through and I can never understand that. If I sounded too firm, it would sound like a pretentious effort. 

President Xiang’s gaze turned hostile. Zhaoyang’s steps were starting to get stiff, “I mean, it’s been so long and he had gotten so much weaker over the night. He had lost the colors on his hair and his face and he had learned a lesson. I might be an outsider but I can reassure you on how important it is to have your own family. You’ve been alone all these years. What if-”

“Oh, Secretary Lu, shall you deliver your chicken soup speech to that man behind you too?” Asked President Xiang with his head slightly tilted as he looked through Zhaoyang. It was Huo Yunting behind her.

And no doubt, Lu Zhaoyang shut up immediately, though with disgrace.

Mom’s right. He is indeed Huo Zhenning’s son. Both his sons the same personality! Stubborn like a bull! 

If Huo Yunting is someone who can communicate, they would not get married and she would not have to face all the dramas that followed. 

Meanwhile, Huo Yunting could tell from her expression that the conversation had just ended for good. He snickered as he led Qiu Jin to them, “Change?” He invited and before Qiu Jin could express herself, Xiang Jinxi made his response promptly, “Sure.”

Both parties loosened their grip and the female leads changed hands. Huo Yunting’s palm slid down and stopped at her waist so naturally, unlike the frigid hands of Xiang Jinxi, his hand was warm like the sun. As they grooved along the beats, gradually Huo Yunting brought her away from Xiang Jinxi.

“What did you two talk about just now?” Asked Lu Zhaoyang casually, thinking that the man would have proactively inquired what happened on her side yet he did not seem interested at all.

“It was nothing. She just invited me to drink with her at her place tonight.”

“So? Did you agree to that?”

“Well, it depends on you.” The conversation never happened. He just fabricated it on spot.

“I have to look after Xiang Xiang tonight. So, anything,” replied her calmly.

Yeah, sure, you can go to her place and *just* have a drink with her. Like I’ll believe that. Ditch your hard working secretary all you want. News flash! Your secretary is being persuaded to join your nemesis.

I shouldn’t have asked him! Do whatever he wanted! 

Her frown caused Huo Yunting to sneer as the grip tightened at her waist. Her right cheek sank into his pec as he whispered by her ears, “I’m not going. It’s more important to fulfill our responsibilities as husband and wife.”

“I thought you said it’ll be done *tomorrow*?”

“It *is* tomorrow after midnight.”

“Unacceptable reasoning!” She stepped on his feet, “Let me go now!”

This is getting out of hand! Look around you, Romeo! Nobody gets THIS close to each other on the dance floor! 

“Okay, okay. I’ll let you go. Also there’s no way I can concentrate on corporate businesses when you’re dressed like this. I suggest we go home early tonight.”  

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