Warning Tsundere President Chapter 809

Chapter 809 How About I Offer Myself?

Chapter 809: 809How about I offer myself?
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Song Shou!

Yes, sir?

Investigate that Gu Jinzhi for me immediately.

Yes, sir!

Meanwhile Wen He entered an extra-long Rolls Royce under the lead of Gu Jinzhi. She sat down, wanting to take a deep breath yet she was terrified upon seeing Gu Jinzhi lighting a cigarette for himself. She seized the lighter and cigarette. Wen He shouted, Gu Jinzhi, have you forgotten about your condition? Do you actually care about yourself?

Okay, fine. Fine. Gu Jinzhi lifted his hands while smiling, I have surrendered.

Hmph! She fired a glare at him before keeping the two things in her bag, Try doing that and drinking again, Ill smack the heck out of ya.

Yes, mistress. Gu Jinzhi held his hands together while pleading.

The driver suddenly chipped in with a smile, Miss Wen, you really should hang out with Master Gu more frequently. Hes more behaved with you.

I am not his babysitter, said Wen He with her arms crossed.

You dont want to be my babysitter? Gu Jinzhi glanced at her. His eyes checked out Wen He head to toe, Wellever thought of being my godmother?

Wen He took ample effort in placing down her fist as she closed her eyes and acted isolated from the world.

It all happened two months ago. I just returned to this city after what got to me in Golden Triangle. I was severely wounded, with barely any bandage over my open flesh apart from the ones from the rural clinic. I was filthy, hungry and hopelessly looking like a wandering beggar.

That was when I met Gu Jinzhi who was laying by the road, unconscious and probably dying too. I was thinking of a bountiful reward when I reached out my help.

Yup, I did get everything I want. But Gu Jinzhi became a phantom that stalks me everywhere.

Little did I know, hes the main shareholder, sugar daddy, sponsor, whatever you called himhes the boss of Golden City.

At first, I thought, well, isnt he gentle, sweet and nice? Its not so bad to have him around, especially when he acted and behaved suavelyuntil he opened his mouth

I mean, really. Gu Jinzhi initiated, You saved my life. I have nothing much equivalent to offer. How aboutI offer myself?

You can repay me.


Like literally, *pay* me.

Mehhow boring. Gu Jinzhi looked at her with disdain. He raised his brows and checked her out again before reaching his lips to her one ear, Why dont we talk about what to do after your internship ends? He smoothly grabbed her shoulder.

Wen He lifted his hand off her shoulder smoothly too.

Anymore of your cheesy lines, Ill sew your mouth tight!

They might have gotten along with each other quite well but it was not what it seemed. Jinzhi might be that friendly employer as well as a partner yet little did Wen He know about the man apart from him being the sole owner of Golden City. However, she did not intend to ask. On the other hand, Gu Jinzhi once performed a brief investigation on Wen He. Cards on hand-wise, Wen He revealed more than what Gu Jinzhi did. Nevertheless, she did not mind at all. She planned to leave anyway.

For good.

For the remainder of the ride, neither of them spoke. Wen He returned to Golden City and continued her career as a pole-dancer immediately. Due to her unforeseen absence from work, her schedules were fully booked until a few months later.

Come on, go perform! Go, go, go!

She quickly changed into her costume and headed to one of the cabins. Before the audience had enough clapping and hurrahing for her, she had already left for another performance in the next cabin. And after the third performance, as the manager promised her, she had the rights to not work. Even if the manager kneeled down, went on all-fours, pleading, she would just stormed back into her room.

Days passed.

She never made a new divorce agreement.

Huo Chen never came for her again.



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