Warrior's Promise Chapter 160

Warrior's Promise Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Safe?

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Nangong Linjue looked coldly at Su Mo.

Upon hearing what Nangong Linjue had said, Su Mo laughed and shook his head. "You arent qualified to see my Martial Soul yet!"

It was not that Su Mo did not want to release his Martial Soul, but it was because doing so would not make much difference to his combat strength.

"What? Im not qualified?"

Nangong Linjue looked furious.

He was the number one disciple of the Outer Gate. Having released the strongest Martial Soul lower than an Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul, his combat strength had increased tremendously. Yet, Su Mo had commented that he still was not qualified to see his Martial Soul!

The disciples jaws dropped upon hearing this.

"Oh no! Su Mos too arrogant!"

"He has the nerve to say that to Senior Brother Nangong. How conceited!"

"What an arrogant fellow! Hes digging his own grave. Hell be killed by Senior Brother Nangong!"

Su Mo turned a deaf ear to the discussions that were going on and just smiled.

"Nangong Linjue, Ill let you have a taste of my actual strength!"

Su Mos face turned cold and his aura surged crazily.

He had fully activated his six Spiritual Spirals, and his body radiated with a golden glow.

The energy above his head turned into a sharp sword, piercing through the sky.

Those disciples who were near him felt the pain on their skin, as though they were being cut by the sword. It was horrifying.

"This is"

Elder Wei, who was in the spectator stands, gasped and stared in disbelief.

Elder Wei was an expert at Lv 9 True Spirit Realm, so he knew the immensity of the power that Su Mo had exuded!

It was sword will!

It was the Martial Will that countless martial artists dreamed of pursuing!

Elder Wei could not believe his eyes! Even experts in the True Spirit Realm might not have comprehended Martial Will. How could Su Mo have comprehended it?

Elder Wei recognized Su Mos sword will.

The rest of the elders who were in the spectator stands recognized it as well and gasped.

w.a.n.g Hui was taken aback and stood up.

He had advanced to the True Spirit Realm for five or six years but had yet to comprehend the Martial Will. However, Su Mo, whose cultivation was only in the Spiritual Martial Realm, had already comprehended it.

It was unbelievable!

Although all the elders knew what it was, there were some disciples who were still clueless.

They only felt a razor-sharp force blasting out from Su Mos body as if they were being attacked by multiple swords.

Many disciples were shocked and quickly moved back.

Only a handful of disciples, after pondering for a while, had guessed what it was.

After seeing Su Mos display of the sword will from afar, a sharp look flashed through Duan Jingtians eyes.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo held his long sharp sword with an imposing aura.

"Nangong Linjue, lets fight!"

Su Mo stomped his feet and flew out like a sharp sword toward Nangong Linjue.

"Divine Wind SwordplayGale Blade!"


A dark sword radiance flashed through the void. The air was still.

This was the blinding speed of swordplay.


Nangong Linjue blocked the sword radiance with his blade, causing an explosive sound.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Mos arms were like shadows as he attacked Nangong Linjue continuously. The sword radiance shone brightly, and the Sword Qi shot up into the sky.

Each strike was quicker and more forceful and vicious than the one before.

At this moment, Su Mo had fully displayed his strength. The six Spiritual Spirals were activated. The glow on his body made him look like a G.o.d of war.

Boom! Boom! Clang! Clang!

Nangong Linjue was also extremely powerful. His Martial Soul had greatly enhanced his combat strength, so Su Mo would not be able to defeat him easily.

100 strikes!

200 strikes!

After 200 strikes, Nangong Linjue was losing steam and at a disadvantage. He was being suppressed by Su Mo.

The Genuine Qi in Su Mos six Spiritual Spirals was immensely powerful. The more he fought, the stronger his imposing manner became.

Whereas for Nangong Linjue, drops of sweat were forming on his forehead, and his Genuine Qi was dwindling.

"Amazing Chopping Technique of Wind Devil!"

Su Mo jumped up into the air and slashed down hard on Nangong Linjue.


The sword and blade clashed together, creating an explosive sound.

Clomp! Clomp! Clomp!

Nangong Linjue was jolted many steps backward.

"Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!"

Su Mo grabbed hold of the opportunity and immediately attacked with his final hit. He merged into the wind with his sword, and his move enveloped Nangong Linjue.


Nangong Linjue still lived up to his reputation as the top expert in the Outer Gate and was quick to react. At the critical moment, he blocked the attack with his long blade. At the same time, he tried to avoid the attack by swaying slightly to the side.

However, Final Hit of Heavenly Wind in the Great Completion Realm was unavoidable.


The sword radiance slashed past Nangong Linjues waist and disappeared.


Nangong Linjue cried out. His face was as white as a sheet, and he moved back vigorously.

There was a cut on his waist that was a foot long, and fresh blood was spewing out onto the ground.

Nangong Linjues waist had been nearly cut off.

"Nangong Linjue, its over!" Su Mo said flatly and then rushed out toward Nangong Linjue.

Su Mo raised his long sword. The radiance of his sword was like the blade of death.


Nangong Linjues face changed drastically. He shivered. He could hear the Angel of Death knocking on his door.


Su Mo had been reincarnated twice and was decisive when it came to killing. He waved his right arm and was ready to slash downward.

"How dare you!"

At this moment, a loud authoritative voice resounded.

In the next instant, an overbearing force from afar shot near Su Mo, engulfing him.

Su Mo felt his body being weighed down as though a mountain was pressing down on him.

His hands stopped moving.

Duan Jingtian had intercepted him.

Duan Jingtian stepped out of the pavilion from afar, and with his hands tucked behind his back, he walked in the air toward Su Mo.

Duan Jingtian looked displeased. He was naturally upset that the disciples of the Sky Alliance had been thoroughly wiped out.

Before this, Su Mo had killed a few disciples from the Sky Alliance. Duan Jingtian could not care less, as he knew that Nangong Linjue would definitely kill Su Mo.

However, the situation was totally different now. Not only was Nangong Linjue unable to kill Su Mo, he would soon be dying by his hands.

Thus, Duan Jingtian had to intercept him.

Seeing that Duan Jingtian had intervened, Nangong Linjue heaved a sigh of relief. He was so close to death.

He was safe!

As long as Duan Jingtian put forth a demand, all the disciples of Gale Island would give in to him.

"Su Mo, next time Ill kill you!"

Nangong Linjue looked at Su Mo in resentment and shouted.

However, as he had bled profusely and was seriously injured, he sounded weak.

"Do you think youll have the chance?"

Su Mo sneered and tried to resist the force that was coming down on him.

He clenched his teeth together, and using all of his force, Su Mo slashed down with his long sword.

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