Warrior's Promise Chapter 161

Warrior's Promise Chapter 161

Chapter 161: The Power of Duan Jingtian

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Su Mos long sword struck downwards violently.

It was like lightning in Nangong Linjues terrified sight.


The sword radiance flashed, and boiling blood spurted up to the sky.

At that moment, all of the spectators were completely stunned.

Su Mo really killed Nangong Linjue!

Although Duan Jingtian had ordered him to stop, Su Mo still killed Nangong Linjue!

Nangong Linjue was the top disciple of the Outer Gate and had the strongest Martial Soul below Earth Cla.s.s. He was one of the most talented disciples on the whole Gale Island. How could he die just like that?

"How dare you?!"

Duan Jingtian shouted angrily and instantly flew onto the outer square with unstoppable momentum.

Duan Jingtian stood in the air before Su Mo. His sharp eyes seemed like they could pierce through Su Mos body.

Duan Jingtian was furious. A lowly Outer Disciple had not only slaughtered his Sky Alliance members, but also disobeyed his orders.

He even disobeyed the orders in front of countless people.

That made him feel extremely ashamed.

It greatly damaged his prestige.


Duan Jingtian shouted coldly. His voice exploded in Su Mos ears like a clap of thunder and gave him a headache.

Duan Jingtians body emanated a terrifying force.

It was as if the surroundings had frozen. The increased pressure on Su Mos body made his bones crackle.

"Why should I kneel?"

Su Mo lifted his head, stared at Duan Jingtian, and shouted.

"Its a sin to kill a disciple of the same sect!"

Duan Jingtian held his hands behind his back, looked down on Su Mo like a monarch, and ordered, "Kneel and die!"


Su Mo laughed crazily and shouted, "The winner was always in the right, and the loser was always in the wrong. If they wanted to kill me, they must have wanted to die as well!

"Whats more, its not up to you to decide if Im guilty or not!"

Su Mo roared with a red face.

Duan Jingtian was extremely overbearing and kept pushing down on Su Mo to force him to submit.

However, although Su Mos bones were crackling, he stood proudly and confirmedly.

"Su Mo is really reckless to talk to Senior Brother Duan in that tone!"

The surrounding disciples were all stunned by Su Mos words.

Some of the elders were also surprised.

Elder Wei was expressionless. He sat quietly on the Spectator Stand and didnt intervene.

On the other hand, w.a.n.g Hui looked serious and was secretly on standby.

If Duan Jingtian really wanted to attack Su Mo, he would intervene without any hesitation.

"If I say youre guilty, then youre guilty!" Duan Jingtian said proudly with no expression on his face.

His imposing manner was even more overbearing.

"Haha! If you say Im guilty, then Im guilty?" Su Mo said with a chuckle, "Gale Island has its own sect rules. You have no right to decide if Im guilty!"

"Sect rules?" Duan Jingtian said menacingly with mockery in his eyes, "sect rules only serve to restrict the weak. My word is the rule!"

Duan Jingtians tone was authoritative and condescending.

His word was the rule!

"Your word is the rule?"

Su Mo felt this was unreasonable and yelled crazily, "No matter how powerful you are, youre still only a disciple of Gale Island. What kind of rule is your word?"

Su Mo knew that he was delusional sometimes, but Duan Jingtian was on a completely different level.

What kind of delusional madman could say these words?

"How dare a small fry question my words? Go die!" Duan Jingtian said coldly. Then, he swung down his palm.

Duan Jingtians palm was as powerful as stormy wind and flowing rivers.

Su Mo was enveloped by the imposing manner and couldnt even move.

w.a.n.g Hui saw that Duan Jingtian was about to kill Su Mo and couldnt wait any longer. He rushed over immediately.

"Duan Jingtian, stop!"

w.a.n.g Hui stood before Su Mos body instantly and met Duan Jingtians palm force with him.


As the two palms met, they released a stunning force that swept out hundreds of meters.

Su Mo was forced back by the shock.

w.a.n.g Hui was thrown off for hundreds of meters by Duan Jingtians palm.


w.a.n.g Hui stopped himself and spat out a mouthful of blood.


Su Mo was stunned. w.a.n.g Hui, elder of the outer gate, with a cultivation in the True Spirit Realm, actually wasnt able to withstand one strike from Duan Jingtian.

How powerful was Duan Jingtian?

"w.a.n.g Hui, are you trying to stop me?"

Duan Jingtian yelled with a serious expression.

"Duan Jingtian, you cant kill Su Mo!" w.a.n.g Hui frowned and said, while wiping blood from the corner of his mouth. His face slightly paled.


Duan Jingtian heard this and narrowed his eyes. After which, he turned around to look at Elder Wei, who was standing on the Spectator Stand.

w.a.n.g Hui was Elder Weis disciple. Duan Jingtian could ignore w.a.n.g Hui, but he could not ignore his mentor, Elder Wei.

"Elder Wei, is this what you want?" Duan Jingtian asked flatly.

Elder Wei stood up and said, "Su Mo is my pro-disciple. Duan Jingtian, lets drop this matter, shall we?"

Elder Wei was exasperated. He hadnt expected Su Mo to defeat and even kill Nangong Linjue and thus made matters so difficult.

As soon as Elder Wei said this, the square erupted in chatter. "Su Mo is Elder Weis disciple! No wonder hes trying to intentionally kill the Sky Alliance members!"

"Hes your pro-disciple?"

Duan Jingtian heard this, and his expression darkened. He shouted coldly, "Su Mo has killed so many members of the Sky Alliance, and you want me to just drop this?"

Duan Jingtian was incredibly menacing and didnt back down while facing Elder Weis aggressive imposing manner.

In Duan Jingtians eyes, since Su Mo was Elder Weis disciple, and Elder Wei wasnt preventing him from recklessly killing disciples of the Sky Alliance, there was definitely something suspicious going on!

"What do you want to do then, Duan Jingtian?" Elder Wei asked quietly.

Even Elder Wei was slightly afraid to face Duan Jingtian.

His talent was too frightening, causing him to look down upon all of Skymoon Country.

Also, Duan Jingtian was personally selected to inherit the position of the island owner. He would control all of Gale Island in a couple of years.

Even someone with outstanding cultivation like Elder Wei still had to take him seriously.

"Its simple. I want Su Mo to destroy his own cultivation!" Duan Jingtian said coldly.

Letting Su Mo destroy his cultivation was the lightest punishment he was willing to give. He was doing this out of respect for Elder Wei. If it were others, he would have killed them immediately.

"Destroy my own cultivation?"

Su Mo heard this, and his eyes became cold.

A martial artists cultivation was as important as his life. Destroying his cultivation would also destroy his life.

Elder Wei frowned. Duan Jingtian knew that Su Mo was his disciple, but he still wanted Su Mo to destroy his own cultivation.

Duan Jingtians aggressiveness irritated Elder Wei extremely.

"Duan Jingtian, hes my disciple. Destroying his cultivation isnt an option!"

Elder Wei shook his head and said, "I apologize to you on his behalf. Ill repay you with ten thousand Spiritual Stones later on. Lets drop this matter!"

Elder Wei didnt confront Duan Jingtian and instead stepped back as a sign of respect.

After all, Su Mo had killed several disciples of the Sky Alliance. If Elder Wei didnt make this concession, Duan Jingtian definitely wouldnt back down.

"Elder Wei, it seems that youre set on protecting him! Good!"

Duan Jingtian squinted and chuckled coldly, then he turned to look at Su Mo with a sharp glare.

"Being too aggressive isnt good for you. I hope you know whats good for yourself!"

Duan Jingtian said this, turned around, and flew off.

He knew that it would be too difficult to kill Su Mo with Elder Wei here.

His final words were an obvious threat.

He, Duan Jingtian, could kill Su Mo at any time!

Su Mo clenched his fists, and his eyes were full of killing desire.

"Duan Jingtian, Ill definitely kill you someday!"

Su Mo promised himself furiously that he would try to get to the True Spirit Realm as quickly as possible.

He could only contend with Duan Jingtian if he reached the True Spirit Realm.

At least, when he reached the True Spirit Realm, he couldnt be easily killed by Duan Jingtian.

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