Warrior's Promise Chapter 162

Warrior's Promise Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Wind Sword Will

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Duan Jingtian left.

The entire square was still completely silent.

What had happened was too overwhelming.

Su Mo had just delivered a shocking counteroffensive and killed Nangong Linjue with his supernatural combat strength.

Duan Jingtian wanted to kill Su Mo, but Elder Wei prevented him.

It all made this Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion seem legendary and exciting.

"Senior Brother, are you alright?" Su Mo asked w.a.n.g Hui concernedly as he approached.

w.a.n.g Hui smiled and said, "Im fine. Its just a minor injury!"

"Thats good!"

Su Mo nodded and looked toward Elder Wei.

Elder Wei looked at him, nodded slightly, and announced that the compet.i.tion would continue.

There were only a couple battles left in the Tournament.

The fractured fighting ring was hastily cleared into a simple battlefield.

The battles ended quickly.

Su Mo had one more battle against Duan Bingye.

Unsurprisingly, Duan Bingye conceded defeat.

If even Nangong Linjue was not a match for Su Mo, she definitely could not beat him.

Since then, Su Mo won all of his battles.

His position in the first place was secured.

After all the battles ended, the top 10 contestants were ranked by their performance.

"Now, I announce the ranking of the top 10 Outer Disciples!" The First Elder announced loudly as he stood up.

However, his face could not stop twitching.

Because only seven of the top 10 disciples were actually still alive.

The First Elder glanced at Su Mo from afar and sighed inwardly.

Su Mos talent and combat strength were unreal, and if he were not Elder Weis disciple, the First Elder would take him under his wing.

At the same time, the First Elder was a little irritated.

Nangong Linjue, Li Jiandong, Yi Xiaoguang, and He Yangjun were all precious geniuses, and it was such a shame that they had died!

"Number one, Su Mo!

"Number two, Duan Bingye!

"Number three, Ling Muchen!

"Number four, Fei Kuang!

"Number five, Lu Shaoyun!

"Number six, Wu Meng!

"Number seven, Mei Ling!"

Even after the First Elder finished announcing the ranking, the disciples on the square were still whispering endlessly.

It was Su Mo that had won first place in the Outer Gate, which was entirely unexpected to them.

"Now, Ill hand out the prizes for the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion. All top 100 disciples who entered the finals will receive prizes. Number 11 to number 100 will receive 10,000 contribution points. Number four to number 10 ahem number four to number seven will receive 20,000 contribution points. Number two and three will receive 30,000 contribution points. Number one will receive 50,000 contribution points. Also, the top seven have the chance to cultivate for a day in the Spiritual Pool. You seven should a.s.semble early tomorrow morning, at the outer hall."

As the First Elder finished his announcement, the surrounding disciples glared enviously at the top seven.

"Im so jealous that the top seven not only get contribution points, but also have a chance to cultivate in the Spiritual Pool!"

"I heard that cultivating in the Spiritual Pool for one day is equivalent to cultivating for a month. I dont know if thats true!"

"It must be true. If theyre lucky, they might even achieve a cultivation breakthrough!"

All the disciples were discussing enviously.

Afterward, the disciples collected their prizes, and the audience began to leave the square.

After this Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, Su Mo was a household name among everyone in the Outer Gate. News of him even traveled to the Inner Gate.

In a short amount of time, what all the Outer Disciples were talking about was Su Mo.

Meanwhile, after the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, Su Mo came with Elder Wei to his residence.

"Su Mo, I must admit that your talent has far exceeded my expectations!"

Elder Wei smiled lightly. He grew increasingly satisfied with Su Mo day by day.

"However, you insulted Duan Jingtian, so the Sky Alliance wont let you off easily. You have to be more careful from now on!" Elder Wei stopped smiling and said solemnly.

"Master, what in the world is Duan Jingtians cultivation?" Su Mo asked.

He really wanted to know Duan Jingtians actual strength.

This way, he would have a clear goal to work towards.

"A few months ago, he broke into Lv 2 True Spirit Realm!"

Elder Wei said after thinking for a while, "However, Duan Jingtian is outstandingly talented. His real combat strength is equivalent to that of a martial artist of Lv 4 True Spirit Realm. A lot of the outer gate elders arent even a match for him!"

"Lv 2 True Spirit Realm?"

Su Mo narrowed his eyes and thought, "In six months, I must reach the True Spirit Realm."

If Su Mo shared this ambition with anyone else, they would tell him that he was crazy.

No one in the thousands of years of Skymoon Countrys history had ever been able to progress from Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm to the True Spirit Realm in six months.

"Su Mo, your talent is about the same as Duan Jingtians. You need to work hard to cultivate right now and try to quickly improve your strength!" Elder Wei advised.

"Also, you need to stop starting problems with the Sky Alliance in the future!"


Su Mo nodded.

He knew that Elder Wei was looking out for him.

Elder Wei continued to say, "The Sky Alliance is still not too powerful in the outer gate, but it completely controls all of the inner gate. When you enter the inner gate in the future, you need to be very careful."

Su Mo nodded again.

"Alright. Lets not talk about this anymore. Im very curious about the situation of your cultivation!"

Elder Wei smiled lightly and asked, "When did you understand sword will?"

"A couple months ago," Su Mo replied.

"How much do you know about sword will?" Elder Wei asked again.

Su Mo shook his head, clasped his fists, and said, "I still need you to determine that!"

Elder Wei nodded and explained.

"Sword will is a type of martial will. There is weak and strong martial will, and there are nine levels in total. Every level is also divided into four realms of early stage, middle stage, late stage, and completion.

"All martial wills have their own properties. For example, there is Fire Will, Thunder Will, and other kinds of special martial wills!

"The sword will you acquired is Wind sword will. Its at the early stage of level one.

"The higher the martial will, the more it increases the combat strength. If you want to increase the level of your sword will, you need to not only understand the sword, but also understand wind!

"Wind sword will can only be strengthened by a better understanding of wind!"


Elder Wei explained in great detail and told Su Mo everything he knew about martial will.

Su Mo listened attentively as if he were collecting treasure!

He usually cultivated on his own without any guidance, so he was completely in the dark regarding sword will.

Elder Weis explanation showed him the way to improvement.

However, Su Mo was confused about why Elder Wei had such a strong cultivation but never acquired any martial will.

Either way, Elder Wei was still very experienced. Although he had not acquired martial will, he still knew a lot about it.

After the master and disciple talked for many hours into the night, Su Mo finally left Elder Weis residence and returned to his room.

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