Warrior's Promise Chapter 170

Warrior's Promise Chapter 170

Chapter 170: One Family to Rule Everything

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"Destroy my own cultivation?"

Lin Xiao heard this and looked up, his face ghastly pale.


Lin Xiao looked at Lin Sheng with hope in his eyes.

He hoped that his father could beg for mercy on his behalf.

Lin Shengs face was pale as well, and his emotions were extremely complicated.

Once Lin Xiao destroyed his cultivation, he would become a useless person!

In a world ruled by martial arts, someone without a cultivation was worth less than a dog.

Lin Sheng could not make up his mind, but when he recalled how Su Mo was powerful enough to kill Wei Zheng with one move, he finally sighed and made a decision.

He walked in front of Lin Xiao and unwaveringly punched the elixir field in Lin Xiaos lower abdomen.


Lin Xiao grunted as his genuine Qi burst and disappeared from his body.

Lin Sheng had destroyed his own sons cultivation!

Su Mo nodded lightly and was impressed by Lin Shengs sincerity. Lin Sheng did not play any games and shattered Lin Xiaos elixir field with one punch.

Su Mo glanced at the ash-faced Lin Xiao and did not look at him anymore.

Lin Xiaos fate today was his own fault, and Su Mo was very merciful to spare his life!


"Father, lets go back!" Su Mo said to Su Hong.


"Alright, lets go!" Su Hong nodded and said with a smile.

Su Mo left the Mansion of the City Governor under the adoration of the Sus and the shocked gaze of countless others.


The conference hall of the Sus was currently br.i.m.m.i.n.g with people.

Su Hong sat in the middle, with the elders and Deacon at his feet. Su Yu, Su Hai, and other top disciples stood behind their elders.

Su Mo sat on the lower right of Su Hong, at the same level as the First Elder.

"Master, Young Master, the Weis has been completely defeated, and we have confiscated all of the Weis belongings and properties!" the Fourth Elder, Su Tai, said excitedly.


Su Tai was excited that the Weis had fallen because only the Sus would rule Sunnywood City from now on.

Su Tai glanced at Su Mo with shock and embarra.s.sment.

He had called Su Mo trash before!

Now, Su Tai deeply regretted his past actions and was secretly cursing himself!

He could only hope that Su Mo did not hold a grudge against him.

As Su Mo looked toward him, Su Tai was too scared to look him in the eye and lowered his head.

Su Mo saw this and shook his head with a smile. He knew exactly why the elder was acting this way.

However, Su Mo was not a spiteful person and did not take this insult seriously.

As long as Su Tai served his family well, Su Mo had no problem with him.

"Hm, thats great!"

Su Hong smiled and nodded.

"First Elder, a.s.sign some people in our businesses to take on the new properties!"

Su Hong ordered.


"Yes, Master!" The First Elder responded.

Then, Su Hong looked at Su Mo with shining eyes.


"Moer, do you have anything to say?" Su Hong asked with a smile.

If not for Su Mo, they would not have been able to defeat the Weis so easily!

Now, Su Hong was completely astounded by his son.

Su Mos actions never failed to surprise him.

Everyone in the hall looked at Su Mo with the same glow in their eyes.


"I only want to say one thing," Su Mo looked around and said loudly, "I hope that from now on, everyone in the family can work together to strengthen the family without any bad intentions. Otherwise, youll have to answer to me!"


"Do you agree, First Elder?" Su Mo asked the First Elder.

Su Mo clearly understood his intentions.

The First Elders face paled, and he nodded furiously and said, "Youre right, Young Master! Well all unite to strengthen the family!"

His heart was racing, and he was now terrified by Su Mo.

In the Mansion of the City Governor, he had personally seen Su Mo kill the old Master and countless elders of the Weis with one move.

Su Mos ruthlessness and powerful strength shocked him completely.

Now, he was scared that Su Mo might even kill him in a fit of rage.


Su Mo nodded and did not say anything else.

Although the First Elder used to have bad intentions, he did not go beyond the boundary. As long as he changed his ways, Su Mo was willing to let him off.

Then, Su Hong discussed business with a few elders for a while before ending the meeting.


In Su Mos yard, Su Mo and his father sat nose to nose at a stone table.


"Moer, what is the true extent of your strength?" Su Hong asked curiously.

He was curious because Su Mo only revealed a cultivation of Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, but he was able to kill a martial artist at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm with one blow, which shocked Su Hong greatly.

Su Mo smiled and said, "Father, Im currently only at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm. However, an ordinary martial artist at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm is no match for me!"

Actually, Su Mo had secretly a.s.sessed his abilities. If he had used his full strength, he could definitely beat a martial artist at Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm.

"How amazing! Thats my son!"

Su Hong exclaimed with a smile, "Ive never expected you to surpa.s.s me so much in only a years time!"

Su Hong was ecstatic that Su Mo had surpa.s.sed him.

His sons strength was his strength!

"Father, this is for you!"

Su Mo smiled and waved his arm. A pile of Spiritual Stones and four bottles of elixirs appeared on the stone table.

There were more than 200 Spiritual Stones, which were trophies that Su Mo had collected throughout the year.

Spiritual Stone was the most common cultivation resource for martial artists above the Spiritual Martial Realm.

However, Su Mo had relied on devouring blood essence with his Martial Soul, so he saved up all his Spiritual Stones for his father.

The four bottles contained Upper Lv 2 Pill that Su Mo had bought at Purple Gold Hall on his way back.

He had bought six bottles, kept two for himself, and gave the other four to his father.

Su Hong saw all the Spiritual Stones and elixir and gasped.

"Moer, you should keep these for yourself!"

Su Hong said after a while, shaking his head, "Im not talented enough, and Im quite old. All the resources in the world wont do me much good. Your improvement is more important!"

Su Hong was considering the future. Su Mos martial arts talent was extraordinary and needed to be quickly cultivated, so Su Hong did not want to waste resources on himself.

"Father, please take them! I have many more Spiritual Stones and elixir left!"

Su Mo lied, hoping that his father would take the resources.


"These are enough for you to increase your cultivation by one level!" Su Mo said.

After much persuasion, Su Hong finally accepted the Spiritual Stones and elixirs.

Then, Su Mo asked, "Father, have you been cultivating those three scrolls that Ive given you?"

When Su Mo was leaving for Gale Island, he had given Primordial Qi Manua l , Divine Wind Swordplay, and Shadow Steps to Su Hong, so he wanted to know how his fathers cultivation was going.

"These three manuals are indeed powerful Lv 3 martial arts!" Su Hong said with a smile.

Then, he sighed and said, "However, Divine Wind Swordplay and Shadow Steps are very hard to cultivate. After one year, I still havent reached the Minor Completion Realm!"

Su Mo was speechless!

After a whole year, his father still had not reached the Minor Completion!

Su Mo fully explained the key points of cultivating Divine Wind Swordplay and Shadow Steps to Su Hong.

With his sons advice, Su Hong finally understood and left with a smile on his face.

Before he left, Su Mo also gave him two Empty Spirit Fruits.

He had won the Empty Spirit Fruits at the Qingyuan Trial Test, and these two were his last ones.

He had planned on using them in the future, but he decided to give them all to his father.

After a while, Su Mo sat cross-legged in his room and began devouring a large number of Beast Souls from the Beast Soul Crystals.

He wanted to quickly increase his Martial Soul to Earth Cla.s.s.

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