Warrior's Promise Chapter 172

Warrior's Promise Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Place a Wager

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Early in the morning, as the sun was rising, the afterglow shone all over Imperial City.

In a black suit, Su Mo came out of the Luos Mansion with Luo Qianfan and walked toward the Four Seas Arena.

The Four Seas Arena, also known as the Four Seas Fighting Ring, was situated in North City. They walked for roughly an hour before they reached their destination.

The fighting arena was surrounded by 100-meter-high walls, which stretched so far that the end could not be seen.

The walls of the arena were even much bigger than the ones in Sunnywood City.

There was a hefty entrance fee at the Four Seas Fighting Ring. It cost each person as much as 10 Lower Spiritual Stones.

Luo Qianfan paid 20 Spiritual Stones and brought Su Mo into the fighting arena.

Su Mo took a deep breath at the sight of it.

"This is a real fighting arena!"

The fighting arena was divided into nine sections. There were nine huge bases for the fighting rings, and each was five to six hundred meters wide and over 10 meters tall.

There was a spectator stand surrounding every fighting ring, like a huge funnel stretching upward.

Every spectator stand had more than 10 rows of seats, enough to hold 10,000 people.

Nine fighting rings with nine spectator stands were sufficient to hold 90,000 people to watch the matches.

Right now, a match could be seen in almost every fighting ring. All the spectator stands were crowded with audience members.

The crowds din was deafening.

"This fighting arena is awesome!"

Su Mo praised.

"Oh yeah! Thousands of people will be watching you if you battle here!"

Luo Qianfan smiled slightly and said, "Su Mo, youve reached Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, right? Lets go to the spectator stands in the fifth section!"

Su Mo nodded and went to the fifth section with him.

The Four Seas Fighting Ring had nine sections, and the nine fighting rings were segregated according to the different levels (from Lv 1 to Lv 9) of the Spiritual Martial Realm.

Only those of the Spiritual Martial Realm were accepted here.

"Brother Luo, I never expected you to come to the fighting arena!"

At this moment, a chuckle was heard from the side.

Su Mo turned his head and saw two youths walking toward them.

A man and woman were approaching them. The good-looking man was wearing an brocade robe, which indicated his gorgeousness.

And the woman had snow-white skin, a complexion like white jade, and light eyebrows. She was a beauty indeed.

"Hehe! Brother Hong, Miss Qing Jue, I didnt expect both of you to have the mood to visit here!"

Apparently, Luo Qianfan knew both of them quite well as he smiled and spoke.


"Haha! We just came on a whim to see if theres any worthy opponent!" the handsome youth said with a laugh.

Luo Qianfan looked at Su Mo beside him and said, "Su Mo, let me introduce to you. They are Hong Tengyun, Brother Hong, and Miss Qingjue. Both of them are direct descendants of the Hong Clan and Qing Clan from the Imperial City. Brother Hong was a disciple of Scorching Sun Sect while Miss Qingjue was a disciple of Sky Rapier Sect.

After Luo Qianfan finished the introductions, he pointed at Su Mo and spoke to both the handsome youth and the pretty lady. "This is Su Mo, my fellow Senior Brother from Gale Island!"


"Its my pleasure to meet both of you!" Su Mo said and smiled at both of them with his fist cupped in his hand.


Hong Tengyuns face turned cold and he nodded expressionlessly, not intending to converse with Su Mo at all.

As for that beautiful lady, Qing Jue, she was of few words. After glancing at Su Mo, her face showed disdain.

At this moment, both of them seemed unpleasant.

Logically speaking, Luo Qianfan should have introduced Su Mo to them first, rather than the opposite.

The order of Luo Qianfans introduction showed that he valued Su Mo more, which disrespected both of them.

Su Mo put his hands down as he noticed their indifferent expressions as his face turned cold as well.

He had no intention to be friendly toward those who were unfriendly to him.


"Hehe! Lets go to the spectator stands and sit down!" Luo Qianfan said with a smile as he realized the awkward situation.

Soon after, the four sat down in the spectators stands.

At this moment, someone was stepping into the center of the fighting ring.

It was a middle-aged man between the age of 30 to 40 years old with a vast and pure aura. He had reached the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm.


"Im Ding Peng, the elder of the Ding Clan from Bright Jade City. Does anyone want to come up and compete with me?" the middle-aged man looked around and shouted.

In the spectator stands, Hong Tengyun sneered and said disdainfully, "The Ding Clan of Bright Jade City? Its only a small-fry family clan. He can prove that hes not too weak only if he can win three rounds in a row."

Su Mo was speechless. Hong Tengyun had actually judged the other mans strength based on the clans power.


"Hes powerful, so he should be able to win at least five rounds in a row!" Su Mo shook his head and said.

Hong Tengyun was infuriated upon hearing this.

He just mentioned that Ding Peng could only win a maximum of three rounds, but Su Mo refuted him and stated that he could win at least five rounds consecutively.

It brought shame on him.

Hong Tengyun rolled his eyes and smiled slightly, looking toward Su Mo, and said, "Su Mo, right? As you think Ding Peng can win at least five straight rounds, then shall we go and place a wager of 100 Lower Spiritual Stones?"

The Four Seas Fighting Ring not only allowed you to fight in the ring, but the spectators could also place a wager.

If Hong Tengyun wanted to place a wager, it would be 100 Lower Spiritual Stones. That was a huge bet.

One Lower Spiritual Stone already cost 2,000 Liang of gold. If 100 Lower Spiritual Stones were to be converted into gold, it would be 200,000 Liang of gold.

To a middle-ranked martial artist in the Spiritual Martial Realm, 200,000 Liang of gold was definitely a ma.s.sive fortune.

Su Mo shook his head silently. Hong Tengyun actually wanted to go against him.

But then, Su Mo did not care at all since it was only placing a wager. It was just that he did not have any more Spiritual Stone on hand.

But he still had quite a few gold tickets.

"Luo Qianfan, are gold tickets allowed for placing a wager?" Su Mo turned to ask Luo Qianfan.



"Both Spiritual Stones and gold tickets will do!" Luo Qianfan nodded and said.


Therefore, Su Mo and Hong Tengyun went to the bas.e.m.e.nt of the spectator stands where people placed their wagers and made their own bets.

Hong Tengyun placed a wager of three rounds while Su Mo bet on a five-round winning streak.

The Four Seas Fighting Ring offered bets on the number of rounds a martial artist could win.

However, the odds of winning the bet were lower, hence, the winnings were triple the wage.

Su Mo had no intention to win the wager. It was merely for fun. After all, he was not sure about the combat strength of some martial artists in the fighting ring.

After placing their wagers, both of them went back to the spectator stands to watch the matches.

After a while, the first challenger went up to the stage.

It was a youth in his 20s at the Middle Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm. But his breath indicated his good cultivation.

"Down you go!"

Ding Peng shouted with a punch and his fist force roared through the air.


With one strike, merely one strike, Ding Peng threw the youth out of the fighting ring.

He won the first round!

A short while later, someone continued by challenging Ding Peng. Round two began.

Ding Peng was so strong that he was able to win consecutive matches, which was because of his perfected fistplay.

Round two, he won!

Round three, he won!

Round four, he won again!

When Ding Peng had won four straight rounds, Hong Tengyun looked ugly because he had already lost the wager.

To him, losing the wager was a small issue, but losing face in front of Su Mo was a big issue.

The mere thought of Su Mo betting on Ding Pengs five-round winning streak made Hong Tengyun scoff.

"I wont let you win!" Hong Tengyun inwardly said.

Hong Tengyun said silently. He had already lost, so he definitely would not let Su Mo win.

"Let me go and have some fun with him!"

Hong Tengyun stood up and then leaped toward the fighting ring.

Hong Tengyun was going to challenge Ding Peng personally to end his winning streak.

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