Warrior's Promise Chapter 173

Warrior's Promise Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Pushed Too Far

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Hong Tengyun stepped onto the fighting ring with an imposing manner rising around him.

Judging from their imposing manners, Hong Tengyun was clearly stronger than Ding Peng by a notch.

Su Mos face turned cold as he saw Hong Tengyun stepping onto the fighting ring.

He had bet on Ding Peng to win five rounds in a row, and now he had already won four rounds. At this time, Hong Tengyun stepped onto the fighting ring. Even a fool could tell his intention.

On the fighting ring, Hong Tengyun wore a haughty expression, raising his head and looking down at Ding Peng, saying, "Youre no match for me, so youd better give up. Otherwise, dont blame me if I disable you!"

Ding Peng frowned at his words, and with a livid expression, he said, "Dont you think you are too arrogant?"


Hong Tengyun sneered and said, "My arrogance is based on the foundation of my strength!"

"Youve five breaths to give up, or Ill show no mercy."

Hong Tengyun was high-handed and full of confidence.

"Bring it on! Lets fight!"

Ding Peng shouted with a solemn face, and his imposing manner was crazily surging around his body.

"Since you asked for it, what can I say!"

Hong Tengyun sneered, stretched his arm and clawed toward Ding Peng.

His claws released a giant claw shadow made up of Genuine Qi and every finger was three meters long. It had totally enveloped Ding Peng.

Ding Peng retaliated with his fists.


Ding Peng moved back five steps when Hong Tengyun struck.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the second stroke, Ding Peng fell back 10 steps.

The third stroke made Ding Peng bleed from his mouth.

After the fourth stroke, Ding Pengs eyes, ears, and mouth bled. He was thrown off the fighting ring, and slipped into a coma!

Hong Tengyun defeated Ding Peng within four strokes and caused the audience to erupt into an uproar.

"Brilliant! Given such powerful strength, Ding Peng actually lost in four strokes!"

"This is Hong Tengyun, a direct descendant of the Hong family and disciple of the Scorching Sun Sect. Hes also a genius with a Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul!"


On the fighting ring, Hong Tengyun proudly looked at Ding Peng, who was lying on the ground, and scorned, "I told you to give up, but you dont listen. Youre just looking for trouble!"

Killing was permitted in the Four Seas Fighting Ring. Anyone who fought on the fighting ring, did so of his own free will, so even if he was killed, it was normal.

After saying that, Hong Tengyun turned his head and glanced at Su Mo mockingly.

Ding Peng had lost in the fifth round, and so Su Mo also lost his bet.

Nevertheless, Hong Tengyun stood on the fighting ring waiting for other people to challenge him. He was prepared to continue fighting.

Su Mos face was indifferent and a wisp of cold light flashed in his eyes.

"What Hong Tengyun did was too much!"

Su Mo was not a benevolent person. If he was being bullied, he would definitely retaliate.


Su Mo stood up, strode down to the spectators stand, and came to the gamble stand to place a wager on all his remaining gold tickets, roughly 160,000.

He bet Hong Tengyun could only win one battle because Hong Tengyun would definitely lose!


After that, Su Mo flew to the fighting ring in one stride.

Seeing Su Mo stepping onto the fighting ring, Hong Tengyun raised his eyebrows and scorned, "Why? Indignant to lose your bet? Now you want to play with me?"

Hong Tengyun despised Su Mo, as he knew his own strength inside out.

Even a martial artist at Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm could not beat him easily, let alone a martial artist at Lv 5.

"I lost my bet, but Ill win it back soon!"

Su Mo smiled.

"Oh, how?" Hong Tengyun doubtfully asked.

Although he saw Su Mo went to the gamble stand, he did not know what Su Mo had bet on.

"I bet you can only win one round!"

Su Mo smiled coldly, looking scorned.


Upon hearing that, Hong Tengyuns face looked solemn and he shouted coldly, "Youre really an arrogant and ignorant fella. For the sake of Luo Qianfan, I wont kill you today, but Ill cripple you!"

Hong Tengyuns eyes turned cold and he looked like a poisonous snake.

Su Mo bet he could only win one match, which meant he would be defeated by Su Mo!

"Cut the c.r.a.p, go down now!"

Su Mo spoke indifferently and suddenly punched his fist.

The roaring fist force broke the air and approached Hong Tengyun in an instant.

Hong Tengyun hastily tried to block it, but his strength was miles away from Su Mos.


Hong Tengyun blasted off instantly and after several somersaults in the air, he fell off the fighting ring.

He was beaten by Su Mo in one strike.

"You Puff!"

Hong Tengyun got up in an embarra.s.sed and pathetic state. He glanced at Su Mo, who was on the fighting ring, looking horrified.

He spat out a mouthful of blood before he could speak.

"How could you be so powerful?"

After a while, Hong Tengyun yelled in a livid expression.

Nonetheless, Su Mo did not look at him at all. He just stood on the fighting ring, eyeing around, waiting for a challenge.

Su Mo had already pulled his punches. If not, Hong Tengyun would have already been dead!

At this time, the spectators were also discussing about it.

"Who is this fella? Defeating Hong Tengyun with one single strike!"

"This guy is powerful. Hes got the ability to fight against the higher levels of martial artists!"

"Maybe hes a talented disciple from the Four Sects. Otherwise, his combat strength could not be so powerful!"

"Ill bet hes capable of winning 10 rounds in a row!"

Many people on the spectators stand thought highly of Su Mo and went to place their bets.

Some of them bet Su Mo could win eight matches in a row, while some bet 10 rounds and others bet 15.

On the spectators stand, Luo Qian wore a faint smile.

He knew Su Mos strength best. He would be surprised if Su Mo had not defeated Hong Tengyun in one single strike.

Qing Jue stood next to him, wearing a cold face. She glanced at Luo Qianfan and said, "Luo Qianfan, I think Su Mo is not so simple, is he?"

"Ms. Qing Jue, you can also give it a try!"

Luo Qianfan smiled.

Qing Jue sneered and proudly said, "If he cant win 20 rounds in a row, he doesnt deserve my challenge!"

Upon hearing that, Luo Qianfan shook his head slightly without saying anything.

He knew that Qing Jue was much stronger than Hong Tengyun. However, based on the same level, she was still no match for Su Mo.

Even he himself was bound to lose if he fought against Su Mo!

Nangong Linjues combat strength was so strong, yet he was still killed by Su Mo.

Luo Qianfan was looking forward. He wondered how many rounds Su Mo could win? Any hope of winning 100 battles in a row?

On the fighting ring, Su Mo waited for a while before his second opponent appeared.

His opponent was a scrawny youth whose cultivation was also at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm. His presence was commanding as he held onto a spear in his hand.

"Im Shi Zhuo from the Qinghua Sect. Id like to challenge you!"

The man cupped his hands to Su Mo.

In Skymoon Country, there were also many other Sects other than the Four Sects.

However, these Sects were small and did not have many disciples, so their power was weaker.

Some Sects only had dozens of people or at most a few hundred people, so they could not be compared with the Four Sects.

"Bring it on!"

Su Mo also cupped his hands to him.

His opponent respected him, so he would not put on airs.


Shi Zhuo threw his spear without hesitation. The spear looked like a poisonous snake and quickly stabbed toward Su Mo.

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