Warrior's Promise Chapter 174

Warrior's Promise Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Unstoppable Winning Streak

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Shi Zhuos spear struck like lightning and swiftly stabbed toward Su Mo.


Su Mos palm immediately blew back Shi Zhuos spear and threw him down from the fighting ring.

Su Mo won easily as his opponent was no match for him at all.

As the match ended, Su Mos winning streak began.

The third round, Su Mo won!

The fourth round, he won!

The 15th round also!

The 16th round, again he won!

Su Mo advanced through his victories incessantly like a wild stallion.

Within one hour, he had already won 16 rounds in a row!

No one could withstand even one strike from him. All of his opponents were defeated by only a single punch.

"d.a.m.n it, I underestimated Su Mo. I didnt expect him to be so powerful!"

"So strong! It looks like he hasnt gone all out yet!"

" "

The spectators all around burst into an uproar as they were startled by Su Mos strength.

Those who had bet on Su Mo losing had their faces turn red because they all had lost.

Hong Tengyun had already returned to the spectator stands and stared at Su Mo with a look of shock in his eyes.

Today, Su Mo proved that he was so much stronger than him.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo met his 17th opponent.

A tall and handsome youth stepped into the fighting ring.

"Its Mo Fei!"

"Haha, Mo Fei will defeat this lad!"

"Yeah! Mo Fei is the disciple of the fifth elder of the Sky Yuan Sects Outer Gate. Hes a genius who possesses a Martial Soul of the Rank 9 Human Cla.s.s!"

The crowds in the spectator stands exclaimed as they saw Mo Fei in the fighting ring.

Mo Fei was formidable. He rose to fame because he had once won 38 rounds in a row in the fourth fighting ring. At that point in time, he was only at Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm.

"Its time to end your winning streak."

In the fighting ring, Mo Fei looked at Su Mo and chuckled confidently.

"Are you sure?"

Without commenting further, Su Mo said, "Bring it on!"

Mo Fei glanced at the Black-dark Sword on Su Mos back, and said, "Draw your sword now, or you will no longer have a chance!"

Su Mo shook his head and said, "Being only at the same level as me, you arent qualified for me to draw my sword!"

Su Mo arrogantly told a fact. Even in the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion of Gale Island, he fought with top geniuses of higher levels instead of the ones among the same level.


Upon hearing what Su Mo said, Mo Fei laughed and bellowed, "Arrogant men are bound to be defeated!"

Mo Fei then activated his Genuine Qi, and a Golden Mace appeared in his hand.


In the next instant, Mo Fei swiftly approached Su Mo and smashed his Golden Mace on him.

"Accept your defeat!"

Mo Fei growled.

"Youre the one who will be defeated!" Su Mo said flatly and threw a punch at the incoming Golden Mace.

Su Mos punch was plain and simple without any martial arts techniques.

He only activated three of his Spiritual Spirals and a little force from his body.


Su Mos fist clashed with the Golden Mace, which exploded with a m.u.f.fled sound and vibrated Mo Feis body in a flash.

Mo Fei was thrown from the fighting ring.

He was thoroughly stupefied at that moment!

Mo Fei was totally stumped when he fell down. He could not believe that he had been defeated by a martial artist at his same level with only one punch.

The entire crowd in the spectator stands was stunned.

As powerful as Mo Fei was, he was still defeated by only one punch!


After a short while, the spectators burst into another uproar, engulfing the entire stands with their discussions.

"So strong! Too powerful! He actually defeated Mo Fei with only one punch!"

"Hes likely to win 50 rounds in a row!"

"Likely? Hes definitely going to win 50 rounds straight!"

In the spectator stands, Luo Qianfan looked at Qing Jue next to him, and asked, "Miss Qing Jue, is Su Mo qualified to battle with you now?"

Luo Qianfan stared at Qing Jue with a faint smile.

Qing Jue frowned slightly. Su Mos current performance had proven that his strength was not less than hers, in fact, he might even be stronger than her.

At least, she believed that it was impossible for her to defeat Mo Fei with one strike.

However, since she had already boasted about her strength over Su Mo, she could not show any weakness in front of Luo Qianfan now.

"I must admit that hes certainly powerful, but still, it wont be easy for him to defeat me!" Qing Jue rose and said.

Soon after, she gracefully dashed toward the fighting ring.

Qing Jue appeared to be more famous than Mo Fei was. As she stepped into the ring, there was an instant uproar.

"Look, its Miss Qing Jue!"

"Can Miss Qing Jue defeat that guy?"

"Its not so easy! This kids combat strength is super powerful. Even Mo Fei was unable to withstand one of his strikes, so Miss Qing Jue might not be able to defeat him."

Heated discussions soon spread across the spectator stands. In fact, many of them even decided to place bigger wagers.

Some of them even wagered that Su Mo would have 50 victories in succession.

Everyone bet all-in on Su Mo because of his overwhelming performance that gave them the possibility of winning 50 rounds in a row.

Even if they all bet on Su Mo winning, it would be just for 50 rounds and nothing more. Reason being that the 50th round would be a milestone.

If Su Mo continued to win for 50 rounds, he would then jump ranks to fight against opponents at higher levels.

There were few in Skymoon Country that could continue winning consecutively when facing higher-level opponents.

In the fighting ring, Qing Jue stepped into the ring, holding onto a blue long sword. Without saying anything, she brandished her sword and attacked Su Mo.

"Down you go!"

Su Mo disliked Qing Jue.

Su Mos punch shook off Qing Jues long sword, and his fist force threw her backward out of the ring.

Qing Jue flew backward much faster than Mo Fei had.

After she fell to the ground, Qing Jues delicate face looked ghastly pale.

She was known to be talented, but now, she was actually defeated by a same-level martial artist within one strike. It was a total insult!

This made her red with disgrace.

Qing Jue glared at Su Mo in the ring. Not willing to stay any longer, she instantly hurried back to the spectator stands.

The spectators were again shocked by Qing Jues similar defeat.

Su Mos strength attracted a lot of people as more and more experts went up into the ring to battle with him.

Among them were some elder experts.

These elder experts might not have been gifted, but they had perfected their martial art techniques. They were very experienced in combat with extremely powerful strength.

Unfortunately, no one could even take one strike from Su Mo.

All the martial artists who went up to challenge Su Mo were only given one chance to attack.

The crowd was stumped and dumbfounded by Su Mos incredible strength.

No matter who challenged this youth, from the beginning up until now, he would still finish the match within one strike.

The 39th round, Su Mo won!

The 40th round, he won!

The 41st round, he won!

Before long, Su Mo had already won 41 rounds in a row.

Su Mo was charging ever forward and his winning streak was unstoppable.

At Su Mos current level, he could gain over 100 Lower Spiritual Stones every time that he won.

Therefore, he would not stop.

Other martial artists could win one or two dozen rounds in a row at most, but after that, they could not continue further, for their Genuine Qi inside would gradually become exhausted.

However, this did not happen to Su Mo at all.

There were Seven Spiritual Spirals operating inside of him to generate abundant Genuine Qi. Even if he wanted to fight for another 50 rounds, it would not be a problem.

The main point was that the opponents were too weak for him to activate his Genuine Qi. He could handle those matches with his body force with just one punch.

A management desk was located under the fifth sector of the spectator stands, where three stewards of the Four Seas Fighting Ring were seated.

They were responsible for monitoring the duels and recording the martial artists results.

At this moment, the three stewards looked at one another and, instantly, one of them hurried off.

The steward went to the back area of the fighting ring and entered a tower.

The tower stood tall, from where one could overlook the situation in the fighting ring.

The steward met a gray-haired old man as he entered the tower.

The old man sat cross-legged, without much breath, but his eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with penetrating insight.

"Elder Yuan, in the fifth sector of the fighting ring, an invincible young man has appeared. Shall we send someone to stop him?" the steward bowed to the old man and asked respectfully.

"How many rounds has he won?" the old man asked in a deep voice.

"41 rounds!" the steward replied.

After a moment of silence, the old man said, "Send Tie Ta to stop him. If he fails, let Wushang go!"


The steward felt relieved and left with the old mans orders.

With Tie Ta and Ye Wushang, there was no need to worry.

Although the Four Seas Fighting Ring offered a huge reward, it would not be easy to obtain it.

The point was that if an extraordinary compet.i.tor appeared, the fighting ring would send experts to block the winning streak.

Otherwise, if many people were to win continuously, wouldnt the fighting ring suffer losses?

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