Warrior's Promise Chapter 175

Warrior's Promise Chapter 175

Chapter 175: 50-round Winning Streak

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At No. 5 fighting ring, Su Mo had won 42 rounds in a row after defeating another opponent.

At that moment, another man stepped onto the fighting ring.

The big young man carried a huge axe that weighed more than 500 kilos on his back, and he stood erected like a giant tower.

When the burly young man stepped onto the ring, the crowd in the spectators stand burst into an uproar once again.

"Its Tie Ta!"

"Haha, seems like Four Seas Fighting Ring cant keep calm anymore."

"Yes, the Fighting Ring wont let Su Mo continue to win."

Some frequenters of Four Seas Fighting Ring knew well that the burly young man was a martial artist sent by the Fighting Ring.

The fighting ring did not intend to conceal this latent rule.

As stipulated in every fighting ring of Four Seas Fighting Ring, any martial artist could go up to duel with an opponent of the same level.

So there was nothing to be said against what the Fighting Ring had done.

The a.s.signed martial artists were only ready to be defeated if the one in the ring was powerful enough.

"h.e.l.lo, my name is Tie Ta."

Tie Ta grinned, revealing a line of white teeth.


Su Mo nodded, having heard what the spectators murmured, he knew this mans ident.i.ty.

"You are truly powerful, but Ill stop your winning streak!" Tie Ta said in a deep tone.

Su Mo smiled and replied, "You can go all out then, show me your strength!"

Upon hearing this, Tie Ta said nothing and slowly took off his huge axe.

The huge axe emitted rays of light instantly. Tie Ta let out a terrifying vigor and sent a blast sweeping towards all directions.

Clump! Clump! Clump!

Tie Ta was walking toward Su Mo, and the fighting ring trembled slightly with each step he took.


As a cold light split the sky, the huge axe struck at Su Mo with overwhelming power.

The stroke was extremely powerful.

"Hes indeed powerful!"

Su Mo praised inwardly. Although Tie Ta was only at the Peak Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, his power was comparable to that of a Lv 7 martial artist.

He must have cultivated Body Refining techniques as well. The glowing radiance on his skin gave out a strong physical pressure.

"Take your defeat!"

Tie Ta growled as his huge axe approached Su Mo.

"You cant stop me. Go down!" Su Mo said softly, and threw another punch with increased force.


The punch was cast upon the huge axe and released an overpowering force.


Like the previous opponents, Tie Ta was sent flying off of the fighting ring, and he continued flying backward for nearly 100 meters before he could stop.

Tie Ta was astonished and unable to believe what he had experienced.

He was certain of his own strength.

Even an average martial artist at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm dared not face his attack head-on, but Su Mo defeated him with only one punch.

The spectators stand was in complete silence.

Tie Ta was likewise defeated by one punch.

Su Mo had similarly overwhelmed Tie Ta without any showy strikes.

"How powerful is this young man? How far can he go?"

The crowd all started speculating.

"Youre extremely strong indeed!"

At that point, another cold voice was heard. Su Mo turned around, only to find a tall and slender young man who looked stern walking toward him.


The young man moved like a wisp of smoke and disappeared.

In the next instant, the young man appeared in the fighting ring.

"Im Ye Wushang, let me have a try!" the young man said indifferently.

Su Mo squinted. He knew Ye Wushangs body movement was impressive, probably comparable with Ling Muchen.

"Gosh, its Ye Wushang!"

"Ye Wushangs here!"

"Haha, how can that young man continue his victory? Ye Wushang had even killed quite a few martial artists at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm before."

An uproar arose on the spectators stand.

Both Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue were wearing smiles.

Despite Su Mos mightiness, Ye Wushang was formidable as well!

It would be almost impossible for Su Mo to defeat Ye Wushang.

Qing Jue turned around only to see Luo Qianfan keeping his faint smile. She asked, "Do you think Su Mo can defeat Ye Wushang?"

Luo Qianfan chuckled and said softly, "Su Mos invincible among the same level."

Luo Qianfan was absolutely confident.

"Invincible among the same level?"

Qing Jue and Hong Tengyun were both dumbfounded by his words.

"Luo Qianfan said that Su Mo was invincible among the same level?"

"How could it be?"

There must be other men beyond him. How could he believe that Su Mo was invincible among the same level?

Qing Jue and Hong Tengyun laughed and treated what Luo Qianfan said as a joke.

At the fighting ring, a folding fan appeared in Ye Wushangs hand. All the fan blades were actually pieces of sharp knife blades.

Then, Ye Wushang sneered at Su Mo and said, "Take my strike!"

Su Mo replied indifferently, "Bring it on!"


In the next moment, Ye Wushang abruptly disappeared like a phantom.


A cold light suddenly flashed toward Su Mos neck, swift as a lightning.

Ye Wushangs stroke was so fast that even an average martial artist at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm would find it difficult to dodge.

But Su Mo was not an average martial artist.

Su Mo was much stronger than he had been in the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion previously.

He easily evaded Ye Wushangs attack.

After his first stroke failed, Ye Wushang disappeared again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the next instant, five figures of Ye Wushang simultaneously appeared and started to attack Su Mo.

Only one of them was the real him, and the rest were just shadows.

What Ye Wushang cultivated was named Smoke Phantom Steps, a cultivation method of Upper Lv 2. Ye Wushang had practiced it to the Great Completion Realm.

"Your body movements pretty good!"

Su Mo chuckled and added, "But I dont want to waste time on you, you should go down as well!"

With these words, Su Mo moved. This was his first time taking a step in the compet.i.tion.


Su Mo moved swiftly like a bolt of lightning, but a residual shadow stayed put. He was attacking one of Ye Wushangs figures.

Smoke Phantom Steps was pale in comparison with Su Mos body movement. Ye Wushang had nowhere to hide.


Fist shadows split the sky and ceaselessly shook the airflows around.


As expected, Ye Wushang followed suit, flying off of the fighting ring.

The spectators all kept silent.

Even Ye Wushang was easily defeated.

This young man was really invincible among the same level. It was unbelievable!

"How could your body movement be so outstanding as well!"

Ye Wushang grew startled and could not help crying out after falling off of the ring.

Su Mo glanced at him and said, "Even excellent body movements pale in comparison with absolute strength."

Afterwards, Su Mo looked away and quietly stood on the ring, waiting for others to challenge him.

Su Mos words did make sense.

Absolute strength was paramount. Of course, body movement could partly indicate ones strength, but only if one was strong enough, could it be fully displayed.

Su Mos body movement was excellent, but if the opponents were not so fast, he would not need to use it. What he relied on, was simply strength. Absolute strength.

Su Mo had won 44 rounds in a row after defeating Ye Wushang.

The Fighting Ring did not send anyone else to stop Su Mo.

The authority knew well how powerful Su Mo was. They had to wait for Su Mos 50-round winning streak before others could be sent to stop him.

As the compet.i.tion went on, one after another stepped on to challenge Su Mo. Although many knew well that they were no match for him, they just wanted to have a try with such a powerful foe.

The battles continued.

Before long, Su Mo had achieved a 50-round winning streak.

It was, without doubt, fairly easy for Su Mo to win 50 rounds in a row.


The spectators stand was bubbling up at that point.

"Overbearing! He made it! 50-round winning streak!"

"No one had won 50 rounds in a row for a year. I didnt expect to see this miracle!"

"Im looking forward to more exciting duels afterwards!"

The crowd burst into an uproar, even attracting many martial artists from other areas.

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