Warrior's Promise Chapter 176

Warrior's Promise Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Sky-sea Pavilion

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Luo Qianfan came down from the spectator stand with a smile on his face.

"Su Mo, youve won 50 rounds consecutively. We shall come back another day for the rest of the combats!"

Luo Qianfan came to the battle ring and called out to Su Mo.

"Oh? Are we not supposed to continue battling?" Su Mo asked.

Having heard this, Luo Qianfan smiled wryly and said, "No one can take this many battles in a row. 50-rounds is a division point. You can rest a while before continuing with the combat!"

Su Mo nodded and walked down from the battle ring.

He went to the administration counter at the fifth zone with Luo Qianfan.

"Kid, this is your reward for winning the 50 rounds!"

The Steward at the counter looked at Su Mo with a perplexed look and gave him a storage bag.

Su Mo opened the storage bag and saw that it was filled with nearly 7,000 pieces of Lower Spiritual Stones.


Although Su Mo had known that the rewards of the Four Seas Arena were fantastic, he could not help but gasp.

Over 6,000 pieces of Lower Spiritual Stones were equivalent to more than 10 million taels of gold!

Moreover, the Spiritual Stones were worth more than gold. Not only could one use the Stones for cultivation, but martial artists at higher levels also used them as currency.

Many have used the Stones for trading.

Su Mo was exhilarated.

This was easy money!

"This is for you!"

The Steward gave Su Mo a silver badge.

It was about the size of a palm and had the number 50 etched on it.

This was proof that Su Mo had won 50 rounds of combat.

"Within three days, you must go to the battle ring at the sixth zone to continue with the combat. If you miss it, the 50 rounds of combat youve won will be nullified, and you have to start all over again!" The Steward warned Su Mo.


Su Mo nodded.

He had to continue with the combat within three days.

If he did not do it within three days, he would have to start all over again.

However, even if he started over and won another 50 rounds, there would be no more rewards. Rewards were given only once.

After collecting the money that he had won for the bet on Hong Tengyun, he left Four Seas Arena with Luo Qianfan.

Many people looked at Su Mo with sparkling eyes.

Su Mo had won 50 rounds. His rewards were enticing!

However, with Luo Qianfan by his side, they dropped this idea.

Everyone in Imperial City knew the third young master of the Luo family.

In Imperial City, the Luo family was second to the Imperial family.

They held high positions in the Imperial Palace.

After Su Mo had left, news of his record spread to the other zones.

Soon, it spread to the entire Imperial City.

After a year, another expert had won 50 rounds of combat at Four Seas Arena.

Many of them were guessing on the number of rounds that Su Mo could win.

After the 50 rounds, Su Mo would have to fight those who were of a higher level than him. Could he possibly continue winning?

They were looking forward to the next round of combat.

Qing Jue and Hong Tengyun were still in the spectator stand.

They sat there with complex expressions.

"Miss Qing Jue, how many rounds of combat do you think Su Mo can win?" Hong Tengyun asked solemnly.

"No more than 70 rounds!" Qing Jue said flatly.

"You mean he can only win around 10 rounds in the higher level combat? But I think he hasnt displayed his true strength. Hes more powerful than we think!" Hong Tengyu said hesitantly.

Qing Jue sneered and said, "Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm is different from Lv 5. The auction at Sky-sea Pavilion will start tomorrow. There are many experts from the four sects in Imperial City. Some of the top 10 Outer Disciples are among them. Do you think Su Mo can defeat them?"

Upon hearing this, Hong Tengyun laughed. He said, "Thats right! Our Senior Brother Xiang Bo will be in Imperial City. Then hohoho!"

Su Mo and Luo Qianfan left Four Seas Arena and headed back to the Luo family abode.

"Su Mo, do you want to come along with me to Sky-sea Pavilion tomorrow?" Luo Qianfan asked Su Mo when they were in the courtyard of the guest room.

"What is Sky-sea Pavilion?" Su Mo asked.

"Sky-sea Pavilion is the largest trading firm in Skymoon Country. There will be an auction tomorrow!"

Luo Qianfan explained.


Su Mos eyes brightened upon hearing this. He had heard that many treasures could be found at auctions.

With his current wealth, he definitely would not want to miss it.

"We shall go together tomorrow!" Su Mo said.


After a while, Luo Qianfan left.

Su Mo went back to the room to cultivate his skills.

The following morning, Su Mo, Luo Qianfan, and Luo Huan set forth to Sky-sea Pavilion.

"Brother Su Mo, youre amazing! Youve won 50 rounds of combat! Its a pity I couldnt be at Four Seas Arena to watch the combat!" Luo Huan said grudgingly while they were on the way.

"Haha! Its only 50 rounds!"

Su Mo shook his head and said, "The best is yet to come!"

"Oh? Whats your target? How many rounds do you intend to win?" Luo Huan asked inquisitively, fanning her lashes seductively.

"Whatever! I shall fight till I am defeated!" Su Mo pondered for a bit and said.

"Hahaha! With your combat strength, its possible for you to win 100 rounds!" Luo Huan said with a charming smile.

They were soon at Sky-sea Pavilion.

The shop at Sky-sea Pavilion was like a palace. It occupied a radius of two to three miles and looked majestic.

An impressive golden signboard with the inscription "Sky-sea Pavilion" hung at the door.

There were many small stores in Sky-sea Pavilion. The merchandise was displayed according to its category and sold in the respective stores.

Every store was swarming with people.

Sky-sea Pavilion was much bigger than Purple Gold Hall in Gale Island.

"Is Sky-sea Pavilion influential? Its grander than Purple Gold Hall." Su Mo asked Luo Qianfan.

"Sky-sea Pavilion is run by foreigners. I heard that they have shops all over the world!" Luo Qianfan said.

"All over the world?"

Su Mo was surprised.

"Thats right. However, they only operate in cities with a population of more than ten million people. In Skymoon Country, you can only find their shop in Imperial City," Luo Qianfan replied.

After walking past the main hall, the three of them came to a small door.

"Each person has to pay 20 pieces of Lower Spiritual Stones to enter the auction hall!"

The two guards standing at the door said as the three people approached.

"20 pieces!"

Su Mo frowned. This auction hall was like a black market! It was more expensive than the entrance fee at Four Seas Arena!

Unwillingly, Su Mo paid and went into the auction hall with Luo Qianfan and his sister.

The auction hall was extremely grand. Even the walls were decorated with crystals. It was magnificent.

It was large enough to accommodate a thousand seats.

There were many private rooms on the second floor.

Luo Qianfan had booked a room opposite the central auction platform.

A maid led them to room 10.

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