Warrior's Promise Chapter 177

Warrior's Promise Chapter 177

Chapter 177: The Gathering of Heroes

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The private room in the Auction Room was not s.p.a.cious and its decorations were simple yet refined.

There were a few rosewood chairs and a table, all wrapped with hide.

Premium tea was served on the table.

The walls were decorated with landscape paintings.

On one wall of the private room was a huge transparent crystal. The occupants of the room could view the entire Auction Room through the crystal.

"Are there any treasures in this auction?" Su Mo asked.

"Therell definitely be treasures in the auction, but there wont be too many. The Sky-sea Pavilion auction at the start of the year is small in scale, targeting only martial artists of the Spiritual Martial Realm."

Luo Qianfan continued, "If its the mid-year auction, which is the biggest one, many experts of the True Spirit Realm from Skymoon Country will show up."

The auction had yet to begin, Su Mo and company chatted in the private room as they waited.

At another private room a distance away, there were four people.

There were three men and a woman, amongst them were Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue.

Among the other two people, one of them was a skinny young man with elongated eyes.

The other was a young man in a golden robe. The thick-brow man was about 19 years old with an intimidating look. Despite sitting in silence, he gave out an invisibly strong aura field.

"Junior Brother Hong, I didnt expect you to book a private room, this is great!"

The golden-robed young man said monotonously as he gently tapped the table with his fingers.

Hong Tengyun smiled and replied hurriedly, "This private rooms specially prepared for Senior Brother Xiang and Senior Bother Tong!"

"Good, youve done well!"

The golden-robed young man said and nodded with a look of compliment.

Shortly, Hong Tengyun said, "By the way, Senior Brother Xiang and Senior Brother Tong, have you heard about a person who won 50 consecutive matches at the Four Seas Fighting Ring yesterday?"

The golden-robed young man and the skinny young man were Xiang Bo and Tong Yu, they were respectively, in the first and fourth position among the Scorching Sun Sects Top 10 Outer Disciples.

"Weve heard about it, apparently its a young man!" Tong Yu said as they both nodded their heads.

Hong Tengyuns expression suddenly turned harsh, and he said angrily, "This persons too arrogant and c.o.c.ky!"

Xiang Bo and Tong Yu looked puzzled upon hearing him.

"Why? Has he offended you?" Tong Yu asked.

Hong Tengyun replied angrily, "I lost to him yesterday, but didnt expect him to be so arrogant to say that all our Scorching Sun Sect disciples are trash and not a match for him!"

Hong Tengyun sighed and continued, "Had I been stronger than him, Id not have let him off!"


Both Xiang Bo and Tong Yus faces turned black, and a chilling glare flashed across their eyes.

"Thats interesting, lets wait for him to continue fighting, Ill go and ruin his cultivation!" Xiang Bo sneered and said.

"Senior Brother Xiang, you dont have to do it. Hes merely a trash of Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, Id be enough to deal with him!" Tong Yu smiled and said.

Hong Tengyun was joyous, seeing that the two of them were enraged and willing to step in. He then said, "Since both Senior Brothers are willing to help, itll definitely succeed. That c.o.c.ky young man will regret his actions for the rest of his life!"


They all laughed simultaneously.

Qing Jue sitting at the side, smiled as well.

At this moment, three young men entered the Auction Room. When Xiang Bo looked through the crystal and saw the leading young man, who was tall and stern, he squinted his eyes.

"Yan Ba!"

Xiang Bo mumbled to himself with a serious expression.

They were three disciples of Gale Island, and that tall young man was Yan Ba, an Inner Disciple of Gale Island.

A year ago, Xiang Bo lost to him in a fight and was severely injured, it took Xiang Bo more than a month to recover.

Xiang Bo had not forgotten about the grudge against him.


Shortly, Xiang Bo sneered and looked away.

Yan Ba was an Inner Disciple of Gale Island, in addition to his powerful combat strength, his cultivation had reached the Peak Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm. Despite that a year had pa.s.sed, Xiang Bo was not fully confident in defeating him.

In the private room where Su Mo was, Su Mos face turned cold upon seeing the three people entering the Auction Room.

He did not recognize Yan Ba, but he knew the person beside himYan Qi.

Back then, had it not been for Yan Qi, Su Mo would not have engaged in a life and death duel with Shen Qingsheng.

If it were not for the duel with Shen Qingsheng, he would not have become an enemy of the Sky Alliance.

Yan Qi had been on Su Mos kill list from long ago.

After entering the Auction Room, Yan Qi and company quickly entered a private room as well.

"Senior Brother Yan Ba, Ive heard that therell be an incomplete copy of a post-archean Upper Lv 2 Saber Martial Arts Technique, I wonder if its true?" the other young man in grey asked.

The young man in grey was at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm as well, and he was obviously an Inner Disciple of Gale Island.

"Im precisely here for it. Im determined to obtain this martial arts technique!" Yan Ba said firmly in a powerful and dynamic tone.

Then, Yan Ba looked at Yan Qi who was beside him, and said, "Younger brother, whats going on with you? Why are you so moody?"

Yan Qi lost weight recently and was constantly in low spirits.

During this period of time, he was perturbed because of Su Mo!

He had always wanted to kill Su Mo. However, Su Mo had not only survived, but also improved tremendously in strength.

In the Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, Su Mo even wiped out the Sky Alliance, and killed Nangong Linjue, who was best in the outer gate!

All of this had terrified Yan Qi.

If it were not for his elder brother, who was an Inner Disciple, he would consider leaving Gale Island.

Su Mo was a devil who killed without mercy, Yan Qi was actually afraid that he would run into Su Mo and get killed.

In conclusion, only Su Mos death could relieve him.

"Elder brother, if theres a chance, you have to kill Su Mo!" Yan Qi replied to Yan Ba.

A chilling light flashed in Yan Bas eyes upon hearing this, and he said, "Su Mo has killed so many members of the Sky Alliance, he doesnt deserve to live. If theres an opportunity Id be the first to kill him!"

Yan Ba was in a state of unrest as well.

When Su Mo had just entered Gale Island, Yan Qi had already asked him to kill Su Mo.

However, Su Mo was too weak back then for Yan Ba to bother killing, and he told Yan Qi to deal with Su Mo by himself.

He had never expected Su Mo to have grown to become the best in the outer gate in less than a years time.

"Elder brother, if theres chance, you can ruin his cultivation before letting me deal with him!"

Yan Qi smirked and said, "Id let him enjoy the pain of torture!"


Yan Ba nodded his head.

In the private room where Su Mo was, he had no idea about the conversation between Yan Qi and companies.

There was still a while before the auction started, he could only wait peacefully with Luo Qianfan and Luo Huan.

While they were waiting, huge numbers of martial artists came to the Auction Room one after another.

Amongst them were experts of Lv 7, some even of Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm. Many of them were disciples from the four sects as well.

Su Mo even saw two familiar faces among them, including Fei Kuang and Ling Muchen, who came to the Auction Room as well.

An hour later, the auction finally began!

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