Warrior's Promise Chapter 178

Warrior's Promise Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Obstructing Su Mo

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At this moment, an elderly man in grey came from the rear of the Central Auction Room.

He looked around, clapped his hands, and everyone instantly quieted down.

"Everybody, first, welcome to Sky-sea Pavilion Auction Room. Im Wen Shan, the auctioneer of this auction. Now, lets start the auction," the old man said with a smile.

"You will see quite a lot of treasures in this auction. Dont lose this golden chance!

"So, lets not waste any time and bring up the first item."

Then, a beautiful lady walked on to the stage with a one-meter-long gold-rimmed wooden plate which displayed a gleaming long saber.

"The first thing is a saber of Medium Lv 2, which is called Snowcloud Saber. However, its sharpness is close to Upper Lv 2. Whats more, if the user has enough strength, it could even shatter a weapon of the same level.

"The initial bidding price is 20 Lower Spiritual Stones. Every new bid must be increased by no less than 5 Spiritual Stones."

After hearing this, many martial artists showed a strong interest in the saber.

This saber could actually reach the sharpness of Upper Lv 2, making it very rare.

People started to bid for the saber enthusiastically.

"25 Lower Spiritual Stones!"


"40! I must get it!"

Sitting in a private room, Su Mo watched the saber with disinterest.

Since he was a swordsman, a saber at this level was too low for him.

"90 Lower Spiritual Stones."

"d.a.m.n it, 150! Who dares to go higher?"

Finally, that harsh-featured man bid 150 Lower Spiritual Stones and got the saber.

"Auctioning is so lucrative!" Su Mo thought disapprovingly.

"Even 100 Lower Spiritual Stones could buy the best weapon at Medium Lv 2. Its stupid to spend 150 for a normal one."

Then the auction continued.

The second item was a palm-sized piece of parchment.

The auctioneer took it and said, "The second item is a map, which may lead to a treasure. However, obviously, its only a part of the map.

"Therefore, the initial bidding price is not high and just 30 Lower Spiritual Stones. Each new bid much be at least 10 Spiritual Stones higher."

As his voice faded, voices flooded the auction immediately.

"d.a.m.n it, who would want an incomplete map?"

"Exactly, how useless!"

"Even if its complete, who knows if there is a treasure or not, let alone an incomplete one!"

The whole auction was full with grumbling, and no one bid for it.

In the private room, when Su Mo saw that incomplete map, he was very excited, because he had a similar one in the storage ring.

It was one of the trophies he got in the Qingyuan Trial Test.

However, at that time, he did not care about it at all and just threw it into his storage ring casually.

Unexpectedly, the other half of the map just showed up in this Auction Room.

"40 Lower Spiritual Stones."

Su Mo bid for it decisively.

Upon hearing the bidding, everyone looked towards the sound.

However, the gla.s.s of the private room allowed the inside to look outside, but did not allow the outside to look inside.

However, anyone who knew Su Mo could recognize his voice.

"Su Mo?"

Ling Muchen and Fei Kuang, who sat in the back of the room, recognized Su Mos voice immediately.

Meanwhile, in a private room, Yan Qi got up suddenly when he heard the voice.

"What happened? Why are you so startled?"

Yan Ba reprimanded Yan Qi, surprised by his behavior.

"Thats Su Mo!" Yan Qi said excitedly.

"Su Mo? Where is he?"

Yan Ba was confused.

Yan Qi said anxiously, "The one who just bid is Su Mo."


On hearing this, Yan Ba was shocked and stood up quickly. A cold light flashed through his eyes. "What a coincidence!"

After some thought, Yan Ba sat back and said. "Nows not the time to attack. Lets wait until the end of the auction!"


Yan Qi nodded his head and sneered. "Though Su Mo is going to die, he should first pay some costs!"

Whats more, Hong Tengyun and Qing Jue, who were in the other private room, also recognized Su Mos voice.

Hong Tengyun sneered and said, "Senior Brother Xiang, Senior Brother Tong, that one who bid just now is Su Mo. He had a 50-match winning streak in the Four Seas Fighting Ring!"

"Oh, really?"

Tong Yu nodded and said seriously, "Dont worry! In the Four Seas Arena, he will pay for what he did to our Scorching Sun Sects disciples."

"Junior Brother Tong, hes just a small fry. You get him," Xiang Bo said arrogantly.


Tong Yu nodded his head.

As the top expertr in the Scorching Sun Sects outer gate, Xiang Bo did not think much of Su Mo.

If Su Mo was the same level as him, maybe he would pay him a little attention. However, Su Mo only had the cultivation of Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, which was too weak for him.

Tong Yu was enough to handle him.

After Su Mos bidding, the whole auction was temporarily quiet.

n.o.body went higher.

Su Mo was happy, because it implied that he could get this map at the lowest price.

Just then, an enigmatic voice suddenly said, "50 Lower Spiritual Stones!"

Upon hearing the voice, Su Mo suddenly frowned and thought, "Yan Qi!"


Su Mo cursed secretly, with a killing desire flashing in his eyes. It was obvious that Yan Qi was trying to obstruct him.


Su Mo had no choice but to increase his bidding.






Soon, the price soared to 140 Lower Spiritual Stones.

Everyone was shocked because they could not understand why this incompetent map deserved that price.

"Maybe it is actually linked to a huge treasure!"

Then, a few more people joined the bidding.




In an instant, the price was over 200 Lower Spiritual Stones.

"What a surprise!"

The auctioneer was happy because he thought the price of 100 Lower Spiritual Stones was pretty good. Now, it had already increased past 200!

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