Warrior's Promise Chapter 653

Warrior's Promise Chapter 653 - Secret of the Archean Martial Practice, Billion Demonic Sword

Chapter 653: Secret of the Archean Martial Practice, Billion Demonic Sword

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As Su Mo continued this discussion with Yin Tianchou, he realized that his knowledge was really too limited and he did not understand many things regarding cultivation, not even his own cultivation path!

Yin Tianchou mulled through Su Mos words and then said slowly, "It is said that the Firmament and Continents history is broken down into 4 parts, the archean times, the ancient times, the post-archean times and the modern times.

"The ancient times were known as the golden age of martial arts, followed by the post-archean times. These days, there has been a steady decline in martial arts. The archean times marked the beginning of martial arts."

"Back then, the Demons and Divine Beasts ruled the world while the Humans were slowly emerging as the next power. Martial arts back then were being constantly developed and improved upon, which led to different branches of cultivation."

Su Mo absorbed this information quietly. He had no prior knowledge of this.

"Those who cultivated the cultivation branch of the archean times were known as archean martial practice cultivators. Developing multiple spiritual spirals was also a branch of cultivation from this time period, but people discovered that cultivating multiple spiritual spirals just couldnt work, and so they gave up on this practice!"

"After many millennia of development and experimentation, toward the end of the archean times, Humans finally developed the cultivation branches of today. The ancient times marked the golden age of Humans and laid the foundation for todays cultivators."

"There are in fact many branches of archean martial practice and multiple spiritual spirals are just one of the many branches. It is considered a relatively stronger branch and based on my research, I read that there was once someone who cultivated 100 spiritual spirals in the archean times."

Yin Tianchou seemed amazed when he said this.

"A hundred spiritual spirals?" Su Mo was shocked to his core. He had found it extremely difficult to cultivate his nine spiritual spirals, yet someone had managed to cultivate a hundred!

"Yes, one hundred. People said that this person could easily kill opponents two whole realms above him!" Yin Tianchou said with a sigh, "This level of combat strength is so terrifying we cant even describe it!"

"What happened to this person?" Su Mo asked.

"He died! He was torn into pieces by G.o.ds Ordeal!" Yin Tianchou shook his head. "This archean martial practice may gift one extraordinary strength, but the G.o.ds do not permit it. People like him will not be allowed to continue!"

Su Mo was shocked all over again. He had heard of G.o.ds Ordeal once. It was said that as a martial artist advanced to the Martial King Realm, he would experience a G.o.ds Ordeal, which was also known as a Martial King Ordeal.

Su Mos heart sank at Yin Tianchous words. Was it really not possible to advance to the Martial King Realm with multiple Spiritual Spirals?

He would need to either speak to his Master or Wenren Tiandu about this in order to gain a better understanding of this once he finished this training.

"Su Mo, how many spiritual spirals have you cultivated?" Yin Tianchou asked curiously, his eyes bright.

"Nine!" Su Mo said truthfully.

"Nine?" Yin Tianchou was shocked. He had a.s.sumed that Su Mo had cultivated three, maybe four spiritual spirals, but he had not expected that Su Mo had cultivated even more spiritual spirals than Wenren Tiandu!

After a moments thought, Yin Tianchou warned, "Su Mo, if you treat me as your friend, please heed my advice and give up on eight spiritual spirals!"

"Give up?" Su Mo gave this matter some thought. This was indeed an idea. If he destroyed his eight spiritual spirals, he would be left with one and would be able to advance.

However, he had spent so much effort cultivating these nine spiritual spirals, how could he give up just like that!

Su Mo shook his head and said, "Ill take it one step at a time! If I am not able to advance to the Martial King Realm in the future, it would not be too late to get rid of them!"

Yin Tianchou sighed. "You are exactly like Wenren Tiandu. He too was unwilling to give up on his spiritual spirals, which is why he has been stuck for the past three years not being able to advance!"

Su Mo sighed inwardly. He was out of ideas at the moment, so he could only take things one step at a time.

He might even need to speak to Wenren Tiandu if the time came, to gain a better understanding of his situation. After all, they were both in the same boat, and Wenren Tiandu would definitely have a better understanding on this.

"Lets talk about something else!" Su Mo shook his head and cast aside all his jumbled thoughts. Since he was not able to figure this out now, he could only leave it for a later time.

"Alright, lets talk about something else!" Yin Tianchou smiled. He knew that Su Mo could not be persuaded now. If he hit a roadblock later on, he would naturally know when to give up.

They started talking about their individual martial arts experiences. Li Feng and Hong Qingxuan also chimed in with their thoughts.

Time flew by. They had been chatting for a few hours.

The conversation then moved toward the topic of the Talents Grand Gathering.

"Su Mo. You are definitely a strong contender in the upcoming Talents Grand Gathering. Youre bound to shock many people!" Yin Tianchou laughed.

"Ha Ha, no way! There is still a large gap between my strength and the top ranked talents," Su Mo said.

He was not being modest. He knew that there was still a large gap between the top 100 talents and himself, even after his cultivation had increased.

There was no way to bridge a large gap in cultivation. His combat strength might be incredibly strong, but the top-ranked talents were not weaklings either!

"Theres no need to be so modest. Within the younger generation of East Continent, you rank among the top 300 hundred in terms of strength. This is already incredible!"

"All the top-notch geniuses from across the East Continent are expected to gather at the upcoming Talents Grand Gathering. It is going to be a grand event!" Yin Tianchou continued.

"Indeed it is!" Su Mo nodded. His thoughts turned to the host of the upcoming Gathering, the Cold-blood Hall.

Su Mo did not have a shred of goodwill toward Cold-blood Hall. They had slaughtered and plundered many across Hong Domain and various other Domains.

They seemed to be lying low in Dark Domain for now, but Su Mo did not believe that they harbored no ambition toward Dark Domain.

Cold-blood Hall was just too strong at the moment and this was beyond him for the time being. His chief goal right now was to increase his strength and then head toward the Central Continent.

He sighed. Then he remembered the Devil Stele outside. "Brother Yin, where did the Devil Stele outside come from?" he asked.

Su Mo felt that there was something about the Devil Stele. The shadow he had seen within was just too terrifying!

"It was formed from the Devilish Qi of Devilish Land. The secret to the Demonic Sword is embedded within it. It is said that whoever grasps its meaning will be able to obtain the Billion Demonic Sword of the sword devil, Dugu Shang!" Yin Tianchou explained.

"Billion Demonic Sword? Is this a demonic sword crafted from the souls of a billion people?" Su Mo asked gravely.

"Thats right! No one has managed to truly grasp the Stele even after all these years!" Yin Tianchou nodded.

"Su Mo, youre amazingly talented, you must have a high comprehension ability as well. If youve got some time, you can try to understand the Stele. You might even find some clues within it," he said.

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