Warrior's Promise Chapter 730

Warrior's Promise Chapter 730 - Mentorship

Chapter 730: Mentorship

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"Thats great!" Su Mo smiled and nodded.

Then, he listed to Zhou Tai all the supplies he needed.

Su Mo did not need too many types of supplies, only around 200 kinds of materials to craft Lv 4 and 5 weapons.

He wanted to buy these supplies to help Liang Tong develop his craftsmanship, because an improvement for Liang Tong meant an improvement for all Firmament Sects craftsmen.

After the development of Craftsmanship Hall, it would be able to earn Spiritual Stones for Firmament Sect through craftsmanship.

After all, Su Mo alone could not provide enough resources for the large Firmament Sect, so he needed to make it self-sufficient.

This way, he would feel more confident in leaving it for Emperor Xuan Palace.

Then, Zhou Tai ordered someone to prepare the supplies for Su Mo.

All the materials that Su Mo was looking for were very common and abundant, so he was able to acquire them very easily.

He paid over 2 million Upper Spiritual Stones for them.

"Leader Zhou, I hope I can continue to buy materials from you and sell you my weapons in the future!" Su Mo said with a smile, clasping his fists at Zhou Tai.

"Haha, of course! As a masterful and revered honorary craftsman, you should feel free to do business with us!"

Zhou Tai waved his hand and continued in a deep voice, "In the future, you can go to Wei Yang for smaller transactions and speak with me directly for larger transactions."

Su Mo nodded. He pointed to Liang Tong and introduced him to Zhou Tai, saying, "Pavilion Leader Zhou, this is my disciple Liang Tong. Hell be coming here to do business with you in my place."


Zhou Tai glanced at the elderly Liang Tong in confusion. Why would Su Mo take him as a disciple?

However, Zhou Tai did not question this statement.

"Master Liang!" Zhou Tai said respectfully.

Liang Tong was still in shock from hearing Su Mo call him his disciple and could not stop his face from twitching.

He hurriedly returned Zhou Tais gesture.

Liang Tong was shocked to the core when he looked at Su Mo. He realized that he had underestimated this young Sect Leader, and that he was an extraordinary character.

"Pavilion Leader Zhou, I wont disturb you further!" Su Mo stood up and said.

"Ill walk you out!"

Zhou Tai also stood up and walked Su Mo out of the Craftsmanship Pavilions gate.

Su Mo waved farewell and left Sky-sea Pavilion with Liang Tong.

"That young man is truly a peerless genius!" Zhou Tai murmured to himself as he watched Su Mo leave.

After leaving Sky-sea Pavilion, Su Mo headed straight for Firmament Sects mansion.

"Sect Sect Leader, whats your craftsmanship level?" Liang Tong blurted out.

He could not contain his curiosity any longer.

Liang Tong was once a craftsman of Wuning Country and had never left South of Yan River in Hong Domain, so he had no idea what an honorary craftsman was!

However, he still knew that Su Mo was more talented than he was, although he could not tell what his level was.

Now, he dared not underestimate Su Mo anymore and held Su Mo at a much higher regard.

"Upper Lv 5, soon to be Lv 6!" Su Mo said briskly.

Liang Tong was shaken to the core, and his expression slacked in shock.

"Upper Lv 5? Soon to be Lv 6?"

Liang Tongs vision became fuzzy. He had spent over 50 years studying craftsmanship and thought himself to be extremely talented, but he was still only at Lower Lv 4.

Meanwhile, Su Mo managed to reach Upper Lv 5 before the age of 20!

Even if he started forging weapons in the womb, he could not possibly progress so quickly!

In this moment, Liang Tong felt extremely dejected.

He had always been very self-confident, but compared to Su Mo, he was no better than trash.

"Liang Tong, you must progress to Lv 5 in six months and try to reach Lv 6 in a year." Su Mo stopped walking and looked straight at Liang Tong.


Liang Tong stared agape at Su Mo.

Progress to Lv 5 in six months?

Reach Lv 6 in a year?

How could that be possible? Did Su Mo think that craftsmanship was a piece of cake?

Liang Tong was completely speechless. Su Mo was insane!

"Dont worry. With my guidance and your effort, anything is possible!" Su Mo said quietly.

As long as he pa.s.sed a small piece of his craftsmanship Legacy, with Liang Tongs st.u.r.dy foundation, reaching Lv 6 in a year was no problem.

Liang Tong was still skeptical. If his craftsmanship could increase greatly with some random guidance, then there would be countless high-level craftsmen in the world!

Soon, the two of them returned to the mansion.

This was Su Halls mansion. Su Hall had slightly fewer people than the other two, so it was located in the same mansion as the Craftsmanship Hall.

Su Mo sat down in the main seat of a side hall, and Liang Tong sat below him.

"Liang Tong, I dont have much time. I can only teach you some concepts for a day, and its up to you to decipher them!" Su Mo said deeply to Liang Tong.

"Thank you, Sect Leader!"

Liang Tong bowed to Su Mo. Although he did not believe that Su Mo could help him improve his craftsmanship tremendously, Su Mo was still a Lv 5 Craftsman with much valuable experience.


Su Mo nodded. Then, he sighed and said slowly, "The art of craftsmanship rests on the merging of natural elements, and it follows the Way of Heaven and Earth. For example, when forging a Medium Lv 4 weapon"

Su Mo explained in great detail his rules, experience, and formulas of craftsmanship.

Liang Tong was completely entranced in the vast sea of craftsmanship.

Time ticked by, and the night fell.

Su Mo spoke with Liang Tong for an entire day and night, pa.s.sing a large amount of knowledge onto him.

All he spoke about was ancient long-lost level 4 and 5 craftsmanship experience.

Liang Tong could become an Upper Lv 5 craftsman simply by comprehending half of these knowledge.

"Liang Tong, thats all for today!"

After a whole day of speaking, Su Mo was parched and exhausted.

"Thank you, Sect Leader!" Liang Tong was extremely excited.

Su Mos lecture had trumped dozens of years of self-study.

So many issues that troubled him were suddenly lifted away.

A lot of this new information conflicted with his old understanding, but they made a lot of sense.

Liang Tong was stunned. The depths of Su Mos craftsmanship far exceeded his expectations.

"Youre welcome. Its up to you to understand as much as you can!"

Su Mo waved his hand and handed a storage ring to him, filled with craftsmanship materials.

After pa.s.sing a large amount of information onto Liang Tong, Su Mo was preparing to leave for Emperor Xuan Palace.

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