Warrior's Promise Chapter 731

Warrior's Promise Chapter 731 - Marriage?

Chapter 731: Marriage?

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"Dont worry, Sect Leader. I wont let you down!" Liang Tong said confidently.

Su Mo lifted his chin slightly and said, "The materials required for all the craft formulas I just mentioned are in this storage ring. You can use them to practice!"

"Yes, Master!" responded Liang Tai with utmost reverence. He had been completely won over by Su Mo.

"Also, after youve made great improvements in your craftsmanship, you should also mentor the other craftsmen. Sell all the weapons the Craftsmanship Hall forges to Sky-sea Pavilion to sustain our Sects expenses."

"Yes, Master!" Liang Tong responded respectfully again.

Then, Su Mo gave a few parting words of advice on how to develop the Craftsmanship Hall in the future.

Afterward, Su Mo left the room to look for Su Hong and the other two Hall Chiefs. He would head out after increasing their cultivation.

However, the three Hall Chiefs were all currently cultivating in seclusion after receiving Su Mos King martial arts technique.

There was nothing Su Mo could do.

Then, Su Mo left Qingyuan City alone and flew south without saying goodbye.

Three days after his departure, a beauty arrived in Qingyuan City.

She was a woman in white with a beautiful figure and hair. Her face was obscured by a light veil.

However, despite the veil, one could still tell from the contours of her face that she was a peerless beauty.

After staying in Qingyuan City for only an hour, she left and flew south.

Emperor Xuan Palace was one of the dominant powers of Central Continent and even of the Firmament and Continent. It sat millions of kilometers away from Qingyuan City.

Su Mo flitted through the clouds at the highest speed toward Emperor Xuan Palace.

After travelling nonstop for 9 days, he neared the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range.

Su Mo stood on top of the clouds and expressionlessly gazed at the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range in the distance.

Countless gold- and copper-tiled palaces stood out among the peaks, surrounded by winding ivory paths. They were extravagantly breathtaking.

This was the main gate of Emperor Xuan Palace!

"Emperor Xuan Palace, here I come!" Su Mo murmured, with clenched fists and a twinkle in his eye.

After four long years, he was finally at Emperor Xuan Palace, and now he had to find a way to blend in.

Su Mo saw a giant city at the foot of the mountains. It was even vaster than Wuling City, where Sky-sea Pavilions East Continent main-branch resided.

Su Mo pondered for a while and flew towards this vast city.

It was called Emperor Spiritual City. Due to its proximity to Emperor Xuan Palace, it was swarming with nearly 100,000,000 people, many of whom were experts.

Su Mo walked along the bustling streets, racking his brains about how to get into Emperor Xuan Palace.

He needed an inside contact, so he had to think of a way to befriend an Emperor Xuan Palaces disciple.

Then, that disciple could bring him into Emperor Xuan Palace.

Taverns were usually swimming with people and information.

Emperor Xuan Palace disciples were very esteemed, so they would only frequent the most extravagant taverns.

Therefore, Su Mo decided to visit Emperor Spiritual Citys most lavish tavern.

In the great hall, Su Mo ordered a few dishes and a jug of wine, observing the patrons as he drank.

Business was booming, and the hall was crowded with chattering and laughing guests.

"Recently, many geniuses have emerged on the Central Continent. It seems the Firmament and Continent is reaching its peak!"

"Yes, I heard that another demonic genius appeared in the Beitangs. He defeated three Supreme Talents on the List of 10,000 Talents in a row! How amazing!"

"Thats actually not too impressive. The three people he beat were only ranked after 5000th on the List!"

"Out of the entire continents Supreme Talents, I only revere Emperor Xuan Palaces Holy Son, Shangguan Hao."

A few patrons at the neighboring table chatted enthusiastically over some wine.

Su Mos ears perked up at the mention of Shangguan Hao.

"Yes, as the Holy Son of Emperor Xuan Palace, he has really done his Palace proud. Hes already reached Peak Lv 9 Martial King Realm at the age of 22. What astonishing talent!"

"Actually, the Holy Maiden of Emperor Xuan Palace, Di Lanxi, is also extremely gifted. In only four years time, she has already reached the Martial King Realm!"

"Di Lanxi is naturally gifted to begin with, so with personal instruction from the Palace Master, its not surprising that she has improved this much!"

Su Mo was shaken to the core by this information.

"Shangguan Hao has already reached Peak Lv 9 Martial King Realm?"

"Xier has also reached the Martial King Realm?"

Not only was he shocked that Xiers cultivation speed was even faster than his, but he was also shocked by how high Shangguan Haos cultivation was.

It was understandable how Xier, who received much attention as the daughter of Di Shi, could reach a high cultivation.

However, Su Mos heart sank at the mention of Shangguan Haos cultivation. He was still much too weak to even compare with Shangguan Hao.

There were only 10 months left before the deadline of their 5-year agreement, which was not enough time to catch up.

Peak Lv 9 Martial King Realm!

Su Mo narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists. Despite his usual confidence, he was depressed by the huge difference.

Also, as the top genius, Shangguan Haos combat strength probably rivalled that of the Martial Royal Realm.

Meanwhile, Su Mo was only at Lv 5 True Darkness Realm.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by the neighboring conversation.

"I heard that Shangguan Hao is cultivating in seclusion to break into the Martial Royal Realm!"

"If Shangguan Hao successfully levels up, hell be the youngest martial artist to do it in Central Continent, and hell dominate the Firmament and Continent!"

"If he reaches the Martial Royal Realm, hell be able marry Di Lanxi, and Central Continent will flourish once again."

"Haha! Shangguan Hao and Di Lanxi are a gorgeous and talented match made in Heaven!"

Their conversations was tinted with respect and envy.

These men were all only True Darkness Realm martial artists, so they regarded Shangguan Hao and Di Lanxi as superior existences.

Nearby, Su Mos expression darkened.

"Marriage?" Su Mo narrowed his eyes and murmured quietly.

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