Warrior's Promise Chapter 773

Warrior's Promise Chapter 773 - Rescued Safely

Chapter 773: Rescued Safely

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A loud bang resounded. The explosion of the teal flame palm print and the black fist radiance caused a destructive air blast which swept in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The s.p.a.ce around them shattered and the earth below them collapsed incessantly, creating a huge pit with a radius of about 25 kilometers. It looked like the end of the world.

Leng Fan and Teal Fire King were enveloped by the destructive air blast and disappeared from Su Mos sight.

Su Mo worried whether Hong Qingxuan was alright in the destructive air blast.

However, he was relieved when he thought that she was under the protection of Leng Fan.

As the air blast dissipated after a while, Leng Fan, Hong Qingxuan, and Teal Fire King appeared again.

Leng Fan and Hong Qingxuan were safe and sound, while Teal Fire King was a mess.

Su Mo was relieved to see this and he was ready to order Master Cui to kill Leng Fan and get Hong Qingxuan back.

On second thought, he gave up the idea because he feared that Hong Qingxuan might get hurt during the rescue, or Leng Fan might threaten them with Hong Qingxuan if he was in a tight corner.

It would be better to act when there was a result between Leng Fan and Teal Fire King.

Teal Fire King was frustrated. He had been outmaneuvered by Leng Fan!

Nevertheless, he was unwilling to leave.

His cultivation had been stuck in the Martial King Realm for over 10 years and this bottleneck had been unbreakable for him until this Supreme Stove appeared.

If he could own this Stove and improve her cultivation into the Martial King Realm in three years, he then could cultivate with her through s.e.x and break through the bottleneck with the help of the Qi of Original Yin from this Pure Yin Body.

Besides, her Pure Yin Body could be considered as a long-term Stove for cultivation through s.e.x and he would gain immeasurable benefits.

"Teal Fire King, you shall die now!"

Leng Fan shouted coldly with fierce killing desire flashing in his eyes. He had known clearly his opponents real strength and it was not too difficult to kill him.

An air blast appeared with the swing of his arm and Hong Qingxuan was enveloped by it, flying backward.

Hong Qingxuan was taken to the ground 2,000 miles away by the air blast.

With Hong Qingxuan by his side, Leng Fan could not use his full power.

Therefore, he placed Hong Qingxuan on the ground. In that case, he could kill Teal Fire King in three moves.

"Die!" Leng Fan cried angrily and charged toward his opponent.

As he punched out with his fists, the fist radiance was like two roaring dragons. Its power was astounding.

Teal Fire King looked serious. When the fist radiance approached, he put his palms together and then slowly pulled them out in two opposite directions.

A huge teal mountain came into view. It was covered with burning flames and radiated heat in all directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fist radiance collided with the flame mountain, causing a loud bang with fierce air turbulence and countless small flames.

In the distance, Su Mos eyes lit up at once when he saw Leng Fan placing Hongqing Xuan on the ground.

That was a perfect opportunity!

He could rescue Hong Qingxuan without getting hurt while Leng Fan was fighting against Teal Fire King.

"Master Cui, lets go!"

Su Mo called Master Cui and rapidly flew toward Hong Qingxuan.

Standing on his Spiritual Sword, Su Mo rushed out at an incredible speed.

In a flash, Su Mo flew to Hong Qingxuans side and grabbed her arm.

"Qingxuan!" Su Mo said hurriedly.

However, Hong Qingxuan had no reaction. She just stood there, gazing blankly ahead.

Su Mo let out a sigh and stopped shouting. She had no consciousness because her consciousness ocean had been sealed.

As his Mind poured out, Hong Qingxuan was sent into Divine Map in an instant.

"Where is she?"

The vanishing of Hong Qingxuan astonished Master Cui.

"Master Cui, lets talk about this later!"

Su Mo turned to look at Leng Fan and Teal Fire King and said coldly, "Ive changed my mind now. Capture but dont kill them and then hand them over to me!"

It was unforgivable that they should scheme against Hong Qingxuan, so he decided to devour their cultivations.

"Sure, no problem!" Master Cui nodded at once.

Su Mo rapidly backed several thousands of miles away.

The moment Su Mo took Hong Qingxuan away, Leng Fan immediately stopped fighting against Teal Fire King.

"Whos there?"

"Youre tired of living!"

The two were enraged and rapidly chased after Su Mo.


At this moment, Master Cui soared up and stopped them.

"Didnt you notice me?"

Said Master Cui arrogantly. His Dark Force surged and his imposing manner spread around.

Leng Fan and Teal Fire King stopped and looked at Master Cui seriously.

Master Cuis shocking aura was enveloping the whole place.

"Lv 8 Martial King Realm?" Leng Fan and Teal Fire King both looked surprised and annoyed. The man in front was much stronger than them.

"You are the craftsman from Sky-sea Pavilion? " asked Leng Fan coldly. He recognized the suit on Master Cui.

"Yes, I am!" Master Cui did not deny it.

"You should know that Im from Netherworld Holy Sect. Dont you think you are too arrogant?" Leng Fan bellowed angrily.

The Sky-sea Pavilion was powerful, but compared to the Netherworld Holy Sect, it was not strong enough.

"Holy Sect? But I think Devil Sect is better!" Master Cui smiled disdainfully and said, "The Netherworld Devil Sect is nothing!"

Master Cui was afraid of offending the Netherworld Devil Sect, but upon thinking of the great benefits he would gain, he had no fear!

Moreover, as long as he killed the two, no one would know he was the murderer.

"You!" Leng Fan was furious but he did not dare to make moves. Fighting with a martial artist of Lv 8 Martial King Realm far exceeded his abilities.

"Im tired of talking with you!"

Master Cui sneered and conjured up two Dark Force palms, trying to catch Leng Fan and Teal Fire King.

"Oh no!"

Fearful of being captured, the two rapidly retreated and tried to flee from Master Cui.

"You still want to escape?" Master Cui mocked. The two men were now his treasure. As long as he could capture them, Su Mo would give him great benefits. How could he let them escape?


The Dark Force palm quickly turned into a big hand which even covered the sky and moved toward them viciously.

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