Warrior's Promise Chapter 774

Warrior's Promise Chapter 774 - Restored Consciousness

Chapter 774: Restored ConsciousnessTranslator: Transn Editor: Transn

The two palms full of Dark Force were enormous and covered the sun and sky. It loomed over the escaping Leng Fan and Teal Fire King and made a sudden grabbed.

Unsurprisingly, the two were caught in the hands immediately.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! "

"Let me go!"

Leng Fan and Teal Fire King yelled angrily. The Dark Force in their body surged as they struggled, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not shake off the big hands.

Even though Leng Fan was one of the Supreme Talent on the List of 10,000 Talents, he could not fight against the hand as the huge gap between their cultivations was insurmountable.

At the level of Martial King Realm, there was a major difference between every level of cultivation.

Leng Fan, as a Supreme Talent on List of 10,000 Talents could not be compared with Master Cui of Lv 8 Martial King Realm even though he possessed formidable combat strength similar to a martial artist of Lv 5 Martial King Realm.

In the distance, Su Mo nodded secretly when he saw this, smiling slightly.

Master Cui was indeed a Lv 8 Martial King Realm martial artist for he had captured Leng Fan and Teal Fire King quickly and effortlessly!

The Dark Force palms shrank rapidly after grabbing Leng Fan and Teal Fire King, and soon these two were pulled to Master Cuis side.

Seeing this, Su Mo flew towards Master Cui.

"Master Su, I have captured these two for you!" Master Cui looked at Su Mo with a smile.

Su Mo nodded and checked out Leng Fan and Teal Fire King.

"I beg for your mercy, Master!" Teal Fire King was terrified and begged Master Cui.

But Leng Fan didnt. Instead, he shouted loudly, "Let me go, or you are all going to die!"

Su Mo sneered coldly and asked Master Cui, "Can you seal their cultivation?"

"Of course!"

Master Cui smiled upon hearing that. Then, a part of the Dark Force on his palm broke out and drilled into the two bodies, forming a seal on their elixir fields.

Master Cui, being an Upper King Craftsman, knew a lot of methods of sealing. Furthermore, he possessed higher cultivation, so it was easy to seal the twos cultivations.

" What do you want to do? "

"Gentlemen, I didnt offend you. I, Teal Fire, am willing to offer 2 billion Upper Spiritual Stones. Please let me go!"

As his cultivation was sealed, Leng Fans expression changed completely and he also grew frightened.

Without his cultivation, he would be at the mercy of everyone else!

And Teal Fire King was willing to offer 2 billion Spiritual Stones for his liberty.

Su Mo sneered upon hearing that. The two had bad intentions towards Hong Qingxuan, so how could he let them off easily?

Then, Su Mo told Master Cui to release the two and took them into the Divine Map with a wave of his arm.

"What is this?" Master Cui was surprised and looked at Su Mo disbelievingly.

The vanishing of Hong Qingxuan had astonished Master Cui, and now, the sudden disappearance of Leng Fan and Teal Fire King puzzled Master Cui even further.

Does Su Mo possess a spatial treasure?

Master Cuis eyes lit up as he started to think.

Seeing the strange look on Master Cuis face, Su Mo hesitated a little and then said, "Master Cui, this is a gift from Elder Hu. Are you having some sneaky idea?"

"Deputy Hall Chief!"

Master Cui was stunned and then laughed embarra.s.sedly, "Master Su, you are overthinking. I was just curious what it was!"

"Ok!" Su Mo nodded slightly. He was also worried about what Master Cui would do, which was why he brought up Elder Hu.

"Come, lets go back!" Then, Su Mo returned with Master Cui.

Soon, the two returned to Heaven-sea City, the headquarters of Sky-sea Pavilion.

" Master Cui, you can review the craftsmanship knowledge I taught you before!"

In the Craftsmanship Hall, Su Mo said to Master Cui, "When you have fully comprehended it, I will teach you some deeper craftsmanship knowledge."

"Yes. Thank you so much, Master Su!" Master Cui saluted to Su Mo respectfully.

Although he couldnt wait to have the knowledge, but he still resisted the impulse in his heart.

Su Mo would be in the Craftsmanship Hall anyway, so there would be plenty of time later. Moreover, the knowledge on craftsmanship from previous lessons was sophisticated enough, and he needed time to digest it.

Then Su Mo said goodbye to Master Cui and went straight back to his room.

Su Mo didnt waste more time after returning to his room but entered into Divine Map directly.

In the Divine Map, Hong Qingxuan stood quietly in the courtyard as if she were petrified.

As for Leng Fan and Teal Fire King, they were thrown into the river in front of the courtyard as soon as they entered the Divine Map s.p.a.ce.

Everything in the Divine Map s.p.a.ce was controlled by Su Mo. It would be hard for the two to get out of the river especially when their cultivations were sealed.

"Qingxuan!" Su Mo came next to Hong Qingxuan and looked at her deeply. Then he tried to break the seal for her.

Su Mo was planning to break the seal from her consciousness ocean. In this way, her consciousness would be restored first.

The consciousness ocean was the humans mind and was thus very fragile. The intrusion of a foreign Dark Force would be very harmful, so the seal must be broken by spiritual consciousness.

Su Mo released his spiritual consciousness and slowly got into the consciousness ocean of Hong Qingxuan and soon found the seal.

The seal was also made up of consciousness power, covering up the whole consciousness ocean like a web.

Seeing this, Su Mos spiritual consciousness transformed into a dagger and slowly cut the seal.

Fearing it would harm Hong Qingxuan, Su Mo was extremely cautious.

The seal was not powerful and broke slowly under Su Mos attack. After about 15 minutes, the whole seal was obliterated and vanished into nothingness.

Then, his spiritual consciousness retreated immediately from Hong Qingxuans consciousness ocean.

Hong Qingxuans eyes slowly regained its spark right after the seal on the consciousness ocean was broken.

Hong Qingxuans consciousness was restored in the blink of an eye!

After her consciousness was restored, Hong Qingxuans mind felt a little blank, she had not regained her wits completely.

"Qingxuan! Its me!" Su Mo stood next to Hong Qingxuan, held her shoulders, and shook her body lightly."Brother Su Mo!"

Recognizing that it was Su Mo that was in front of her, she immediately let out a cry.

Then, Hong Qingxuan regained her wits completely. She looked around and asked in amazement, "Why am I in your Divine Map?"

Seeing this, Su Moheaved a sigh of relief. It was great that her consciousness was restored!

"I brought you in!"

Su Mo said with a low voice and then asked, "How is that you were auctioned off by the Yin-yang Palace?"

"Auction?" Hong Qingxuan was confused as she didnt remember that she was being auctioned off.

She and her master had been hunted by Zuoqiu Ting when they fled the scene of the Talents Grand Gathering.

Then, she and her master hid in the Barbaric Mountains.

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