Warrior's Promise Chapter 775

Warrior's Promise Chapter 775 - Deep Thought

Chapter 775: Deep Thought

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Hong Qingxuan started to think back. When they were in the Barbaric Mountains, her Master had fought with Zuoqiu Ting and held him back so that she could escape.

She knew that she could be of little help and would be a burden to the Master, so she had fled without hesitation.

Luckily Zuoqiu Ting did not stop her and she managed to flee to the Central Continent.

She was fortunate that all the demonic beasts in the most dangerous part of Barbaric Mountains had gone on a pilgrimage. She went through the most dangerous parts of the Barbaric Mountains safely.

She had not encountered any powerful demonic beasts in the Barbaric Mountains and managed to reach the periphery of the Central Continent near the Barbaric Mountains in over more two weeks.

It was then when she ran into a group of people from Yin-yang Palace, several of whom were actually Martial King Realm experts.

Then, she was captured by the those from the Yin-yang Palace and brought to Yin-yang Palace.

She had not been bullied at all there. Instead, they took care of her.

Aside from being banned from leaving the Yin-yang Palace, they provided a lot of precious cultivation resources to her to upgrade her cultivation.

Therefore, her cultivation was elevated to Lv 6 True Darkness Realm within a short time.

Later, the people from the Yin-yang Palace suddenly attacked her, and then she lost consciousness.

"Qingxuan, what happened?" Su Mo asked confusedly upon seeing Hong Qingxuans reticence.

"Brother Su, here is what happened!"

Then Hong Qingxuan told Su Mo her experience in detail.

"I see!" Su Mo understood now after hearing Hong Qingxuans story.

The Yin-yang Palace wanted to elevate Hong Qingxuans cultivation state because they wanted to use her to help the young Palace Master of Yin-yang Palace to cultivate-through-s.e.x when she reached a certain level of cultivation.

However, the young Palace Master of Yin-yang Palaces levels of cultivation were too high, so Hong Qingxuan would have to reach the middle level of the Martial King Realm to achieve a good result.

In this case, they would have to devote a large number of resources and time into Hong Qingxuans cultivation.

So, in the end, the Yin-yang Palace decided to sell Hong Qingxuan through an auction.

It was a blessing in disguise for Hong Qingxuan, who had not only avoided tragedy but gained two levels of cultivation instead.

"Brother Su, you mentioned the auction just now. Did Yin-yang Palace auctioned me off?" Hong Qingxuans big and watery eyes were full of questions.

"Thats right!" Su Mo nodded.

"So it was you who bought me back!" Hong Qingxuan suddenly understood and felt moved.

"Not really!" Su Mo shook his head and said, "Someone else bought you, but I s.n.a.t.c.hed you back."

"So thats what happened!" Hong Qingxuan nodded slightly felt even more touched. Although Su Mo didnt describe how he s.n.a.t.c.hed her back, he must have taken some risks to do so.

Su Mo took the risk to bring her back, and this friendship touched Hong Qingxuans heart.

"Qingxuan, you are safe now. You can stay here, and we will leave together after a period of time!" Su Mo said with a deep voice.

Hong Qingxuan nodded, but she looked upset. Her delicate face was full of worries.

"Qingxuan, whats the matter?" Su Mo was confused. Why was she unhappy even though she was safe?

"Brother Su Mo, I am out of danger, but I dont know what happened to my master." Hong Qingxuan sighed and said worriedly.

Hong Qingxuan was worried about the safety of Master Qian Xunyue. Zuoqiu Ting was stronger than her Master, or else they wouldnt have had to flee into the Barbaric Mountains.

Although Zuoqiu Ting had always loved her master and might not kill her, nothing was certain.

It would be terrible if her master was captured by Zuoqiu Ting!

Su Mo was shocked at first, but soon he realized she was just worried about Qian Xunyue.

"Qingxuan, you can rest a.s.sured! Your master is fine. She has escaped!" Su Mo said in a deep voice.

"Oh really?" Hong Qingxuan was delighted and asked hurriedly.

"Yes, I was in the Barbaric Mountains as well, and I saw her escaping from Zuoqiu Ting!" Su Mo nodded and answered firmly.

He didnt tell her the truth as he could not utter that. He couldnt possibly tell her that he had slept with her master!

If he told her the truth, their friendship would be over.

There would be no way for them to continue being friends, much less making Hong Qingxuan the descendant of Evergreen Palace.

Su Mo felt his head throbbing lightly. If Hong Qingxuan ever finds out what had happened, how could they get along with each other?

Whats more, how would he face Qian Xunyue if he runs into her again in the future.

He was stressed. He didnt think that she would be with him willingly once he slept with her.

Moreover, itd be even more troublesome if Xier finds out about it in the future.

Qian Xunyue didnt know it was me, did she?

Su Mo thought to himself.

"Then thats good!" Hong Qingxuan heaved a sigh of relief and a smile appeared on her beautiful face. She could rest a.s.sured as long as her master was fine!

"By the way, brother Su Mo, whats with your Master?" But Hong Qingxuan trailed off as if she had thought of something.

Su Mo sighed inwardly when he saw this as he understood what she was trying to ask.

"Qingxuan, I actually didnt know Huangfu Qing was in the same organization with Cold-blood Hall!"

Su Mo then shook his head and continued, "I wouldnt be his disciple if I knew this."

Then Su Mo explained to Hong Qingxuan briefly how he had got out.

"Thats what happened. Qingxuan, will you believe me?" Su Mo asked in a deep voice.

"Brother Su you think too much!" Hong Qingxuan laughed lightly, "I knew you very well, so of course I believe you!"

Of course, Hong Qingxuan trusted Su Mo. Because firstly, she was the one who had brought Su Mo out of Hong Domain, and secondly, they have been hanging out together for a long while and she knew Su Mo was a good person.

"Then thats great!" Su Mo smiled. He had explained because he was afraid that she might misunderstand.

Because rationally speaking, if the master was a man of Netherworld Devil Sect, the disciple would also be seen as a member of the sect.

Su Mo grew solemn as he mentioned Huangfu Qing,

Li Feng was missing. He didnt even know where to find him!

Also, those Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters including Tian Chen should now be controlled by Huangfu Qing.

Thinking of those senior brothers and sisters, Su Mo then thought of Second Senior Sister An Nuan.

He couldnt help but become immersed in his thoughts. Second Senior Sister had came to the Central Continent before him, and this had seemed very normal in the past.

But after Su Mo knew about Huangfu Qings ident.i.ty, he couldnt help thinking- how could Huangfu Qing allow Second Senior Sister to come to the Central Continent so easily?

This was obviously impossible!

Could it be that Second Senior Sister already knew of Huangfu Qings ident.i.ty? Was she using this excuse to escape from the East Continent?

Or was she already controlled by Huangfu Qing?

Or she was already a member of the Netherworld Devil Sect? Was she actually going to the Netherworld Devil Sect in the Central Continent?

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