Warrior's Promise Chapter 778

Warrior's Promise Chapter 778 - The Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique

Chapter 778: The Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique

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Elder Hu smiled and said, "Dont worry. I already have three supervisors reporting to me, so you will not need to oversee the operations. Its just a t.i.tle indicating your seniority."

Su Mo nodded. It would not be too bad to be a supervisor in name only, holding the t.i.tle without having to do any actual work.

"Thank you, Elder Hu." Su Mo saluted.

"Ha ha! Youre welcome!" Elder Hu said with a hearty laugh. As far as he was concerned, this was just an empty t.i.tle that could earn him Su Mos goodwill.

He handed Su Mo a badge and token and said, "This badge and token indicates your rank as Supervisor. They give you full access to any Sky-sea Pavilion branch in the entire Firmament and Continent."

Su Mo solemnly tucked the items away. They would come in handy when he travels across the entire Firmament and Continent in the future.

He would be able to easily obtain whatever he wanted in any place that was under the Sky-sea Pavilion branch. This would ensure the steady growth of Firmament Sect.

"Elder Hu, I have a favor to ask of you," said Su Mo after he pocketed the badge and token.

"Go ahead. Ill do my best to fulfil your request!" said Elder Hu.

Su Mo carefully weighed his words before he said, "Elder Hu, Ive been searching for a Royal-level cultivation skill. Now that Im an official member of the Pavilion, I wonder if I could obtain one here?"

Su Mo uneasily wondered if his request was too much given that he had just joined the Sky-sea Pavilion.

However, he really wanted a Royal-level cultivation skill, so he would rather take the risk.

"A Royal-level cultivation skill?" repeated Elder Hu with some surprise. He sized Su Mo up in silence.

"Never mind, Elder Hu. I wouldnt want to impose," said Su Mo quickly when he clocked Elder Hus silence as he tried to diffuse the awkward situation.

After a while, Elder Hu shook his head and said, "Royal-level cultivation skills are highly treasured by every power. There is no way for the Pavilion to grant you one since youve just joined us."

Su Mo sighed to himself. It was much more difficult than he antic.i.p.ated to acquire a Royal-level martial arts technique.

Elder Hu suddenly added, "However, I can give you one in my personal capacity."

As both a Royal Medium craftsman and an expert of Martial Royal Realm, he naturally possessed a few Royal cultivation skills, so giving out one of them was not a big deal.

If he could win Su Mo over with one Royal-level martial arts technique, it would actually be a bargain.

"Really?" cried Su Mo, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Of course!"

Elder Hu smiled, and a white jade slip appeared in his hand with a flash of light.

"Here is a Lower Royal-level cultivation skill for you!" he said as he tossed a jade slip to Su Mo.

Su Mo took it and started to excitedly look through it.

He imprinted the contents of that jade slip into his mind.

"Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique, Lv 7 Lower cultivation skill of fire property, masculine"

Su Mo took a deep breath after he read through its contents. It made sense that given Elder Hu would give him a skill of fire property, for he was a craftsman.

Although what he really wanted was a water property martial arts technique, this was already a precious gift.

"Thank you very much, Elder Hu," said Su Mo as he rose to his feet and bowed respectfully to Elder Hu.

"Youre welcome, Su Mo. Go ahead and cultivate this, but do feel free to consult me if you come across anything you dont understand," said Elder Hu with a warm smile.

Su Mo then excused himself and left.

"Go ahead! Well talk about craftsmanship some other time!" Elder Hu said with a nod.

Su Mo went straight back to his quarters.

After Su Mos departure Elder Hu made the arrangements to announce Su Mos appointment to the entire Craftsmanship Hall.

The entre hall burst into an uproar as every craftsman tried to find out more about Su Mo.

In the Craftsmanship Hall, the hall chief was rarely seen, so Deputy Hall Chief Hu usually oversaw the day to day operations of the hall.

He had three supervisors reporting to him, all of whom were Lower Royal craftsmen.

Everyone thought it was ridiculous that an unknown craftsman had been appointed as their supervisor.

Was he a Royal-level craftsman that just joined the Hall?

Almost all of the craftsmen in the Hall were curiously trying to find out more about Su Mo, but no one other than Elder Hu and Master Cui had heard of him.

Oblivious to what was happening outside, Su Mo sat quietly in his room and studied the Royal-level cultivation skill in his hands.

He was contemplating whether he should cultivate this technique.

He had trained the skills of five properties. To date, he had managed to merge metal with earth and wood with fire.

However, if he cultivated this Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique, his fire property would become too strong to merge with wood. This would then cause a significant drop in his strength.

What Su Mo most wanted to cultivate was a water property martial arts technique, so he could not decide whether he should cultivate this technique.

He finally made up his mind to cultivate it.

By replacing his current King-level martial arts technique with the new Royal-level one, he would no longer be able to merge his fire and wood properties together, but this would also significantly boost his strength.

Ultimately, this would minimize the impact to his strength caused by the inability to merge those two properties together.

Meanwhile, he would stay at Sky-sea Pavilion for now. If he could quickly master this Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique, he could still merge both fire and wood properties in the future.

Despite the fact that his fire property strength might be stronger than the strength of his wood property, now that Hong Qingxuan was here, he could always seek her a.s.sistance to increase the strength of his wood property. He would then attempt to find their equilibrium.

He then put away the jade slip and closed his eyes.

He carefully recalled every step of the technique before he started cultivating it.

His fire property Dark Force surged, and he started to exert them according to the ways of the Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique. Wisps of fire Spiritual Qi from every corner started to swarm toward Su Mo, causing the temperature in the room to rise rapidly.

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