Warrior's Promise Chapter 779

Warrior's Promise Chapter 779 - Qingxuans Help

Chapter 779: Qingxuans Help

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In the following days, Su Mo did nothing but cultivate the Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique.

The technique consisted of nine levels, every one of which would strengthen his fire Dark Force by a little.

Su Mo managed to reach the first level three days later, and without a break, he set out on cultivating the second level.

That took him a little longer. By the time he fully mastered the second level, ten days had pa.s.sed.

The rush of fire from his Spiritual Qi had scorched and melted everything in the room.

Su Mo was not in a practice room with a special protective formation that could withstand the power of a Royal cultivation skill.

He was sitting naked in the middle of the fire of Spiritual Qi because his garment had already been reduced to ashes.

A moment later, he slowly opened his eyes.

A wry smile spread across Su Mos face when he noticed that all of his clothes were gone. He immediately went to put on a blue robe.

"Ive finally hit the second level," he murmured, impressed by the mightiness of the new Royal technique. He had already felt stronger than when he cultivated the old Sky-burning Fire Skill.

He now had two choices: to continue practising the technique or to start blending wood and fire.

If his wood property was weaker, it would be better to work on it until his wood and fire properties were of equal strength.

Su Mo pondered over it for a moment before deciding to go ahead with the second choice because he could not afford to spend another month cultivating the third level.

In fact, there were several ways for him to become stronger, such as advancing his realm, the level of his cultivation skill or blending the Dark Force of different elements, but he did not have much choice at the moment because it was going to take time no matter which method he chose to use, and time was the element he lacked.

Thus, he had given up on advancing his realm first because it was too time-consuming.

As his Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill had blended five cultivation skills together, it would take him months before he brought all five skills to the next level.

He did not choose to blend the Dark Forces of the five elements either because it became much harder for him to accomplish any other blend after he managed to blend earth with metal and wood with fire. In fact, it was utterly impossible to blend water with the combination of earth and metal or that of wood and fire.

Su Mo had tried to do so once, but he had failed.

In his opinion, it was his lack of control and his special cultivation skills of different levels that made it difficult to strike a balance. But on the other hand, to improve his control, he also needed to upgrade his realm.

Meanwhile, he also decided not to upgrade his skill to a higher level, even though he might comeacross a Medium Royal cultivation skill one day.

He had to ensure all five elemental cultivation skills were at the same level the Lower Royal Level, and fully blend them together before turning them into an earth-shattering Chaotic Force.

A moment later, Su Mo raised his hands, from which two lights of Dark Force, green and red, shot out. He began to try blending wood and fire.


As he had expected, when the two lights met in the air and were about to fuse together, the green light dissipated.

"My wood power was much weaker," said Su Mo to himself in surprise. It was not long ago when he practised the King Scorched-trees Divine Skill for his wood element and successfully reached the third level.

He had not expected the third level of the Scorched-trees Divine Skill to be so much weaker than the second level of the Heavenly Dark-Flame Technique.

Upon further thought on the matter, Su Mo decided to ask Hong Qingxuan for help.

Otherwise, it would take him months to enhance his wood Dark Force until it was strong enough to match the fire Dark Force.

Su Mo willed himself into the Divine Maps s.p.a.ce and stood in the yard.

"Brother Su Mo, how are you?" greeted Hong Qingxuan, walking out of the house.

She wore a snow-white dress which complemented her figure, looking as pretty as ever.

"Im good. How about you?" asked Su Mo cheerily.

"Couldnt be better. Its a lovely place with beautiful mountains and waters," said Hong Qingxuan, smiling.

"Im glad you feel comfortable here," said Su Mo. "Ill leave the Heaven-sea City a few days later. By then you can leave here."

"I see." Hong Qingxuan nodded.

Su Mo then said seriously, "Qingxuan, I need your help."

"Whats it?" she asked, confused.

"I need your wood Dark Force to aid in my cultivation," said Su Mo solemnly, gazing at Hong Qingxuan.

"Thats easy. Of course, you can rely on me. Ill do whatever I can," promised Hong Qingxuan with an a.s.suring smile.

"Good. Thank you," said Su Mo, beaming at her. He knew that she would be willing to help.

They turned to entered the house.

Inside, they sat facing each other and connected their hands in the air. Hong Qingxuan injected her pure wood Dark Force into Su Mos body.

Su Mo instantly exerted Scorched-trees Divine Skill to transform her Dark Force into his.

As time went by, Su Mo felt his wood skill improving quickly and his wood Dark Force soaring.

Four hours later, Su Mo asked her to stop when his wood Dark Force was almost as strong as his fire Dark Force.

"Brother Su Mo, I still have some Dark Force left. Do you want some more?" asked Hong Qingxuan.

"No, I have enough now. Thank you," said Su Mo delightedly.

He could not believe that his skill could grow so much in such a short period of time with Hong Qingxuans help.

It should have taken him at least two weeks!

Shocked by what a great help Hong Qingquan could be, Su Mo was determined to find the rest descendants of nine palaces as soon as possible, especially those of the five elements.

Once he had the five descendants on his side, he would be able to enhance his skills of five elements to the highest level. By then, his overall strength would spike.

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