Warrior's Promise Chapter 780

Warrior's Promise Chapter 780 - Su Mos Plan

Chapter 780: Su Mos Plan

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Su Mo almost forgot to find the descendants of the nine palaces. He did not expect that the descendant could help him this much.

This urged him to find the descendants as soon as possible.

"Brother Su Mo, theres no need to thank me!"

Hong Qingxuan shook her head and said sincerely, "I should thank you! I cant imagine what would have happened to me if you didnt come to save me."

She was so grateful for Su Mo. She was sure that without him, she would have come to a miserable end.

"Haha! Dont show me such courtesy!"

Su Mo then waved out quite a few elixirs and Spiritual Herbs.

He said, "Qingxuan, take these and cultivate here. Ill take you out after a couple of days."

"Okay!" She nodded as she gathered them up.

Su Mo talked to her for a moment before he left the Divine Map and reappeared in his room.

He immediately started trying to combine the elements. As long as his wood and fire elements could be combined, his strength would surge again.

He was quite confident in combining the wood and fire elements because he had done this successfully before.

Su Mo separately gathered the Dark Force wood and fire elements onto his two fingers, and started to combine them.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Sometimes the fire element collapsed, and sometimes, the wood one. The worst efforts resulted in both Dark Forces collapsing.

However, this indicated that the power in the wood and fire elements was quite balanced.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

After having tried hundreds of times, something happened.

The amount of time that the two elements were stably combined started to increase.

Two seconds!

Four seconds!

16 seconds!

18 seconds!

30 seconds!

32 seconds!

Su Mo kept making attempts. For the time being, he could maintain the stability for about 40 seconds.


He did not stop trying until he could maintain the stable combination of the two Dark Force elements for 60 seconds.

60 seconds would be enough time to finish a fight now. Back then in the East Continent, he only needed 24 seconds tops to finish a fight.

If he could not finish a fight in 24 seconds, he would break down the combination and then recombine them quickly.

Now, he was comfortable with a duration of 60 seconds.

Later on, Su Mo tried to combine them inside his body, and it went well.

Su Mo clenched his fists and smiled as he sensed the explosive energy within his body.

His strength surged without needing to increase his cultivation.

He now could defeat the Su Mo from half a month ago in just a single move.

After taking a deep breath, he started to think about what to do next.

First of all, he had to keep improving his cultivation.

And second, he had to find the two materials. He still had no clue about Divine Jade, but he could go to the Mist Mountains to find Blood-striped seed.

Time was short.

As for combining the other elements or looking for the descendants of the nine palaces, all that could wait.

He decided to leave Heaven-sea City after reaching Lv 8 True Darkness Realm.

However, he was not leaving for the Mist Mountains but the Firmament Palace!

Although he had not reached the Martial King Realm, his strength had, so he was completely qualified to go back.

As the dominator of the Firmament and continent in ancient times, they might have preserved the two materials.

And if they did not have them, he would have to go to the Mist Mountains.

After clearing his thoughts, he started to cultivate.

"Thud! Thud! Thud!"

He suddenly heard someone knocking on the door, and when he released his spiritual consciousness, he saw that it was Deputy Hall Chief Hu!

Su Mo immediately got up and opened the door.

"Elder Hu!"

"Haha! Su Mo, Im here to listen to your craftsmanship knowledge!" Elder Hu said with a beaming face.

Although he had not completely digested the knowledge that Su Mo taught him before, he could not wait for something new.

He could only rest at ease after he got all of Su Mos knowledge.

"Yeah, sure!"

Su Mo nodded with a smile and said, "Come in, please!"

Su Mo thought it was okay to teach him because his mind abounded with craftsmanship knowledge like a sea.

Moreover, Elder Hu had really helped him a lot.

"Lets go to my place!"

He waved his hand and said, "My place is quiet and n.o.body will bother us!"

"Alright!" Su Mo nodded and followed him.

At this moment, Master Cui walked out of his room and bowed to both of them.

"Greetings, Deputy Hall Chief! Supervisor Su!" He looked extremely respectful.

He was shocked when Deputy Hall Chief Hu appointed Su Mo to be the Craftsmanship Hall Supervisor. He was well aware of its position in the Sky-sea Pavilion.

The supervisor was his boss.

Now, he really had to hold tight onto Su Mo.

"Master Cui, you can come with us!"

Su Mo had promised that he would teach Master Cui craftsmanship knowledge. So since he showed up, Su Mo could teach both of them at once to save some time!

"Great!" Master Cui was overjoyed because he knew that Su Mo was about to teach him craftsmanship knowledge.

"Uh!" Elder Hu frowned slightly upon hearing this. How could he share such profound knowledge with Lil Cui!

"Elder Hu, were all good friends. Just let him come along!" Su Mo immediately explained.

Because Su Mo asked, Deputy Hall Chief Hu could not help nodding his head.

"Thank you so much, Supervisor Su!" Master Cui quickly expressed his grat.i.tude to Su Mo.

Then, the three of them walked to Elder Hus residence.

Many craftsmen sized Su Mo up carefully when they walked into the Craftsmanship Hall.

Everyone knew that this youth was the newly appointed supervisor.

n.o.body felt good to see such a young man become a supervisor.

None of them believed that someone should be a Royal craftsman at that age!

They could do nothing but envy Su Mo.

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