Warrior's Promise Chapter 902

Warrior's Promise Chapter 902 - A New Firmament Sect

Chapter 902: A New Firmament Sect

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A man with white hair strode through the boundless mist.

Su Mo had already walked for one entire day, but in this endless billowing mist, one could not differentiate between day and night.

The s.p.a.ce within the mist was constantly warping, so he could only walk along the tracks left by it as it warped to make his way forward.

Su Mo was certain that if he continued to walk in this manner, he could be able to find his way out.

Although he might deviate from his way forward at times, this was not serious enough to become completely lost.

Time ticked by, Su Mo was completely focused on making his way out.

He was attacked by demonic beasts from time to time, but he easily killed them all.

Now that he had reached Lv 1 Martial King Realm cultivation, he was still a lot stronger than when he first entered the Mist Mountains despite his reduced strength.

He was not sure how long it had been, it could have been three days, or even five days, but he still had not made his way out of the mist.

Su Mo started to grow impatient. He did not have much time to waste since he only two months left before the 8th of October.

He would really be out of time if he continued to waste time by being stuck in this mist.

He still needed time for his wounds to recover, increase his cultivation and craft his Natal Spiritual Sword.

Su Mo did not think that he would be able to defeat Shangguan Hao with his current strength.

There were already rumors swirling that Shangguan Hao had broken through to Martial Royal Realm before Su Mo had entered the Mist Mountains. Furthermore, as a peerless genius, Shangguan Haos combat strength would be formidable.

At only Lv 1 Martial King Realm, the gap between their strength was vast.

Therefore, he would have to fully recuperate from his injuries, craft his Natal Spiritual Sword and also work at increasing his cultivation before the 8th of October.

This was the only way that he could stand a chance.

"I refuse to believe that I cant get out here!" he gritted his teeth in annoyance and continued to follow his earlier method to tread forward.

His efforts finally paid off and after another 10 to 12 hours, Su Mo noticed that the mist ahead was a lot thinner.

"Ha ha!" Su Mo was elated.

The thinner mist showed that it was highly likely that he had finally made his way to the border of Mist Mountains.

Su Mo moved even faster and after another 15 minutes, his vision finally cleared.

The vast continent sprawled out in front of him, with the sun pouring down from clear skies.

"Im finally out of here!" Su Moimmediately cheered up when he saw that he had made his way out.

After he got ahold of his bearings, he flew toward Qingyuan City.

He was returning to Qingyuan City for four reasons. He first had to make arrangements for Governor Bai and the rest, and as for the second reason, he wanted to check on how far Firmament Sect had progressed since he left. Third, he had to be in convalescing for a while; finally, he would craft his Natal Spiritual Sword.

As he flew past a mountain range, he stopped for a while to tame a peak Lv 5 demonic bird.

Then, he sat on its back and directed it to fly toward the direction of Qingyuan City while he tended to his own wounds.

He would be wasting a lot of time if he rushed by to Qingyuan City, therefore, he chose to tame a demonic bird to save some time.

Although a peak Lv 5 demonic bird moved much slower than him, he could make full use of the time spent travelling to Qingyuan City.

He swallowed several healing elixirs, sat cross-legged on its back and started to heal himself.

After flying for around ten days, the demonic bird finally approached Qingyuan City.

Su Mo opened his eyes and breathed out a mouthful of murky Qi.

After 10 days of recuperation, his injuries had mostly recovered and he had also regained quite a bit of his strength.

He had used up too much of his essence, qi and spirit, so even if he fully recovered from his injuries, it was impossible for him to fully regain his strength.

Thereafter, he abandoned the demonic bird and turned into a stream of light that shot toward Qingyuan City.

When he arrived at Qingyuan City, he found that the mansion where Firmament Sect was located had completely been completely transformed.

In the past, the three halls of Firmament Sect were separated into three different mansions.

Now, these three mansions were all connected together and had expanded to become a s.p.a.cious mansion.

The gates marking the entrance to the Sect were 15 meters tall and gave off a majestic aura.

Two stones lions, both about 9 meters tall, stood guard in front of the gate, which added to its domineering air.

The words Firmament Sect were written in beautiful calligraphy at the top of the gates.

Su Mo smiled as he took all these in. Firmament Sect was starting to look more like a sect.

The area in front of the gates leading to Firmament Sect was lively and bustling as many young people had gathered in front of the gates.

He estimated that there were at least 2,000 people there.

"Is it disciple recruitment season?" Su Mo wondered and quickly strode forward.

"I heard that Firmament Sect will only recruit 200 disciples this time!"

"I wonder if Ill get the chance to be part of Firmament Sect?"

"Your chances are extremely slim! Firmament Sect is now the largest sect for miles around and they are very strict with recruiting disciples, only taking a few at each time."

A group of young man and women were chattering excitedly amongst themselves in front of Firmament Sect.

Everyone was waiting for the invigilating elder to appear and they had come very early on to wait.

"Not bad!" Su Mo nodded to himself as his gaze swept across the potential recruits.

This group of young men and women were pretty young, all only of 15 or 16 years of age, but their cultivation was rather high.

Many were of Spiritual Martial Realm cultivation and some of them were even of True Spirit Realm cultivation.

They were much stronger than the disciplesthat Firmament Sect had recruited from Hong Domain.

Su Mo did not stay long. He walked around the crowd and strode straight up to the main gate of Firmament Sect.

His white hair had attracted a lot of attention and many people looked at him curiously.

"Who is he? Why does he look like that?"

"I dont know. He must be a disciple of Firmament Sect!"

"Thats impossible. Ive never heard of a man that fits his description from Firmament Sect. Also, he doesnt have a waist badge, so he must be here for the examination too!"

The crowd gossiped amongst themselves and looked mockingly at Su Mo.

How could he even think of walking through these gates when he was not even a disciple of Firmament Sect? Was he courting death?

Four disciples stood guard in front of the gate. The moment Su Mo approached the main gate, they immediately blocked his path.

"Stop right there! If youre here to partic.i.p.ate in the examination, please wait outside!" one of them said coldly.

Su Mos face froze, then a wry smile spread across his face. Its been long since he was back that people didnt even recognize their Sect Leader anymore!

"You must be new here, right?" Su Mo asked with a smile.

"What does that have anything to do with you?" a handsome disciple said coldly as his face hardened. Then he shouted, "If you wish to take part in the examination, please wait outside quietly. If not, dont blame us for being ruthless!"

That handsome disciple spoke haughtily. The four of them had only become disciples of Firmament Sect two months ago and they had been tasked to guard the gate. Therefore, they could not let any random person enter just like that!

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