Warrior's Promise Chapter 904

Warrior's Promise Chapter 904 - Crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword

Chapter 904: Crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword

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Most of the Divine Martial Countrys people chose to join the Firmament Sect.

After all, they were not familiar with this land, and it would be better to settle down and learn to adapt to this place.

Only a few of them did not join the Firmament Sect because they wanted to wander from place to place themselves.

Su Mo did not force them to join his sect and let them go.

All those Divine Martial Country experts who reached the Martial King Realm were appointed as elders.

They might be arrogant since their cultivation levels were higher than the other members. Therefore, Su Mo had seriously stressed that the four Hall Chiefs were the only people in command of the Firmament Sect when he was not around.

Anyone who disobeyed the Hall Chiefs would be seriously punished without exception.

The Divine Martial Countrys immigrants dared not to defy Su Mo and bowed to show their obedience.

At last, Su Mo arranged their accommodations and dismissed everyone except for Governor Bai.

"Governor Bai, hows your daughter?" asked Su Mo.

It had been more than half a month since they got out of the Divine Martial Country. Su Mo was worrying about Bai Yiners injuries.

"Her injuries has become stable, and it wont get worse. But I dont know if she can wake up!" Governor Bais brow furrowed tightly.

Su Mo paused for a while and said, "Theres a place called Sky-sea Pavilion in the Qingyuan City. Theyve got various healing elixirs that might work on your daughter. Go check it out!"

"The Sky-sea Pavilion!" Governor Bais eyes lit up upon hearing this.


Su Mo nodded and then ordered someone to take him to take to the Sky-sea Pavilion.

At last, Su Mo chatted with some Firmament Sect members for a while and then concluded the meeting.

There was a large, luxurious, brilliant courtyard with lakes, rockeries, flowers, and plants.

This courtyard was dedicated to Su Mo when the Firmament Sect was expanding. It was the Sect Leaders Mansion.

Su Mo was sitting cross-legged beside a lake, recovering his injuries.

He had already sat there for a whole day.

Su Mo murmured, "Its time to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword!"

He had no time to recover injuries.

Good news was that he had finished recovering half of his injuries. The injuries left could be recovered themselves in about a month.

Crafting the Natal Spiritual Sword was the most important thing for now.

Su Mo then went to the Sky-sea Pavilion and purchased a King crafting furnace there.

King level crafting furnace was already at the highest level among the furnaces in the Qingyuan City.

The Sky-sea Pavilion in this city was only a small branch store, and they did not have Royal crafting furnace for sale.

However, a crafting furnace at King level was already enough to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword.

To avoid being interrupted, Su Mo entered the Divine Map again.

In his courtyard inside the Divine Map, he took out the crafting furnace and started to craft weapons.

He was not going to directly craft the Natal Spiritual Sword because his craftsmanship was not qualified to do this.

One had to reach at least a King craftsman to be able to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword.

Although Su Mos craftsmanship theories and "experiences" were exceedingly abundant, he had to put them into practice first.


Su Mo waved out a huge amount of materials which he bought one year ago to craft ordinary King weapons.


As he waved his hands, a hundred kinds of materials flew into the crafting furnace.

After that, he injected his fire property Dark Force into the air vent of the crafting furnace.

The Dark Force instantly turned into furious flames that kept calcining the materials.

Su Mo was now crafting a King Lower weapon called Skyfall Sword.

The Skyfall Sword was rather easier to craft among the King Lower weapons.

It was the first time for him to craft a King weapon, so he chose a Lower Lv 5 weapon out of discretion.

He was crafting very carefully while going through the craftsmanship Legacy in his mind. He wanted no mistakes.

The fire that turned from Su Mos Dark Force was incredibly pure without any impurities. This sort of fire was extremely ideal for crafting.

This gave credit to the Imperial fire property cultivation skill that he practiced.

Two hours later, the sword was successfully crafted in one attempt.

Its quality was not ideal but up to the standard.

In the following couple of hours, he had crafted four King Lower long swords and two King Lower long sabers.

He only failed once because he was not concentrated enough and failed to control the degree of the heating.

His craftsmanship skill became more and more adept while crafting these weapons. He now could be called a true King Lower craftsman.

However, he still dared not to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword because its materials were too precious to waste. It would be an unmeasurable loss even if he failed to one Natal Spiritual Sword.

"Ill be able to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword after crafting a King Medium weapon!"

Su Mo murmured and then took out the materials for a King Medium weapon.

It was called Penta Divine Sword. Its crafting method was quite complicated among the other King Medium weapons.

He then started to craft it.

However, he failed in the first attempt and turned the materials into ashes and dust.

Su Mo looked for the craftsmanship Legacy and soon found out the reason why he failed. He was not in a good command of the materials properties which then went into conflict.

He started to craft the Penta Divine Sword again.

He was much more careful this time and it took him three hours to craft it.

He then successfully crafted another two Penta Divine Swords.

At this point, Su Mo felt like his craftsmanship skill was completely qualified to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword.


He took up the other materials and then took out all the materials for the Natal Spiritual Sword.

More than five hundred kinds of materials covered the entire courtyard.

He then spent one hour to sort out and allocated the exact amount for every kind of materials.

"The Natal Spiritual Sword. My success depends on this!"

Su Mo took a deep breath. The materials in front of him were only enough to craft nine Natal Spiritual Swords. It was a huge pressure to do this without even one tiny mistake.

Although he still had quite a few main materials, the Divine Jade and the Blood-striped Seed, the other materials were only enough for nine Natal Spiritual Swords.

The incredibly formidable Natal Spiritual Sword Formation needed nine Natal Spiritual Swords, hence there should be no mistakes.

Su Mo relaxed for a moment to adjust himself to the best condition. After that, he finally started to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword.

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