Warrior's Promise Chapter 990

Warrior's Promise Chapter 990 - The Extra Hard Turtle Shell

Chapter 990: The Extra Hard Turtle Sh.e.l.l

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Besides saving the Prime Minister Turtle, the rest of the Demon experts charged towards Su Mo.

Overbearing demonic Qi hung in the air as strong demonic power shot into the skies. Dozens of demon experts surrounded Su Mo in all directions.

Youre all going to die!

With a ice cold look on his face, Su Mo summoned the Billion Demonic Sword. With a swing, it sent out wave after wave of Demonic Qi.

The blinding three-colored sword Qi and intense Demonic Qi smothered the skies, extending menacingly with earth-shattering strength.



The Demon experts exclaimed in atonishment at the power of Su Mos strike.

They never expected Su Mo to be so powerful, and their emotions were sent into turmoil.

The enormous sword power and terrifying Dark Force turbulence threw them off guard, turning their insides freezing cold.

Lets all attack together!

Take this!


The ma.s.s of Demon experts coordinated their attacks to block Su Mos sword Qi.

The skies lit up in a flash. The rumbling crash of powers caused turbluence through the air and created surging waves of energy.

Among the more than 30 Demon experts, there were four at Lv 1 Martial Royal Realm, and the rest were all in the Martial King Realm with Advanced Martial King cultivations.

Yet, even combined, they were no match for Su Mo. In fact, they were so far behind that they could not even compare with Su Mo.

After the slash of this sword, the blood rain returned once again, this time even more powerful and cruel.

Torn bodies and limbs flew across the air, and the skies were once again dyed red by blood.


In the midst of painful cries, the b.l.o.o.d.y scene was unbearable to watch.

After just one swing of the sword, only two out of the over 30 Demon experts were left standing.

These two were both Lv 1 Martial Royal Realm experts and the quickest to react. Hence, they avoided the strike by the nose of the horse.

However, although they managed to save their lives, they were seriously injured.

One lost an arm, and the other almost half of his shoulders. It was not a pretty sight.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two surviving Demon experts quickly retreated back to the side of the Prime Minister Turtle.

Prime Minister Sir, this person is too strong. What should we do? the two experts asked the Prime Minister, shaking with fear.

They were terrified. For the hundreds of years they had been alive, they had never seen such a powerful martial artist in the Martial King Realm.

What are you panicking about? Im still here! the Prime Minister yelled, his face turning steely.

His heart was bleeding from the loss of the 30 Demonic experts. They were all his direct descendants, and they had been slaughtered just like that!

Boy, killing people of East Sea Dragon Palace will only get you killed! Prime Minister Turtle hollered in anger as he charged towards Su Mo.

Anyones could see that the Prime Minister Turtles sh.e.l.l and body were moving at increasing speed.

In a blink of an eye, he transformed into his original form a thousand-feet-long enormous teal turtle.

The enormous teal turtle rose up in the skies, blocking the sunlight.

However, at this moment, Su Mo ignored the turtle and only stared quietly at the Demonic sword in his hands.

The blood of the people he had just killed was all absorbed by his Demonic Sword.

Su Mo could feel the Demonic Spirit in the sword grow much stronger, and the power of the Sword increased with it.

His heart trembled. If he allowed the Demonic Sword to absorb blood continously, it would keep getting stronger!

d.a.m.n it!

At this moment, an earth-shaking roar erupted.

Prime Minister Turtle noticed that Su Mo was not even looking at him and let out an angry cry for being slighted.


In a flash, Prime Minister Turtle made his first move.

He opened his mouth wide to bite Su Mo and rushed forth with a red flash at an imperceptible speed.

What? Su Mo was jerked back to reality by the impending doom. Without hest.i.tation, he commanded Natal Spiritual Sword to appear under his feet.


In the next moment, with a speed faster than that of the red beam, Su Mo flew backwards to dodge the attack.


The red beam did not hit Su Mo and retracted immediately.

Its a tongue! At this moment, Su Mo caught a glimpse of what that red beam was. It was the tongue of the Prime Minister Turtle.


After missing once, the Prime Minister Turtle lashed out again at Su Mo.

Red beams flashed through the air, rushing towards Su Mo with only one motive to kill him.

Youre looking to die!

Instead of getting angry, Su Mo smiled. The enemy actually thought of using the weakest tongue to attack him. That was just asking to be destroyed.

Without a second word, Su Mo swung the Sword out towards the red tongue.


The Sword Qi cut through the air and charged towards the tongue.

Perhaps Su Mo had underestimated the Prime Minister Turtle. The tongue, like a slippery catfish, avoided the attack.

Huh? Su Mo narrowed his eyes. With another mental command, the Natal Spiritual Sword appeared beneath his feet again and helped him avoid another close attack.

I cant be bothered to play with you!

Su Mo did not want to continue wasting time. He swung his sword rapidly and sent numerous waves of Sword Qi towards the Prime Minister Turtle.

Although Prime Minister Turtle had a huge body, it was still very nimble. Seeing the waves of Sword Qi, he rolled over and used the turtle sh.e.l.l to block Su Mo.

In the next moment, the gushes of Sword Qi and amazing Demonic Qi hit the sh.e.l.l of the Prime Minister Turtle mercilessly.

Boom, boom, boom!

With an earth shattering explosion, the Sword Qi broke into countless blasts in the air.

The turtle sh.e.l.l, like a million-dollar shield, successful blocked Su Mos Sword Qi.

Although the defence of Prime Minister Turtle was strong, his actual strength was simply too weak, and he was flung back by the impact.

What a strong turtle sh.e.l.l! Su Mos eyes narrowed. His attack would have foiled even a Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm martial artist, but this turtle had avoided all harm.

Humph, I want to see just how strong your defense could be!

Su Mo flew into the skies, circling the area above the Prime Minister Turtle.

Without any warning, a flash of sword Qi rushed out, aiming to destroy the Prime Minister Turtle with everything it had.

At the same time, the Natal Spiritual Sword released a strike towards the two remaining experts.

This cant be!

Prime Minister Turtle was shocked beyond words. Su Mos ability was way above what he imagined it to be, and it was not something he could even fight against.


Prime Minister Turtle was terrified. Without hesitation, he ran away as fast as he could.

His body quickly shrunk, becoming a tiny turtle before diving into the sea.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Strike after strike, the sword Qi hit the back of the Prime Minister Turtle and exploded.

With the ferocious attack, the Prime Minister Turtle swam faster into the depths of the sea until he could no longer be seen.

At this time, two cries of despair rang through the air. The two remaining experts had been killed by the Spiritual Sword.

After taking the divine elixir from the two experts and their blood for the Demonic Sword, Su Mo turned towards the sea with a dark face.

He was not sure if the Prime Minister Turtle had been killed. Considering his powers, his last attack would have been enough to kill a Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm martial artist. It would be hard for the Prime Minister Turtle to live.

At the same time, he was a sea turtle. That turtle sh.e.l.l possessed a defensive power that should not be underestimated.

With a soft sigh, Su Mo felt that it would be better to leave this sea as soon as possible. There might be extra power experts coming after him.

Also, he was heading towards the Jade Cloud Lake to duel with Zhan Luan. There was little time left to travel.

Su Mo changed his direction a little and moved forward at his highest speed.

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