Way Of The Devil Chapter 609

607 Ignition 2

This was due to his overly powerful vigor and the rapid improvement brought about by the modifier.

Currently, other than gauging distance visually, Lu Sheng's eyes were not much different from a human's.

However, he did not intend to use this body for a prolonged period of time. His plan was to quickly be done with the karma and return.

Hence, he did not mind this minor flaw. He could compensate for it with his ears and touch. Rabbits had the advantage of being born with extremely powerful ears.


The wolf howls came closer and closer. Silhouettes of wolves were faintly discernible among the grass below.

The pack was gathering.

However, Lu Sheng did not move. He kept waiting silently.

A black tree python quickly slithered along a nearby branch. He glanced at Lu Sheng. When he felt that something seemed odd, he did a double take.

"A rabbit? Rabbits climb trees? I must be seeing things."

The tree python shook his head. He continued on his way to a hopping squirrel nearby.

Compared to the static Lu Sheng, he was more interested in the hopping squirrel.

Senda was huge. A squirrel was but a snack to him. With his huge body that was a dozen meters long, he was even considered a huge creature even on an ancient tree.

Currently, he was slithering along the tree trunk. Just by looking at him, his flowing, balanced, and firm strength was apparent.

His body was as thick as a human adult's forearm. He slithered his way up the tree trunk.

Lu Sheng ignored him. He continued to stare at the pack of wolves underneath.

The wolves were increasing in numbers.

Soon enough, a huge wolf with a grayish-black coat slowly walked up.

It was the wolf king, Andy.

He learned this name from the humans who entered the forest. He thought it had a nice ring to it, and took it as his own name.

Andy's body was 1.5 times larger than the other wild wolves. His body, tail length included, was nearly two meters long. His fur was fluffy and smooth, clean and neat. His appearance was appealing, even.

They were gathered here tonight to hunt some buffaloes nearby. The dead of night was Andy's favorite time.


He started explaining the rules of the tribe to the others. They were the wolf tribe, and they were also an extremely united big family. Their strength in numbers enabled them to fear no opponents. Tigers? Brown bears? Crocodiles? They were not afraid.

They were the overlords of this area who lived up to their names!

Reciting the tribal rules was a mandatory activity before their ventures. This was also one of Andy's ways to establish his influence.

The sounds around him quieted. Every wolf crouched down as they listened to the wolf king's teachings.

They had to keep this ambush an absolute secret. Otherwise, they would be found out by the buffaloes, and they might even be injured on top of losing their catch.

Lu Sheng stayed immobile and waited silently.

With the passage of time, the wolf king's preaching was coming to a conclusion. His deep growls were becoming shorter.


Suddenly, an obvious ruffle sounded near Lu Sheng's side.

"Who's there?!" Andy snapped his head up and looked at the big tree which Lu Sheng was on.

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. He turned to look in the direction of the noise. The tree python Senda had missed. He was eyeing the fleeing squirrel greedily.

Snakes were secretive in nature. It was only natural for him to remain unnoticed. At this moment, he was ready for a second attack. However, Lu Sheng was staring at him.

An unexplainable bone-chilling sense of danger suddenly welled up inside him.

Senda had not felt this sensation for a long time. Ever since he grew stronger and longer, the creatures in this area capable of making him feel threatened were too few.

"You." Lu Sheng extended a claw and pointed at Senda. "Go down."

It was only at this moment that Senda realized that there was indeed a rabbit squatting nearby.

"Hiss?" He did not understand what Lu Sheng had said. He was not an intelligent breed that understood language. He was an ordinary wild breed.

However, it was already too late for Senda even if he actually went down.

The wolf king Andy had already walked up to the tree and was looking up at them both.

It was clear that Andy was an intelligent breed. He spoke right away. "A rabbit? Are you the rabbit that can stand on two feet? I've heard of you."

"Forget it."

In this situation, Lu Sheng gave up on concealing himself.

With a whistle, he leapt down from the branch. He landed firmly with knees slightly bent on the grass before Andy.

His movements were clean. There was an indescribable strength about him.

Andy frowned. "What a strange rabbit. Aren't you afraid? There are more than 200 wolves around you. Every single one of them is more powerful than the lynx, Gray Shirt, you killed."

"Afraid?" Lu Sheng shook his head. "I did not come here to fight you. I'm here to advise you."

"Advise me?" Andy was stunned. He did not expect to hear something this laughable. A rabbit came before him, the wolf king Andy, and said that he wanted to advise him?

He stifled his laughter, and easily spoke, "What do you want to advise me on?"

Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes.

"I bring the revelation of fate. I'm here to advise you to refrain from meaningless killing from now on."

"Oh?" Andy smiled. "Why should I listen to you? You are just a rabbit."

He circled around Lu Sheng. He had an unfriendly gleam and killing intent in his eyes.

However, an emerald green young shoot of grass was presented before him.

"Taste it." Lu Sheng stood before him with an earnest expression. "The consumption of flesh will only do everybody harm. Only by eating grass can grudges be wiped away and ensure that all lives are equal."


Andy looked at Lu Sheng as if he was crazy.

The other wolves were also looking on at this scene with strange gazes.

"You want me to eat grass?!" Andy bulged his eyes. It was as if he discovered something extremely entertaining.

"Eat it." Lu Sheng pushed the grass closer. "You'll understand if you eat this. You'll know why I'm doing this."

He had fused his spirit-prompting threads with a fungus's texture and created this special grass. It had the texture of meat and was nutritious. It should be able to satisfy the needs of meat-eating animals.

Andy looked at the grass Lu Sheng presented to him.


A slap.

He suddenly struck out with his claw and swatted the grass away. The green grass was crushed and scattered on the soil beside him.

Andy could no longer restrain himself and guffawed. "Hahahaha! Don't make me laugh! A rabbit?! You want to advise me, the wolf king, to eat grass?"

Lu Sheng maintained his posture of offering the grass. However, his gaze became deeper.

"Looks like you've rejected fate's kind offer."

He straightened his body and tossed away what remained of the grass in his paw.

"Fate? Kind? Foolish rabbit. What you should be thinking about right now is how to run away from"


Andy had not finished his sentence when he spat a mouthful of blood. His body reeled as if he had been rammed by a train. He swirled as he crashed heavily into a thick tree trunk behind him.


There was a loud sound. Leaves fell from the tree.

"That's how kind fate's offer is." Lu Sheng retracted his right palm and walked slowly toward the felled Andy.

"Foolish little wolf. You dare defy fate. See now, this is the arrangement of fate."

Lu Sheng grabbed the long fur on Andy's head. He lifted his head.

Andy had not even registered the incident in his mind. He was not even sure what he had been hit by.

However, he knew that it must have been this rabbit's doing.

"Kill him!" Andy gave a furious roar in his stupor.

The pack of wolves were initially stunned. Then, they could not restrain themselves and started growling furiously. Wolves then launched themselves at Lu Sheng in the middle.

"Those who don't eat grass shall die!" Lu Sheng gave his own roar as well. His vigor boiled within himself. Lumps of muscles surged under his skin, and his body enlarged swiftly. In the blink of an eye, he grew as large as a lynx from his initial size of a small cat.

However, compared to the lynx, the current Lu Sheng resembled more of a ferocious-looking ensemble of muscles.

His dark red muscles stole the spotlight from his gray fur coat. After a short period of time, Lu Sheng's entire body had grown as large as a small gray bear.

If it were not for his long ears which he tied behind his back, the wolves would not have thought that he was a rabbit.


He flung Andy away with an offhand gesture. Then, Lu Sheng landed a punch on the waist of an incoming wolf.

His great strength was accompanied with his terrifying explosive strength. The crisp sounds of bones shattering were instantly heard.

"Fate has dictated that you should eat grass, and yet you dare defy fate?! You're looking for your own death!"

Lu Sheng was making them an example to the entire forest. He was beating the dog before the lion.

He sidestepped, and two wolves slammed into each other in midair. Then, he smacked them down onto the ground. Their skulls were dented. They did not appear to be able to survive this.

Lu Sheng took another step forward and hurled his fist which was twice the size of his head. The punch landed on the head of a wild wolf that came straight toward him.


Brain juice splattered.

"You're all rebels to fate!" Lu Sheng roared. He leapt. With every swing of his claws, a wild wolf was instantly killed.

With his powerful strength, any wolf that took his blow was dead, while any wolf that was grazed would be crippled.

Even though some of the wolves' claws reached him, their attacks were blocked by his tough and formidable muscles. They only managed to leave superficial wounds on him. Not even a drop of his blood flowed.

Andy was staring at all this until his eyes seemed about to pop out of their sockets.

In a few short minutes, at least 100 wild wolves were killed by Lu Sheng on the spot. The remaining wolves wanted to employ a pack hunting tactic, but their instantaneous explosive speeds could not compare to Lu Sheng's. In the blink of an eye, a dozen more wolves were killed.

"No Impossible This can't be true?!" He growled, and mumbled to himself, "Is he still a f*cking rabbit?!"


Shrill wails of wolves resounded throughout the night.

As time passed, the 200 wolves were reduced to a dozen frail and sick members.

They were protecting Andy. They eyed the gray rabbit, who was standing among a pile of corpses and blood, warily with shocked gazes.

A rabbit out of all creatures killed more than half of their members.

This was as unreal as a dream!

Andy did not believe this. The other wolves did not believe this as well. They bit their tongues hard. They wanted to prove that this was all a dream by waking themselves up with pain.

However, to their disappointment, they could still see the bloody scene before them even after their tongues bled.

"See this? It's because you consume meat that your strength is weak," Lu Sheng spoke slowly in a deep voice. "I can hammer any one of you to death with a single fist."

"If we don't eat meat! We won't have any strength!" Andy managed to support his own body and stood up. He had been groggy ever since being smacked by Lu Sheng in the beginning. Even now, he had not recovered from the blow. He reckoned that he had a concussion.

Currently, Andy was glaring at Lu Sheng with vengeful eyes.

"No," Lu Sheng retorted. "Meat has tainted your bodies."

He swept his gaze across the bodies of the remaining wolves.

"Are you as strong as the buffalo?"


"Are you as powerful as a wildebeest?"


A grown wildebeest could kill a wolf with a single ram of the horns.

"Let's not talk about the giraffe and the elephant. So, do you know the reason for this?" Lu Sheng asked in a low voice.


Lu Sheng pointed at Andy, and shouted, "It's because you eat meat! To eat meat, you had to risk your lives to chase after other animals and spend much of your energy. What if you ate grass? You'll only have to find a spot, crouch down, and you'll have food everywhere. There's no spending of energy, no fights, and you can enjoy everything quietly while you increase in strength."

Lu Sheng spoke slowly in a deep voice.

"Well, what other reasons do you have for not eating grass?"

The wild wolves had limited intelligence. Even Andy had limited knowledge. They did not even know how they should retort. They could only stare at Lu Sheng blankly. They felt that he seemed to have a point.
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