Way Of The Devil Chapter 610

608 Combustion 1


"He's killed so many of our brethren, why're we still wasting words on him?! Go! Kill him!" Andy quickly snapped to his senses. He roared loudly and led the charge toward Lu Sheng.

His tribe was almost destroyed. Currently, he had resolved himself to die.

He had never been afraid of death. Compared to death, he valued honor more.

He was the wolf king! Wolf king Andy!

Even if he were to face a black tiger, face a lion, face a huge crocodile, face a… 


After a muffled sound, the world fell silent.

Lu Sheng landed a palm strike on Andy's head. His violent and formidable strength erupted. In an instant, the wolf's skull split open like a watermelon, and red and white substances splattered all over the ground.

The other wolves did not even follow him. Lu Sheng's massacre before this had already scared them out of their wits. The wolf king Andy's final outburst was his final struggle.


Andy's corpse fell on the ground.

Lu Sheng flung his claws to remove the blood. Then, he looked at the wolves.

"Which one of you can speak?"

The remaining wolves shuffled for a moment. Soon, an emaciated, old black wolf slowly stepped forward.

"I'm the former wolf king," The old black wolf looked at Andy with a sad look. "Do you have any other instructions?"

Lu Sheng merely wanted to get this world over with. Now that his objective of establishing his might was accomplished, he thought it would be too much work to kill all the surviving wolves.

"You have two choices. Submit to me or leave. Choose," he spoke drily. "This forest does not need those who don't eat grass."

The wolves were speechless. Could wolves really give up meat and subsist on grass? No wolf had tried this before.

They made their decisions soon enough. Three of the survivors chose to submit themselves to Lu Sheng while the others chose to leave.

Lu Sheng was duly surprised. He had expected that all of them would leave. However, three of them chose to join him.

Unfortunately, these three were ordinary wild beasts and not intelligent breeds. They were purely awed by Lu Sheng's powerful martial strength and did not want to leave.

The subduing of the overlords in this area, the wolves, ended with that. Lu Sheng brought the three wolves to where Incisor and Shire was.

When the two rabbits saw that Lu Sheng had turned three wild wolves to himself, they were so frightened that they shook with fear.

Those were wild wolves, after all!

These wild wolves could end their lives with a simple swipe of their claws. Currently, three wild wolves were willing to join Lu Sheng's cause. This was unbelievable.

This was only the beginning. Soon enough, after learning of this shocking news, Lu Sheng's name was finally spread. This was also the reason why he allowed the other wolves to leave.

Early next morning, a herd of sika deer came to ask Lu Sheng to allow them to join him. The sika deer might not be a formidable bunch, but the following groups of animals truly added to Lu Sheng's might.

A group of baboons, with a number of 30, came and wished to join Lu Sheng.



Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Within the tree hollow.

"Try it."

Lu Sheng looked at the stag and baboon leaders who occupied one corner of the tree hollow. There was also the wild wolf Luce and the rabbit Shire.

A clump of grasses with slightly different appearance was presented before them.

The stag, baboon, and Shire did not mind. They lowered their heads to scrutinize the grass before plucking some blades to eat.

However, the wild wolf Luce wore a bitter and helpless expression. He took some of the grass with his claw, lowered his head, and chewed on it. He was the emaciated old wolf from before. He caught up to them and joined Lu Sheng.

Everyone present knew that refusing to eat the grass offered to them would be to provoke Lu Sheng. There were too many lives lost in the forest in these few days, all just because they provoked Lu Sheng.

Within two days, the population of meat-eating animals in the forest was down by 70%.


Luce's eyes suddenly brightened. He found the taste of the grass to be slightly different than what he expected.

"This grass…"

"This is fat grass," Lu Sheng said with a calm expression. "I thought that the meat eaters won't be able to adapt to the new diet so quickly, hence I cultivated a kind of grass that's suitable for your kind."

Luce munched on more grass. It tasted exactly like meat. This grass was amazing.

He quickly finished the clump of fat grass.

"How was it?" Lu Sheng asked him.

Luce licked his lips.

"Very good. I'm feeling slightly full now. If this grass can be planted everywhere, I think there won't be a huge problem with your plans."

He looked at Lu Sheng who sat in the center of the tree hollow. This gray rabbit's size was already akin to a leopard. There was not an inch of excess flesh or loose skin on his body. His body was completely made up of fierce-looking fleshy growths and hard bones.

From afar, Lu Sheng did not even resemble a rabbit. He looked more like a gray bear staying within a tree hollow.

This was his normal size. When he was in his killing mode, Luce could not help but be reminded of the terrifying experience he had this couple of days.

The leopards, scorpions, pythons, vultures, and Lu Sheng's other opponents were all torn to shreds by his sharp and terrifying claws.

None of the rebels were spared.

Those who survived were tribes that had some experience eating grass.

Lu Sheng had gone over the surrounding forest in these two days. He made sure that this situation would continue for a while even after he was gone.

However, he knew that he was alone in this. It was highly possible that he would be pressed to be at two places at once.

Hence, he summoned them here to start something else.

"I've gathered everyone here because I have an announcement to make."

Lu Sheng's voice was deep and strong. He stood up slowly. The muscle bumps on his body flowed and compressed like liquid. His dark red skin fraught with scars gave him the appearance of a ferocious and formidable opponent.

It seemed as if the effect of ranking up the Black Dragon Heart-crushing Mantra before this was completely manifested now. Even the strongest baboon leader, Blue Face, and the stag leader, Pattern, were no match for Lu Sheng in strength.

When they heard Lu Sheng's words, the leaders of the tribes focused and listened.

Lu Sheng raised one claw and calmly said, "I hereby announce, from this day on, that the Divine Grass Church is officially established.

"Also, because all of you are too weak and incapable of helping me settle the various problems, I plan to have all of you undergo a baptism."

"Baptism?" Lu Sheng's words immediately made some of the leaders feel uneasy.

"Divine Grass Church?"


Lu Sheng slammed his palm on the ground. The clear and substantial tremor frightened the beasts.
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