Way Of The Devil Chapter 611

609 Combustion 2

The baptized gray rabbits quickly spread out and conquered other lands.

For tribes of small animals, they would charge right at them with their large groups. They would spare all those who ate grass, whereas those who ate meat would be brought to the boss.

It had to be mentioned that the spirit-prompting threads had extremely terrifying effects when it came to vigor enhancement. These rabbits were already at the limits allowed by their genetic makeup. They were now limited by their natural constitution. Even Lu Sheng had no way of overcoming that.

Besides inserting his spirit-prompting threads into his subordinates, Lu Sheng even taught them some joint attack tactics.

More importantly, Lu Sheng had created a type of excitement grass by accident, and he handed it over to the rabbits of the enforcement team.

They got adrenaline boosts after eating the grass. Their strength and explosive power were 40% more powerful than before.

They were already stuffed to the shape of balls by the spirit-prompting threads. When they ate this excitement grass, the gray rabbits bulged their red rabbit eyes and ricocheted everywhere. They aided Lu Sheng in his evangelization.

Lu Sheng, on the other hand, spent his days eating and drinking to his heart's content. He grew larger in size. With his baptized enforcement team around, he did not have to worry about the operations in the forest, which were still ongoing.

In a few days' time, the area within several hundred meters was practically conquered by the Divine Grass Church.

The rabbits and other herbivores modified by Lu Sheng grew to several times their original sizes.

The gray rabbit tribe had been suppressed for a long time. Now that they had obtained power, it was only natural for them to exact revenge on their enemies. Also, they had the support of the most loyal deer tribe.

These baptized animals were terrifyingly strong. After cleaning up the surrounding forest, Lu Sheng ordered his subordinates to herd the remaining carnivores together.

After having most of their tribesmen killed, the black bear king and tiger king who still put up a stiff resistance finally collapsed out of exhaustion from the wedge attacks launched at them. They fell into a ravine, and the gray rabbits dragged them to Lu Sheng.

Currently, the Divine Grass Church was already moved to a crude stone hall of a manmade ruin which was definitely extravagant.



Two months passed in the blink of an eye…

The tiger king and black bear king were covered in wounds. They were dragged by four gray rabbits into the stone hall.

They had been imprisoned for a long time, and it was finally time for the trial.

One of the gray rabbits, which had short fur on his head, wore an icy expression. Another rabbit wore a sneer. This one had a long and fierce-looking scar on his ear as well.

These two rabbits were the strongest rabbits of the tribe, save for the tribe elder.

They were also charged with protecting Lu Sheng.

"Reporting to the sage, here are the black bear king and tiger king."

In the dim light, the black bear king could not see who was addressed clearly. He only heard a deep sound of calmness slowly sounding within the stone hall.

"Oh? Bring them closer."

Lu Sheng's voice spread out slowly. It resounded continuously in the rock hall.

"Understood." The two rabbits dragged the black bear king and the tiger king forward slowly.


"On your knees!" A gray rabbit kicked the black bear king's knee sharply. The black bear king shuddered and nearly knelt down.

"You dare hold your head high even after meeting our sage?! I'll skin you right here!" The other gray rabbit smacked the tiger king's head. The intense force made the tiger king's body shake. However, his pride of the king of the beasts made him grit his teeth as he endured this and did not kneel.

"You bunch of trash! If you're so brave, come at me on your own!" The black bear king roared and broke free of the gray rabbit.

Although the gray rabbits had absorbed the spirit-prompting threads, they were still limited by their natural constitution. Their strength was far inferior to the black bear king's. When he broke free, they took several steps backward.

"Do you have a death wish?!" The gray rabbit was enraged. He rubbed the rabbit fur on his arms, and was about to charge at the bear king.

"Enough…" A gentle and low voice sounded in the stone hall at the right moment. "Leave, all of you."

Lu Sheng's voice came slowly from the darkness.

The two gray rabbits were slightly dissatisfied. They had been consuming the excitement grass for quite some time now, and their temperaments were growing violent. They would charge right in and risk their lives at the slightest provocation. On top of that, their vigor was strengthened to the maximum level their bodies could endure by the spirit-prompting threads.

If they were burned up, one gray rabbit would not lose to a leopard.

After being bitten and clawed at by a dozen gray rabbits, the black bear king was now covered in wounds. It was already a great feat for him to reach this place and unleash a roar or two.

"Just you wait! How dare you behave so disrespectfully toward the sage. I'll f*cking kill you when this is over!" One of the gray rabbits pointed a claw at the tiger king and cursed.

"Bring it on! Come on! Kill me! Hahahahaha!" The tiger king was almost losing his mind. If anyone had told him before this that he would be trampled on and threatened by a bunch of rabbits, he would have been sure that the person was crazy.

But now…

He felt that he was the one who had gone crazy!

"Enough… All of you are dismissed… I can handle this…" Lu Sheng spoke slowly in a gentle voice.

In the forest, the only carnivores left were the tiger and bear tribes.

Hence, he captured these two as a way to prepare for the conclusion of his karma.

"Hahaha! None of you will be a match for me one-on-one! You bunch of despicable and shameless maggots!" The black bear king laughed maniacally.

The tiger king went up and supported the black bear king's swaying body with his spine. He was too heavily wounded. Yet, he was still expending his energy here. That was why he could barely stand straight.

"My dear kings… calm down. I've invited you here with the intention of talking it over." Lu Sheng's calm voice came from the darkness.

"Talk? You're the great sage of the rabbit tribe, Lu Sheng?!" The tiger king snorted. He stared with his tiger eyes at the black shadow before himself.

"Hmm… Great sage, huh? You can call me that…" Lu Sheng responded. "It looks like the two of you have sustained terrible wounds… Come… Come to me, I'll give you some ointment."

The black bear king snorted. The tiger king also cast a cold and condescending gaze. They ignored Lu Sheng completely.

"Come one. Don't be shy. This is the ointment I'd like to give you. It'll help stabilize your wounds."

From the darkness, a gray rabbit's paw poked out slowly. It placed two fist-sized black beans before the tiger king and the black bear king.

The tiger king arced his body, ready for a sudden strike. If he could take down the great sage of the rabbit tribe, they might be able to turn the tides.

However, the instant the rabbit paw emerged from the darkness, his tiger eyes bulged. He gargled slightly as he found it difficult to breath. His tense muscles went lax without him noticing. He merely stared blankly at the extended rabbit paw.

The gray rabbit's paw was several times greater than the collective size of him and the black bear king…


Beside him, the black bear king made an audible gulping sound. He was staring blankly at the slowly retracting rabbit's paw.

"Hmm… I've forgotten to put on some light… How rude of me." Lu Sheng's voice came again.

"Pccht, pchht… pchht."

Torches on the wall around them were being lit up.

The light of the flames quickly illuminated the entire stone hall.

An enormous gray rabbit more than 80 meters tall was sitting in the center of the stone hall with a peaceful expression. It resembled a buddha's statue.

His lowered left hand was precisely the one that gave the medicinal pills to the tiger king and the black bear king.

"My… My God!" The tiger king inhaled sharply. He was so frightened that he took a dozen steps backward and sat on the ground. His fur was practically standing on ends.

The black bear king, however, stood there, immobile. His feet cramped. He could not retreat even if he wanted to. His sweat and snot kept dripping down his face.

"Black bear king and tiger king. Don't be afraid… I won't harm you." Lu Sheng displayed a smile.

Then, he extended his left palm and placed it flat on the ground.

"Come here, let's talk."

The wide area his outstretched palm covered was enough for the tiger king and black bear king to roll about, let alone stand on.

"What… What do you want to talk about?!" The tiger king was the first one to react. However, when he saw the enormous rabbit paw on the ground which was much larger than himself, his heart raced despite himself. He even took a few more steps backward subconsciously.

"I've heard that you and the black bear king had come here from the outside? You've passed through the Misty Plains?" When Lu Sheng saw their reactions, he decided not to force things. He proceeded with his questions instead.

The tiger king suppressed the fear in his heart as much as he could, and loudly replied, "What… What do you want to know? Yes, I have passed through the Misty Plains to come here." 

"Yes… Me too!" The black bear king could finally manage some movements. He kept walking backward until he was level with the tiger king.

However, his fur appeared as if he had just taken a dip in the river.

"Oh… I want to know what the humans in this world are like." Lu Sheng immediately gave voice to the question he was most interested in.

"Humans?" The tiger king was stunned. "There are a few human villages near the forest. However, there aren't any powerful individuals guarding them. There's a place called Splendor Ray City further away. There's a Barbaric Vein-ranked elite."

"Barbaric Vein?"

"Yes… this is the most common strength enhancement method used by the humans. I don't know much about that as well. I've only heard that they were related to the crocodile king from the faraway Specter Wetlands. The crocodile king has lived for several hundred years now. He has certain business relationships with these humans. He should know more about the details regarding the Barbaric Vein." The tiger king gave it some thought. In the end, he told Lu Sheng everything he knew.

Initially when he was captured, he still harbored some pride in being attacked from all sides. He was of the opinion that he would not have lost to a group of rabbits if he was not alone, or if they fought one-on-one.

However, he only saw the difference now.

The great sage of the rabbit tribe, Lu Sheng. His strength was sufficient to rule over the entire forest. His other attributes aside, it was apparent just by looking at his size that he could easily crush a tiger king with any one of his fingers.

"Humans…" Lu Sheng muttered to himself.

The Black Dragon Heart-crushing Mantra was already derived to the 800-900th stage. However, this skill formula was crude in its purification and control of vigor. Hence, he could only contain his ever-increasing vigor by enlarging his body. There was no way he could compress his own body just as he did when he cultivated the Eight-Headed Devil Art.

Hence, in two months, he gradually grew to his current state.

Fortunately, the ruins in the forest were large and tall enough. Also, it was fortunate that he planted two kinds of excellent grass. One of them could be eaten by herbivores, while the other was suitable for carnivores.

Now that the forest was unified, other than the tiger king and black bear king before him, the others were forcefully converted to a vegetarian diet.

Without hunting, there was no quarrel. In the beginning, there were still some cases of rage and conflict. However, as time went by and the animals discovered that they could actually subsist on grass and live a good life, peace settled upon the forest.

The black bear king and the tiger king were actually the last rebels.

They were hunted down by the Divine Grass Church which was now a formidable force. In the end, they had nowhere else to run, and were surrounded as they were attacked. Eventually, they lost and were brought to the stone hall of the ruins.
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