White Robed Chief Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Reaction

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Chu Li smirked in disgust, Altar Leader

You think an Altar Leader cant do anything to you? Annoyed to see him not giving a damn, Li Ruolan lectured him, Its a piece of cake for an Altar Leader to take care of an outer mountain disciple like you!

Chu Li smiled. What? Hes going to personally take care of me?

He doesnt need to. Li Ruolan snorted. If word gets out, therell be many after you. They dont have to personally make a move, they can just seek a killer from the Destiny Clan.

Chu Li frowned. Really? The Destiny Clan?

The Destiny Clan were masters in hidden weapons. He had to be cautious.

It might not be them but you better be careful. Li Ruolan scowled. Maybe you should follow me back to Small Light Peak.

Chu Li said, Theres no need for that. Im interested to see whats in store.

Li Ruolan gave him a side glance. Knowing that there was nothing more she could say, she grunted. You better regain your martial arts quickly. Lets go in, Ill watch over you.

Zhao Dahe was the weakest during this time. She feared others might fish in troubled waters.

Chu Li nodded and entered the house before channeling on the bed in a seated position.

Li Ruolan followed him in and sat on an armchair opposite him.

Time passed by slowly as the clear moonlight hung over the quiet night. It was pleasantly cozy in the house.

It was midnight when the moonlight penetrated through the paper window which provided light in the house.

Chu Li got off the bed and stretched out.

Miracle Cure Pill was indeed miraculous, restoring his state in just half a day that even Spirit Blessing Pill fell short by a tad. He had to give it to the Holy Church of Light.

A miraculous pill such as this would not be plentiful.

Li Ruolan opened her eyes to greet him. Her bewitching eyes still sparkled in the dark room.

Chu Li grinned. Im alright now.

Li Ruolan let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness it went on smoothly.

She had her heart in her throat, being afraid that someone, Altar Leader Mo in particular, may stir trouble during that time. If others were to plot against him by sending two masters, she would be engaged in one while the other could finish Zhao Dahe off.

Since Chu Li had recovered his martial arts without any setbacks, the weight was off her mind.

Chu Li spoke, Miss Ruolan, you should get back. The news about my martial arts being crippled will soon be out. It would be quite a stir then and might drag you into this mess.

Li Ruolan frowned. How so?

Chu Li smirked, Why would Altar Leader Mo let go of an opportunity like this? Its a chance to let someone else do his dirty work for him!

Li Ruolan steadily nodded. It is a good opportunity.

I want to see whos going to be the fool!

Can you handle it?

Im interested in this sort of bustle, Ill join in to please them. Chu Li beamed.

Li Ruolan gradually replied, I will let the Saint know.

Saying these words, she motioned to a fist salute before leaving.

It was morning when Chu Li arrived at Nine Star Tower.

He climbed to the third floor and noticed Yang Ying sitting at a table by the window. Dishes were spread out on the table and she ate rather quickly but elegantly.

Chu Li advanced slowly to sit opposite her. He greeted, Miss Yangs still here?

Yang Yings mood turned sour at the sight of him. Why are you here again?

Chu Li replied, Am I not allowed in Nine Star Tower?

You dare leave your place at a time like this? Yang Ying sized him up and shook her head. You do look horrible after your martial arts got crippled!

Chu Li uttered, Everyone knows?

The whole of Gale City knows. Yang Ying was dressed in a lake-green grown, bringing out a sense of freshness and elegance. Everyones crazy happy. You, the number one master of Gale City rose too quickly and fell swiftly too. How exhilarating!

Chu Li nodded. I see.

The sudden rise left many envious, just as how a status-seeker would receive the cold shoulder. This was human nature. He sprung too fast in Gale City which made him the subject of envy.

Chu Li sighed. This is fate. Who knows what would happen next, whether its rise or fall, theres nothing we can do.

I heard your martial arts was crippled because you violated the rules of the Holy Church of Light?


What rule did you break? Yang Ying looked at him curiously.

Chu Li answered, I killed a fellow disciple.

Killing your own people is an absolute taboo anywhere! Yang Ying understood and nodded. You know you cant kill your fellow disciple, right? How stupid!

Chu Li harrumphed. She wanted to kill me first, I cant just sit by and wait!

Thats true. What dumb luck. Yang Ying smiled.

Stomp stomp stomp stomp! Rushing footsteps were heard coming close as two young men took large strides up to the third floor. Pushing away the crowd, they came before Chu Li.

Chu Li lifted his head to look at them.

Zhao Dahe, we are the disciples of the Sublime Righteous Association! One of the young men shouted. We heard you are brilliant in your martial arts so were here to learn a thing or two!

Chu Li grinned. Sublime Righteous Association, huh I never heard of you before!

Humph! You never heard of it before but youll soon remember it! The young man snorted. You will never forget in this lifetime!

Chu Li shook his head. An association such as yours isnt worth the mention.

Today, youll know how we fare! The young man coldly smiled.

Chu Li replied, You must have heard of the news.

What news? The young man grunted. Come, lets have a fight. Let me see your moves!

Chu Li burst out in laughter and shook his head.

Yang Ying suddenly pulled a punch.

Wham! The young man flew to the stairway.

She followed up with another punch, sending the other young man flying down the staircase.

Yang Ying slowly retrieved her tender fist and snorted. You lot have no right to touch him!

Chu Li gestured a fist salute. Miss Yang, thank you.

For what? Yang Ying puffed. I despise those who take advantage when people are down!

Chu Li asked, Your White Tiger Sects not going to take the chance to kill me in seeking revenge?

Humph! We are not that despicable! Yang Ying replied, What vengeance can we seek at your current state?

Chu Li grinned. So it means youve had your payback already?

Yes! Yang Ying answered.

As they two were engaged in conversation, another group of people came sprinting up the third floor and arrived before Chu Li to challenge him.

Yang Ying sent them flying with another punch.

Chu Li held a wine cup and leisurely made himself at home.

Seeing him at ease, Yang Ying was furious. Arent you the least bit concerned? With your martial arts being crippled, shouldnt you be fleeing?

To where? Chu Li shook his head. Wouldnt they come and pursue me if I run?

Its better than waiting for your death here! Yang Ying snapped back.

Chu Li laughed. Thank you for Miss Yangs concern but I wont die that easily.

Humph, stubborn-headed! Yang Ying curled her red lips.

The two were still talking when Miss Yue Ru came over in a peach grown. She walked with such elegance.

At the sight of Yang Ying, she smiled and curtsied, and proceeded to sit at the table. Miss Yangs here too Big Brother Zhao, Ive been looking for you.

Chu Li replied, Whats the matter?

Stay in Phoenix Goddess Brothel, Yue Ru said.

Chu Li smiled and shook his head. Phoenix Goddess Brothel will be preyed upon with endless trouble.

Phoenix Goddess Brothel never backs down from trouble, Yue Ru dully commented.

I admire Miss Yue Rus heroic spirit! Lu Xiaofeng appeared at the stairway. Dressed in green, he laughed. I really do!

Yue Ru frowned. Young Master Lu.

Lu Xiaofeng came close and motioned a fist salute. Clan Leader Zhao, we from the Blazing Sun Clan will not fish in troubled waters and harm you!

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