Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Book 3 Chapter 15

We were still on the shores of the spring.

The frenzied attack on me brought on by Rose and Claires increased sensitivity didnt last long.

[WaitYuzuki-kun? You said that it didnt last long, butits been two hours now.]

Medea-nees message appeared in my log window.

Anyway, theres a reason why it didnt last long.

The additional effects brought on by increasing the rank of Feminist has had serious and immediate consequences.

This is due to the added effect that prevents me from even thinking about harming women. The result of that is.

Im unable to tease Rose or Claudia and therefore couldnt satisfy them as much as usual.

And thats why it didnt last long.

And, not far from us, Alumis had regained her form and her breathing was ragged.

My final attack had only weakened her. At some point over the last two hours, the puddle on the ground reformed into her body.

When Rose and Claudia noticed her, they both decided they should get her to lower the rank of my Feminist skill.

Alumis had become their prey.

Obviously, they dont possess Medea-nees blessing, so they werent able to harm her, but there was still the option of sexually tormenting her.

So, after hearing Alumis moans for a short while, they had obtained the fruit that lowered bad statuses. In front of me, lying on the ground, was Alumis gasping for breath.

I dont really remember much of what happened in the two hours that passed since resurrecting. Medea-nee told me that an SSS ranked skill can cause changes to my memories. Im not sure how much it really affected my willpower.

however, I clearly remember what I told Medea-nee before I revived, but I dont know if Feminist affected my decision to tell her that.

[Eh, Yuzuki-kun, thats an important detail. Tell me more.]

[I refuse.]

[But Fine. Still, a Yuzuki-kun that responds to every one of my desires sounds nice. Oh, I cant waste this chance. Tell me how you truly feel about me.]

A few more messages came flowing into my log window, but I looked away from them to avoid being forced to follow any of Medea-nees strange commands.

I opened my status window and scrolled down to the bad statuses.

My Feminist skill had dropped down to rank S. I wont be forced to follow every command given to me by a woman.

It went down two ranks. However, if it was about to rank up from SS to SSS that means its about to rank up to SS now.

If Im careful, I shouldnt have to worry about it getting back up to SSS.

Ill be fine for a while.

So, what should I do now? I looked down at my feet. Alumis was still lying there, breathing heavily.

how long will she be like this?

We forced her to drink the rest of our tea.


The tea with medicine in it that increases ones sensitivity by ten times. She was forced to drink this tea and was then tormented by Rose and Claudia.

I actually feel sorry for her.

Well, I accomplished what I came here to do, but we nearly killed the guardian spirit. While thinking about this, I noticed Femia was finally waking up.

Ummw-what happened? What!? Is everyone okay!?

As expected of the Royal Princess maid. The moment she regained consciousness she started checking to make sure we were all fine. However, her face went stiff when she saw Alumis body.

umm, what happened to the spirit?

Oh, well I fought her. Shes like this now because Rose and Claudia took their revenge on her.


They made her drink the tea she gave them.

Ummbut how were they able to hurt her?

sexual things dont count as hurting.


She turned her eyes toward the ground and didnt ask anything more. As expected of the Princess maid. No, those two might not be related.

For now, we need to decide what to do with Alumis. Any suggestions, Femia?

Ummwell, what aboutasking His Majesty?

you dont need to worry about me.

Alumis was the one that responded to Femia. I got in a defensive stance the moment I noticed she was awake.

You dont need to be afraidYuzuki-sama.


She was suddenly adding sama to my name.

At first I couldnt understand how you were able to harm me, but then I realized it was obvious. You have Goddess Medeas blessing.

Yeah, well.

Im not surprised she realized. My abilities all suddenly increased during our fight, so I felt there was no reason to deny this.

In fact, I have other ridiculous titles like Goddess Medeas First Love and Received Goddess Medeas Love. Wellshe doesnt need to know about that.

A-Alumis-sama, what did you just say?

Femina cocked her head to the side as she looked at Alumis.

You heard me right. Yuzuki-sama has been blessed by Goddess Medea.

Isis that true?

Well, that seems to be the case.

I dont want many people to know, butthe moment I defeated Alumis I knew it would come out soon. I decided to give a vague answer.

Well, if you dont plan on harming us, Alumis, we wont have any problems. We accomplished what we needed to do, lets return to the castle.

I said this to Rose.

All right.

Yes, Master.

Of course.

Yes, I agree.

Rose, Claudia, and Femia responed.

And then Alumis did as well. No, no, no.

You plan on coming with us, Alumis?

Of course. I am a follower of the Goddess. Isnt it natural that Id follow you, Yuzuki-sama? You possess Goddess Medeas blessing.

Dont say it like you dont have a choice.

Femia looked annoyed.

I was able to guess what she was thinking and said, You cant come with, Alumis.

Why not? Why cant I come?

Isnt it obvious? Youre the guardian of this sanctuary. Isnt it a serious issue if the guardian leaves?

Its fine. This isnt the sanctuary. I am.

then I guess there isnt any problem. I still dont want her to come.

Femias face was blue. If Alumis is the sanctuary and if we the daughter of and associates of the Brad family were to take the sanctuary with us, it could be considered an act of treason.

However, the yandere Alumis didnt back down.

Its useless for you, Yuzuki onii-san.

Rose spoke up from behind me.


Alumis, do you want to feel my wrath once more?

Hyau~!? I-I dont want that! That torment. I absolutely hated it!

she must be remembering something traumatic. What did they do to her? I want to know, but at the same time, Im afraid of what Id learn.

If I get the chance, Ill come visit you.

Alumis began to pout like a child, so I gave her this sliver of hope.


Yeah. I wont come every day, but Ill try to visit as often as possible.

The fruit I got from her can only be used once by a person. Still, I think I can learn a lot from her, so I may come back.

And theres also. No, no, no, I doubt shed teach me how to make the medicine that increases sensitivity by ten times.

But a medicine that directly connects ones status window to their skinits just too tempting.

[You just give in to all of your sexual desires, dont you, Yuzuki-kun? Or did you want me to come back down and take over Sylphys body again?]


[WellIm okay with that. Will you allow me to satisfy all of my desires?]

Everything here is settled. Should we return to the castle?

I could see the message, Yuzuki-kun, you idiot! Yuzuki-kun, you idiot! Yuzuki-kun, you idiot! filling up my log window. Shes a unique yandere.

Id even call her cute.

[ eh!?]

Oops, she was still listening.

Anyway, my Feminist problem has been solved. We just need to return to the castle so I can finish Princess Lakshus dress.

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