Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa Book 3 Chapter 16

After returning to the royal castle, I was able to change clothes before Femia grabbed onto my hand and dragged me to meet Princess Lakshu.

Rose and Claudia went to take a bath once we returned. Considering I died, I probably shouldve taken one as well, butat least I was able to change my clothes.

But I still have my Feminist skill at rank S, so once the maid grabbed onto my hand I couldnt do anything to resist.

Then, Femia brought me to Princess Lakshus room.

Pardon me, Princess Lakshu.

Femia opened the door without waiting for Lakshus reply.

Femia? Are you back already? I havent finished changing yet; can you wait beforeentering.

Princess Lakshu was holding a dress up in only her underwear.

Of course, this would happen.

She didnt expect her maid to enter without waiting for her reply, and Im sure she never expected her maid to have a man with her.

Im so sorry, Princess Lakshu! I wasnt thinking!

Femia bowed her head over and over and tried to back out of the room. Lakshus face turned bright red.

She took in a deep breath and


fine? Not kyaa?

Lakshu then moved the dress to the side and said, Finally, youve decided to do shame play! Thank you very much, Master!

you shouldnt be saying that, Princess.

well, I do like shame play.

But, I just like a little thrill. The thrill Id get from Claudia threatening to cut it off or from the King ordering my execution would be too much for me.

So, in order to save myself, I averted my eyes.

P-Princess Lakshu, please hurry up!

Yes, Ill take off my underwear right away!

No, dont take off anything else!

Whats with this sudden comedic development? No, this is more of an H scene. Its hard to resist staring.

For the time being, I turned away and tried to tell her Id wait outside until she was dressed.

Please wait, Master.

Lakshu ran forward and placed her hand on my shoulder.

I need to leave before Lakshu makes any masochistic demands of me.

Master, please wait. Something must have happened to cause Femia to be so distracted.

No, really, thats not

Youre right. Its a very important matter.

Femia cut me off and declared this.

If Femia says so then it must be serious. Ill get dressed. Please, stay here and tell me, Master.

Lakshus tone suddenly changed. I thought Lakshu was just a masochist who couldnt resist her own desires but maybe theres a part of her thats a proper princess.

Even though she says its an important matter, I was just dragged here by Femia.

Femia, what happened?

I answered with my back still turned to Lakshu before she asked Femia for an explanation.

Of course. When I introduced Yuzuki-sama to the spirit of the sanctuary, Alumis-sama became a yandere.

Wha -!? Alumis-sama turned into a yandere!?

Lakshu was completely taken aback.

I was surprised too when the spirit became a yandere, but its become an everyday occurrence for me to turn someone into a yandere. I didnt think much of it.

If I think about it, she was a spirit that guarded a sanctuary dedicated to the Goddess that rules over this world. It really is something amazing.

How is thatpossible?

She became yandere after meeting Yuzuki-sama.

Master. Thats right. You do possess a skill that is constantly trying to activate the yandere trait of anyone you come into contact with.

I was afraid theyd blame me for turning her into a yandere and try to punish me but that didnt seem to be the case.

So Im sure youre wondering.

yes. If Alumis-sama became a yandere, why is Master here? Wouldnt Alumis-sama try to do everything possible to keep him with her?

Thats what I wished to tell you. I do wish to tell you, Princess Lakshu, butIm not sure its my place to say.

I see. So she did try to capture Master. I understandand you can turn around now.

I turned around to see Lakshu wearing a pale dressthat exposed a lot of cleavage.

Should I point it out or pretend like I didnt notice? Lakshu is actually acting serious so I shouldnt do anything that might change that.

Lakshu sat down on a sofa and motioned for me to sit across from her. I walked over to her and took a seat. Now that Im closer to her, I can clearly see down her dress.

Haa~n~ Master lustful stare.

she knew all along!?

I wanted to avoid this. I need to change the subject, but theres no chance Lakshus going to forget that I was just staring at her chest.

Master, if you wish, you can train me to your liking.

Princess Lakshu, this isnt the time for this. Yuzuki-sama still has to tell you

Lakshu interrupted Femia before she could finish.

I wasnt there with you Femia, but I can ask him this: do you wish to keep what happened there secret, Master?

Well, yes, I do, but.

Then, I wont force you to tell me. Its easier than me asking you to tell me and forcing you to come up with a lie or an excuse not to tell me.

Princess Lakshu is a perverted masochistic girl, but once again, Im reminded that shes a proper princess.

So, if you dont wish to tell me, we should instead spend the time training me. In fact, please train me!

She started off serious but went on to say some unnecessary things at the end. No, I should just tell her everything that happened. If I keep trying to avoid it, shell just keep trying tog et me to train her.

Femia wants to tell her anyway. Theres no guarantee that once I leave she wont tell Lakshu.

Even if I keep silent, Lakshu will find out anyway. It would be better if I were the one to tell her.

Actuallywhen Alumis turned into a yandere she attacked me in an attempt to capture me.

But you managed to escape. Is that all that happened?

Not exactly. She had captured Rose and Claudia so I had to fight back.

No way, thatsimpossible. Alumis is a follower of Goddess Medea. Its impossible for a normal human to harm her. How could you possibly fight her off You dont mean?

I guess she got her answer. Even though its just a guess, she still cant believe it

I have Goddess Medeas blessing.

Goddess Medeas blessingreally? And you were able to fight off Alumis?

Do you believe me?

Theres never been anyone else that possesses her blessing, but if you do have her blessing it would explain how you were able to fight against her.

I see. So theres never been another case of someone possessing Medea-nees blessing.

On top of Medea-nees blessing, I have many other dangerous titles. What should I do if she asks to see my status window

Butif you have Goddess Medeas Blessing and To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes at rank SSS, you must convert most people you meet into yanderes.

Yeahthats right. Claudia is the only girl around me that isnt yandere.

In fact, I dont think there are many people that I know that arent yandere. Theres the Guild Master andumm, wellFemia isnt yandere.

yep, almost everyone I know is yandere.

Isnt Claudiayour slave? She must be around you all the time. How isnt she yandere?

Oh, her yandere resistance is rank S.

As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted saying anything. If its just Femia and Lakshu that know it shouldnt be an issue.

I told them, Please, keep that a secret. As long as they do it should be fine.

Yeah, I think that would be for the best. It would be bad if my older brother knew such a beautiful girl had such high yandere resistance.

Ill keep that in mind.

I need to remember to watch what I say.

Master, you said you fought off Alumis. Whats happened to her? I assume things were settled at the sanctuary since I havent heard any news of fighting elsewhere.

Oh, actually thats

Just as I started speaking, there was a sudden commotion outside the room.

This is Princess Lakshus room. Even if it is you, Rose-sama, you have to wait to be allowed in!

Get out of my way. I have urgent business with Princess Lakshu. Princess Lakshu, I know you can hear me! Yuzuki onii-san is in there, right!? I have to talk to him!

Lakshu instructed Femia to let Rose in.

Femia opened the door and said, Please, calm down, Rose-sama. You may come in.

As soon as Femia said this, Rose ran into the room. Seeing how flustered she looked I was afraid of what she may say.

Its terrible! Claudia was forcibly taken by Harold!

It was the worst thing that couldve happened.

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