Young Master Gu Please Be Gentle Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Mr Gu And Jun Xiyans Wedding

Chapter 567: Mr Gu and Jun Xiyans Wedding
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Gu Mohan scanned around the room with a sharp gaze, but he didnt find the one he was looking for.

He pursed his lips and revealed a grim expression. Stretching out his legs, he took swift steps around the room.

He pushed open the bathroom door.

No one was inside.

The walk-in wardrobe was empty too.

He combed through every corner of the room, but Tang Moer was nowhere to be seen.

The thought of her going missing sent him into a panic. His chest started pumping and he let out a scornful laugh. How dare she run away with his son!

Auntie Wu appeared with a bowl of birds nest broth in her hands. "Young Madam, its time for dinner"


She dropped the bowl on the carpeted ground once she witnessed the scene.

The entire apartment sunk into a deafening silence, Auntie Wu stood aside and didnt dare to make a sound.

Gu Mohan slumped against the sofa in the living room, he didnt cross his legs, they were just stretched forward. He held a cigarette in one hand and puffed on it while his brows were knitted.

The smoke had blurred his facial features and no one could tell what was on his mind.

The front door was unlocked, Yan Dong quickly walked over and reported, "President, Ive locked down the transport network in Karghalik as per your instructions and combed through every place, but we still havent been able to find Miss Tang. Its as though she has vanished into thin air."

Gu Mohan puffed on his cigarette again, spitting out the smoke. "She didnt just vanish into thin air, its not possible for her to do so. She doesnt have the ability to leave Karghalik in such a short period of time. Shes just hidden herself away so that I cant find her."

"President, what do you need me to do? Karghalik isnt that large but its not small either. Its almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. Moreover, Miss Tang is pregnant"

Gu Mohan started puffing on his cigarette with a quicker motion at the mention of Tang Moer being pregnant.

As long as she was still in Karghalik, he would definitely find her, no matter how long it took.

But he could no longer wait.

She had run away with his son.

She had taken his son away.

The most important thing was that she really wasnt willing to stay by his side. Even if he were to bring her back, she would still plan an escape again.

What could he possibly do to make her return on her own accord?

Gu Mohan slowly finished smoking his cigarette before he stubbed it out on the ashtray. Brushing off the ash on his trousers, he whipped out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Xiyan, lets get married."

He planned to get married to Jun Xiyan.

He neednt do anything else, he would just wait for her to come back.

He was betting that she would appear at their wedding.

She would be back, wouldnt she?

If she didnt appear, they would no longer stand a chance together again. She would never appear before him ever again.

He was forcing her to make a choice, he had no other way.

He was going all-in, betting everything in this gamble.

News of the marriage between the Gus and Juns had spread like fire in Karghalik.

One night before the wedding, in the study room.

Old Master Gu sat in his chair while clutching onto a cell phone, he was on the phone with someone.

"Hello, President Lu, congratulations. When Mohan and Xiyan get married tomorrow, the second young master of the Jun family, the president of country Z, will be back to attend the wedding. Your only contender, Jun Mosheng, will finally be back after 20 years."

A few seconds later, Lu Jinwens voice sounded on the other end of the phone call. He laughed. "I would say the same for Old Master Gu too, your wishes are finally granted. Your grandson is finally marrying the granddaughter-in-law youve approved of. The city must have been waiting for the profit-motivated marriage between the Gus and Juns."

"Haha," Old Master Gu laughed. "Ive gotten what I wanted and President Lu, youve also achieved your aims. Youve always been waiting for Jun Mosheng to come back to Karghalik so that you could get the chance to seize Lin Xuanji. But I still dont get it, why are you so sure that Lin Xuanji is with Jun Mosheng?"

"Thats none of your business."

"Fine, Im not going to talk about that then. President Lu, do you know why Ive always been fond of Lin Xuanji? Its because even after shes left for so many years, she still has such a strong presence. President Lu, youve been searching for her like crazy. Though Lin Xuanji hasnt done anything, her absence has tortured you so much."

There wasnt any sound on the other end, not even Lu Jinwens breathing could be heard.

"President Lu, you were behind the abortion pills prescribed to Moer, right?" Old Master Gu asked.

Lu Jinwen replied, "Oh? I thought that you were behind it."

Old Master Gu laughed. "On the outside, it may seem like Im the biggest obstruction to Mohan and Moers relationship, but the biggest obstacle is actually you, President Lu. Your daughter is head over heels for Mohan, but youve never taken your daughters happiness into consideration, you only have one goal in mind. That is to get Jun Mosheng back in Karghalik and seize Lin Xuanji. Werent you the one behind the abortion pills, with the intention of breaking Mohan and Moer up?"

"Ha," Lu Jinwen laughed. "I thought that you were behind it all. Youve never taken your grandsons happiness into consideration either, not even letting off your first great grandchild. You only have profits in your one-track mind."

"And so many people would categorize me with President Gu, the type who are cold blooded and heartless."

"Since you know how Im like, dont try to mess with Moer."

"Dont worry, President Lu. Im just praying that your daughter doesnt come about and provoke my grandson. How would I even dare to mess with her?"

They were passing the buck, with Lu Jinwen ending the phone call eventually.

Old Master Gu put down his cell phone and the butler was puzzled and couldnt help but ask, "Old Master, were you really behind the abortion pills?"

Old Master Gu lifted his head and gave the butler a look

Up the hill, in a little bungalow.

In the study room, Lu Jinwen hung up the phone call and Butler Ye walked in front, asking, "Sir, were you really behind the abortion pills prescribed to Elder Miss?"

Lu Jinwen put his cell phone down on the desk before he glanced at Butler Ye.

Butler Ye was stunned by the ambiguous gaze, he asked again, "Sir, Elder Miss is already asleep. She still doesnt know about Gu Mohan and Jun Xiyans wedding. Am I supposed to inform Elder Miss of the news?"

Butler Ye hesitated for a moment. "Jun Mosheng will be back in Karghalik tomorrow, the wedding is bound to proceed. But what about Elder Miss and Gu Mohan everyone could tell that Gu Mohan is forcing Elder Miss to appear with this spontaneous wedding. If Elder Miss doesnt appear, Gu Mohan will really marry Jun Xiyan and take her to be his wife."

Lu Jinwen knitted his brows, he didnt speak and the atmosphere became strangely oppressive and stifling.

Jun Mosheng was finally returning to Karghalik.

He had waited too long for this day to come.

The next day.

The wedding was held in a church. There was a luscious red carpet and fresh flowers scattered everywhere.



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