Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The Dangerous Moment

At the moment, Huo Wu was confidently waiting to watch Long Qingying be smashed by her own metal ball, his face wearing a look of pity.

He did feel pity as he wouldn't get a chance to sleep with this special woman.

But right at that moment, an invisible figure flashed by Long Qingying's side, grabbing her before the metal ball fell. In the next instant, Long Qingying disappeared.


Along with a thunderous sound, the heavy metal ball landed on the ground, shaking the area. It sank half-way into the ground and left a few cracks in the concrete floor around the hole it created.

Huo Wu didn't see any blood splash or Long Qingying's smashed body. He didn't even see a drop of blood.

He stared at the metal ball for a while with surprise. After confirming that there was truly no blood, he walked toward it.

Why wasn't there any splashing blood? Even if the blood didn't splash, it would spray to the ground, wouldn't it? And, the metal ball wasn't large enough to sink an adult entirely into the ground. Even if Long Qingying's body was buried under the metal ball, where were her head and limbs?

Du Yuanxing was also staring at the metal ball which had sunk half-way into the ground with confusion. He had as many questions as Huo Wu did.

But soon, he came back to his senses. He understood that he should try saving himself first Instead of worrying about Long Qingying! He believed that the survival of himself would be better than the destruction of the whole team.

Earlier on, he wanted to risk his own life to fight, but now, he was thoroughly frightened. After a few attacks, he found that Huo Wu had been suppressing him and Long Qingying firmly, and they had no chance of winning at all.

Now, as Huo Wu was paying attention to Long Qingying, who could be dead or alive, Du Yuanxing had a chance to run.

Therefore, he hesitated shortly, then immediately turned to leave.

Huo Wu was planning to walk to the metal ball to check if Long Qingying has died, but Du Yuanxing's move caught his eyes instantly. He turned to find the running Du Yuanxing, then sneered.

"Do you wanna run? Do you think you can run? None of you can run!"

While speaking, the fire dragons which were hovering above his head immediately moved in two different directions, one pouncing on Du Yuanxing while the other one flying at Cai Hongqing and the others who had already ran far away.

The armored warriors who came from another side saw Huo Wu's flying fire dragons.

"Over there! Follow up!"

Meanwhile, Yang Cheng sneakily moved toward Du Yuanxing.

Huo Wu turned his body to face Du Yuanxing, then abruptly swung his arms toward the fire dragon in the sky.

The fire dragon suddenly shrank into a fireball, then expanded again within a blink to form a giant cover as it descended onto Du Yuanxing.

Du Yuanxing didn't manage to run far before Huo Wu's fire cover fell on him.

The temperature suddenly became scorching hot. He felt that his hair and eyebrows were even starting to burn, as if he had fallen into a giant oven.

Before he could even think, the fire cover began shrinking.

When he saw the quickly shrinking fire cover, his brain finally started producing thoughts.

'I'm dead! I'm gonna be charred this time!'

In the next second, what he had been thinking almost happened for real, as the shrunken fire cover directly coiled on his body.

"Ah!" He immediately began screaming and rolling on the ground. A series of sizzling noises could be heard, as electric sparks emerged from the fire wrapping around his body, trying to stop the fire from hurting him.

However, the electric sparks could barely deliver any effect in the fire. Before long, his entire body was set on fire.

"Ah! Huo Wu! Sooner or later you'll end up the same as us! Ah!!!"

Du Yuanxing rolled on the ground while cursing Huo Wu in pain, thinking that he would be dead soon. This time, he really didn't have a chance of survival.

Right at that moment, he felt that someone had grabbed his shoulder which was suffering the burning pain. Before he realized anything, he felt that he had suddenly fallen into the water. His entire body had sunken into the water, which surged into his ears and mouth, stopping him from breathing.

He felt that the water was deep, as he was still sinking.

Then, he realized something in a burst of happiness. The first word emerged in his head was 'water'. The water could save him!

After that, he calmed himself down and looked around. He found that the fire on his body was gone, and his whole body was in the water, sinking.

He immediately came back to his senses. His clothes rubbed against his burning wounds and caused him pain, but he ignored it while swimming toward the water surface with all fours.

When stuck his head out of the water and clearly saw the surrounding environment, he yelled out with surprise, "You Why are you here?"

Out of Lin Qiao's space, Huo Wu was stunned. He gazed at where Du Yuanxing disappeared, then turned back to look at the metal ball which was supposed to land on Long Qingying. He found nothing around the metal ball. No broken limbs, no blood.

Before he could figure out what happened with Long Qingying, Du Yuanxing vanished right before his face!


How on earth could a human being just vanish into thin air!

Huo Wu rushed to where Du Yuanxing disappeared and found that not only had Du Yuanxing had vanished, but the fire which was supposed to burn him to death was gone as well. He couldn't sense the fire anymore.

'What happened? How did that happen?'

When Huo Wu was trying to figure something on the outside, Du Yuanxing and Long Qingying, who were dragged into Lin Qiao's space, had been standing by the lakeside, looking at this space in shock.

The sky was misty, with no sun or clouds.

Where was the bright sunlight?

Du Yuanxing saw a dark-green lake, a grassland, some furniture pieces placed randomly on the grass, and some daily supplies for human beings.

Then, he saw the zombie who stole his sunglasses! He felt that his brain wasn't working so well at the moment No, in fact, he felt that his brain wasn't working at all!

'What's going on? Where is this place? Why did I get here? Did this zombie save us again? What is this place? Why am I here within a blink? What is the lake? And the furniture? Eh? Is that a kid over there?'

All sorts of puzzles emerged in his mind, making him feel that his head was exploding. Only after he saw Junjun and the little boy by the entrance of the small space did he finally realize something.

"This this place is?" He turned to Long Qingying and asked.

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