Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Inexplicable Disappearance

Long Qingying looked at him coldly, then turned to Lin Qiao. She didn't say a word, but directly thrust a piece of paper into Du Yuanxing's hands.

It wasn't because she didn't want to answer his question, but because she honestly didn't know how.

Just now, when she thought that she'd be smashed to death by the iron ball when she suddenly felt that her arm was dragged and eyes were dazzled. After that, she was standing by the lakeside.

Before she could react, the zombie standing beside her took out the notepad, quickly wrote a few words, and put the note into his hands, then vanished right before her eyes.

She was stunned for a while before coming back to her senses. Then, she finally realized that she was still alive. Before she read the note, she heard a flop. As she raised her head to see what happened, she saw the zombie again show up again. It seemed that the zombie had thrown something into the lake and caused a loud noise, rippling the lake surface intensively.

After that, she saw a man struggling onto the water surface. After looking closer, she found that the man was none other than Du Yuanxing, who was fighting side by side with her just now!

Seeing the look of confusion and relief in Du Yuanxing's face, she figured that he must have experienced the same kind of situation as she did, and been brought to this place by the zombie.

Lin Qiao stood by the lakeside and closed her eyes to observe the outside situation. She found that it was already too late for her to go out and save the other people.

She tried asking Qiu Lili to help to save those people, but the latter was bearing a grudge against human beings. She had convinced herself not to hurt human beings, but wasn't willing to save any human being. Therefore, she directly disappeared when Lin Qiao asked for her help.

Lin Qiao couldn't make Qiu Lili save those people; she didn't have the capability even if she wanted to.

Therefore, she only saved the two who were relatively nearer to her. At the moment, the rest of Du Yuanxing's team members were either killed by Huo Wu's people with guns or burned to death by Huo Wu's other fire dragon.

She glanced at Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing, who still didn't know what had happened.

Du Yuanxing unwrapped the paper given by Long Qingying, and read the noteStay put!

'Stay here? Does she want me to stay here and not move?'

Du Yuanxing didn't understand what the note meant. He looked at Long Qingying with confusion, then at Lin Qiao.

He didn't know that the note was written for Long Qingying by Lin Qiao. Long Qingying hadn't read it yet. When Du Yuanxing asked her what happened, she automatically handed the note to him, as she herself didn't know what happened either.

Lin Qiao looked at them, then took out the pen to write another note'I couldn't help your other teammates.'

Finishing writing, she wadded the paper up and handed it to Long Qingying.

After reading the note, Long Qingying showed a sad look in her eyes and passed it on to Du Yuanxing.

Du Yuanxing glanced at the note, then had his face darkened. The atmosphere turned bleak and mournful.

He was sad, but soon accepted the death of his teammates. It wasn't the first time for him to lose teammates, and of course, wouldn't be the last time either.

Zombie-hunting had always been a dangerous thing. Every zombie hunter had put his or her life at risk, and could lose it at any time.

Therefore, as such things often happened, they wouldn't feel it hard to accept, but

"I will take revenge! If Huo Wu lives, I'll come back to kill him!" Recalling that it was Huo Wu who destroyed his team, his face twisted slightly with a ferocious look. With hatred and a strong intent of killing, he said through clenched teeth.

"And me!" Long Qingying's cold voice was heard, "I'll remember what he did to us. From now on, I'll never show mercy to anyone from the Earth Dragon Base."

Lin Qiao looked at them. As she had followed them for quite a while, she had already learned enough from their words and the conversations between Huo Wu and Yang Cheng. Now, she didn't need to ask them any more questions.

She wroteAre Earth Dragon Base people the reason why Lin Feng and his family are running to Sea City?

Finishing writing, she handed the note to Long Qingying.

Long Qingying's look changed after reading the note. She immediately raised her head to look at Lin Qiao, then asked with a deep voice, "How did you know?"

Seeing her look, Du Yuanxing leaned his head and read the note as well. After that, the look in his face turned alert as well.

'How did this zombie find that out so soon? We didn't mention it before! He also knew that Lin Feng and his families are running to Sea City, but we didn't tell him that either! How did he know? Did he make the same kind of deal with Huo Wu and his people as the one he made with us?'

Lin Qiao shrugged, showing a careless look while continue writing'I've figured out lots of things. I also know that Huo Wu is guided here by Yang Cheng, the traitor from your team.'

After reading that note, Long Qingying directly slapped the note paper on Du Yuanxing's chest.

"You should have killed him before leaving the base!" She said.

Du Yuanxing read the note, then looked at Lin Qiao and asked, "Is it really him?"

Lin Qiao nodded, pushing her sunglasses slightly upward.

"I know he has the wind power. He wanted to have the nucleus of the level-four wind-powered zombie all for himself, which is why I didn't bring him this time. But, I didn't think that he'd work with the scums from Earth Dragon Base to murder us!"

"Next time when we see him, let me kill him," Long Qingying clenched the hilt of her katana and said with a strong intent of killing.

Du Yuanxing glanced at her. He was going to say that he'd kill Yang Cheng himself, but then recalled that Yang Cheng had brought Huo Wu here, and their target was Long Qingying. Because of Huo Wu, they nearly all died.

"Alright, you can have him. You'll let me handle Huo Wu, okay?" Said Du Yuanxing.

Hearing his words, Long Qingying recollected that there was someone that she wanted to kill even more badly. So, she immediately changed her mind and said, "No, I'll leave Yang Cheng to you! I'll kill Huo Wu. You can't defeat him anyway!"

Du Yuanxing didn't know how to respond

"Ah, where is this place? That one over there He's a human boy, right? Who let a child out of the base?" He suddenly looked around and asked Lin Qiao, then pointed at the little boy who was at a short distance and showed an angry look.

Children were scarce in the post-apocalyptic era. The female population had dropped, so children became even rarer. For that reason, children were all under heavy protection, and no one was allowed to bring any child out of a base.

Therefore, earlier on, almost all the people from the Sea City Base wanted to kill Lu Tianyu for getting Wu Yueling out of the base and leaving her out there.

Hearing what Du Yuanxing said, Long Qingying noticed Junjun and the little boy as well. She looked at them for a while, then said with confusion, "How do you know that they're not both zombies?"

While speaking, she turned to look at Lin Qiao.

She said that because she had seen Junjun's face. Her pale-grey eyes and the dark circles under them meant that she was a zombie. So, could a kid in the arms of a zombie be a human being?

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