Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Stick to the Topic

"I've seen him. He has a human face. He's a human being!" Said Du Yuanxing.He glanced at Lin Qiao with a strange look, then turned to Junjun.

He was already looking at a strange zombie who could write notes, so he guessed that the zombie over there must be unusual as well. Otherwise, why would this sun-glasses-stealing zombie trust the other one with the little boy? Since this male zombie had saved him twice, he believed that he wouldn't watch the little boy be hurt by other zombies.

'Are they a family? Are those two his wife and son?'

Du Yuanxing looked at Lin Qiao and thought. He thought that Lin Qiao was a male zombie; so when he saw Junjun and the little boy, he began making guesses about their relationships.

The short distance and the look in Du Yuanxing's face allowed Lin Qiao to sense his thoughts faintly. She could accept to be seen as a male zombie. However, being seen as Junjun's husband, and the father of that little boy who would cry at the sight of her

That was something she couldn't accept!

'Oi, do you still have time to guess about our relationships? Aren't you supposed to worry about your own situation?' She thought and couldn't help but roll her eyes.

At that point, Long Qingying was still confused. She looked at Lin Qiao and asked, "What is this place? They are"

While speaking, she pointed at Junjun.

Lin Qiao didn't want to lie about her space, so she wrote on the paper 'This is my space. You can see me as a space-powered zombie. That boy is a human being. I saved him on my way here. That zombie might be his mother. She won't hurt the boy. She has lost her memories, but she still has her humanity.'

After reading the note, Long Qingying glanced at Junjun with a strange look, then turned to Du Yuanxing. Both she and Du Yuanxing were wearing a look of disbelief.

Du Yuanxing stared at the little boy while asking, "That female zombie Won't she bite the boy?"

Human beings believed that once a zombie sensed the scent of a human being, it would immediately rush up to bite the human.The two of them didn't understand how had the female zombie been managing to hold the boy without eating him.

Lin Qiao wrote 'She only lost her memories, not her humanity. And, the boy might be his son. Her instincts aren't allowing her to hurt him.'

Du Yuanxing read the note, then turned to Lin Qiao and asked, "Will it bite us?"

Long Qingying was looking at Lin Qiao as well.

Lin Qiao bared her pair of sharp canine teeth toward them, but Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing didn't understand her meaning.

'Would she stand over there so quietly if she wanted to bite you?' Lin Qiao wrote down.

Reading the note, Du Yuanxing asked with doubts, "Will she really not bite us? Isn't she a zombie? If that boy is her son, it'd be reasonable for her not to bite him. But, why doesn't she bite us? Aren't we delicious for her?"

Lin Qiao sniffed at him and then wrote 'You're not as delicious as women indeed. But, isn't this a little off-topic? Shouldn't you be thinking about what to do next? Why do you care so much about that zombie? I'm a zombie too. Would you like me to take a bite off you?'

Du Yuanxing took over the new note from Lin Qiao. After reading it, both he and Long Qingying automatically drew back for two steps.

"I'm surprised that you're a space-powered zombie! Can a zombie really possess space power?" Du Yuanxing asked abruptly.There were currently a considerable number of superpowered human beings, because it was easier for human beings to trigger superpowers than it was for zombies.

The total number of zombies was tens, or even a hundred times more than that of human beings, but only ten percent of them could manage to trigger superpowers at level-three and step into level four. Therefore, the number of high-level zombies was rather small.

Space-powered people were rare among human beings, which meant that space-powered zombies were even scarcer among zombies.

At that point, Long Qingying's patience was almost worn out by Du Yuanxing's off-topic questions. So, she couldn't help but say to him, "He's asking you what you are gonna do next. Why do you care so much about his space power?"

Lin Qiao nodded in agreement.

'You were nearly killed by someone just now. Your teammates have all died, but you and an equally strong one survived. So, what are you going to do next? Will you go back to the base? Or stay out here? Or, do you plan to leave the South and find a new life in one of the other bases?' These were the questions that Lin Qiao wanted to ask Du Yuanxing.

Before he responded, Long Qingying continued, "I can't return to my base. Both Huo Wu and Long Yubai won't leave me alone. I prepare to leave to Sea City. On the way, I'll also try finding Lin Feng and his people."

While she was speaking, an idea suddenly emerged in her head, making her stare at Lin Qiao and ask, "And, I'm thinking that maybe you've found out the things about our Chief long ago, and you were just trying us earlier. Am I right?"

She was thinking that maybe the zombie in front of her did know Lin Feng and his family. He might have heard about the things that happened to Lin Feng and the others before, and just wanted to verify the information he had. He happened to find Du Yuanxing and his people in trouble, so he saved them and conveniently asked them about Lin Feng.

She believed that explained why the zombie knew that Lin Feng and his family was heading toward Sea City.

Hearing her words, Lin Qiao nodded.

To her surprise, Long Qingying made up an excuse for her, and she would surely like to borrow it.

Du Yuanxing stopped staring at Junjun and the little boy curiously, then turned to Lin Qiao while carefully thinking over what Long Qingying had said.

'If Long Qingying is right about that this zombie knows about what has happened to Lin Feng before meeting us' he thought, 'is he an enemy or a friend then? At first, he claimed to be a friend, but who knows if that's true or not? We don't know this zombie, so we can't prove if his words are real.'

'But, since he has saved us twice, he doesn't look like an enemy. However, I didn't see him hurting Huo Wu and his people either.'

Thinking that way, Du Yuanxing began doubting Lin Qiao's purpose.

"Why are you asking about Lin Feng and his family?" He asked.

As Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing finally began talking about the important matter, Lin Qiao wrote on the paper'I'm going to find them now, and then I'm going to help them. That's why I'm now asking about them.'

Long Qingying read the note, then glanced at Du Yuanxing.After that, she turned to ask Lin Qiao, "Are you really gonna help them?"

Lin Qiao nodded in response.

Long Qingying looked at her with composure while continuing, "If you kill Huo Wu and his people out there earlier, we might believe you."

Lin Qiao shrugged and wrote'I don't kill human beings without reason. I'll kill him when I have to. Moreover, I can't defeat him easily. He's a level-six."

She could kill people, but that needed to depend on the circumstances. Her first priority now was to find Lin Feng and his family. If, after that, she felt that it was necessary to kill Huo Wu, she would come back and do it.

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