Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Yang Jianhua Retreats

The vehicles were all strongly armored, so these ordinary zombies weren't able to do them any harm no matter how hard they tried.Therefore, the soldiers in the cars drove the cars away very calmly, leaving the zombie crowd following behind.

A couple of minutes later, Yang Jianhua, Qiu Lili, the zombie crowd, and Yang Jianhua's soldiers who had been hiding in the cars all the time for some reason had left.

Yuan Tianxing leaned against the earth wall, watching the situation unfold with confusion.

'That's it?' He thought. The sneaky Yang Jianhua showed up in full fury and threatened the Lin Family, yet ended up being scared away by a weird zombie queen.

He guessed that not even Yang Jianhua himself had predicted that.

Yuan Tianxing was preparing to neglect his injuries and fight another battle against Yang Jianhua. However, two zombies came out of nowhere. One of them sneakily took Lin Feng away, while the other one beat Yang Jianhua off and went to chase him. It seemed that the second zombie wouldn't give up until Yang Jianhua was hurt!

"This Why is there a wall? Tianxing? Are you out there?"Before Yuan Tianxing figured out a thing, Lin Wenwen's voice was heard from behind the earth wall.

He came back to his senses and looked around to find that those disgusting-looking ordinary zombies had all followed Yang Jianhua away, and the area around him had become a zombie-free safe zone.

Only the stink of zombies remained in the air.

"What is What happened just now?" Mrs. Lin asked.

Yuan Tianxing held the wall and stood straight, raising a hand to wipe away the blood from his mouth corners. Only after that did he lower the earth wall and let the people behind it out.

"What happened Why did you build a wall around us? Ah, why was my brain blank just now?" Asked Lin Hao confusedly.

While speaking, he raised his head to find a large number of zombie bodies around him, and the dark-red zombie blood all over the ground. He then looked further and saw the backs of many zombies tens of meters away.

"That What's going on? Why are there so many zombies? And, why are they all heading that way?" Lin Wenwen didn't understand why those zombies ignored a group of living human being but all moved that way.

"Yang Jianhua's people and vehicles have all left!" Long Qingying said abruptly.

"Yang Jianhua and that zombie are gone as well! Long Qingying, are you sure that the zombie with sunglasses is still here?" Lin Hao quickly looked around, then asked Long Qingying with a loud voice.

Once noticing that both Yang Jianhua and Qiu Lili had disappeared, the Lin Family people forgot about what happened earlier and stopped wondering why Yuan Tianxing built a wall around them.

Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing glanced at each other. Neither of them could give an answer, because Lin Qiao and Lin Feng had disappeared for a while, and the young female zombie had left as well.

"Lin Feng Lin Feng isn't eaten, is he?" Mrs. Lin spoke in panic.Once she said that, the others all fixed their eyes on Du Yuanxing and Long Qingying.

"The other day, they showed up in the South, asking around about you." Long Qingying said, "They happened to run into us and saved us for a few times. Back then, we didn't tell them about you, yet they still found out. In the end, when we were trapped and hopeless, they saved us again."

Hearing Long Qingying's words, Du Yuanxing hurriedly nodded and echoed, "Yeah, yeah, yeah! At first, he told us that he was looking for you was gonna help you. We didn't believe him either, so we didn't tell him much. But later on, he said that he would go to Sea City to find you. Huo Wu failed to kill us, and will certainly try again. So, we left the South and followed him to you."

Lin Hao snorted and responded, "You're so brave that you traveled with two zombies which can destroy you within a blink of an eye. But, it's been so long, and my brother and that zombie haven't shown up yet. How do you explain that?"

"We didn't know that that little girl is a a zombie queen." Du Yuanxing muttered.If they knew that, they would never dare to follow them! Before, Du Yuanxing thought that both Lin Qiao and Qiu Lili were at level-four or five. After all, the zombie which could write to communicate with human beings couldn't be ordinary.

During the journey, only the zombie who had stolen his sunglasses had been communicating with him and Long Qingying. The young female zombie in a white dress didn't even look at them. Once out of the car, she would stay far away from them.

"You don't even know them well enough." Lin Wenwen glared at Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing and said harshly.

Lin Wenwen and the others didn't know Du Yuanxing well, and had never talked to him. However, they all knew his name, as he was a level-five superpowered person. Lin Feng was the only one who had spoken to him.

Long Qingying met Lin Wenwen after the base was built. They became close after Lin Wenwen once helped Long Qingying during a zombie-hunting mission outside the base.Therefore, it was reasonable for Lin Qiao not to know Long Qingying.

"That's not important! What's important is that he didn't do us any harm. On the contrary, he saved our lives." Long Qingying said blandly.

She herself felt strange about that as well.

In the post-apocalyptic era, even human beings wouldn't help other human beings sometimes. Everyone needed to try as hard as they could to save themselves, so who would care about strangers?

However, that zombie saved her and Du Yuanxing a few times. At first, she suspected the zombie for having other purposes. But, since the latter had saved her, she had no choice but to accept that fact. At least, the zombie seemed to be harmless to them. However, she had still been keeping vigilance toward the two zombies all the way.

She didn't want to believe that the zombie really wanted to help, but what else could she do? As the zombie and his friends also wanted to find Lin Feng, she decided to join them.

"He saved you for a purpose. He's a zombie, so why would he save you? He must be up to something!" Lin Hao joined the conversation.

The Lin Family people stared at Long Qingying and Du Yuanxing seriously. They wanted to believe the two, but they couldn't understand why a zombie, which knew nothing but eating human beings, would save them. Besides, how on earth could a zombie cure Lin Feng?

Yuan Tianxing had been looking at the others silently, not because he didn't want to talk, but because he was barely standing. After hearing Qiu Lili's scream, his internal injuries had gotten worse, and his mind nearly broke down. He knew that he couldn't let himself collapse at this moment; so with no other choice, he forced himself to stay clear-minded.

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