Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Burn Catmint To Keep The Beasts Away

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The top-leveled beings who had already gotten used to their unique leading status tended to grow agitated when they detected other equally powerful beings. They could never tolerate any other powerful beings existing in their territories.

After all, one nation couldnt have two queens.

The level-nine creature came out of the underground world and detected the existence of Si Kongchen and Dong Xiaowei, both at the same level as itself, and naturally intended to kill them.

People in All Beings Base and Sea City Base had known that the monster was coming up, so they werent surprised. Unlike them, Si Kongchen changed his expression in shock, saying, "Why did it come out? Isnt it supposed to be staying underground?"

The monsters vibe was strong and aggressive, much more powerful than his. He had a feeling that he was definitely no match for it, so the sense of crisis instantly emerged from his heart.

The level-nine monsters enormous body floated in the sky, slowly rising high. Clouds of poisonous energy came out of his mouth through its sharp teeth. It turned its gigantic head from side to side and twitched its nose. Then, its cold and huge eyes showed hesitation.

It was looking at Sea City Base and Huaxia Base; level-nine vibes were coming from both those two opposite directions. It had to choose one to deal with first and then come back for the other one.

In Eastern China, Lin Qiao was standing on top of the tallest building in her base. Standing behind her were Lin Feng and the others.

"Will it come here?" Facing where the monsters vibe was coming from, Lin Feng asked with a serious face. The monsters vibe was so wild and strong that he could sense it clearly even from thousands of miles away. The monster released its vibe on purpose; it was marking its territory using its vibe. Many animals had that kind of habit.

"Itll come here eventually," said Lin Qiao expressionlessly. The monster would come over as long as at the level-nine man stayed in this area.

Lin Feng turned and looked at Lin Qiao. Seeing the latters expressionless face, he figured that she couldnt think of an idea to keep the monster away at the moment. Fighting it was not an option; they had no chance to win.

If the Chief of Green Mountain Base and Si Kongchen could join hands and fight it together, there might be a glimmer of hope on mankinds side. However, that wouldnt likely happen.

Lin Qiao dropped her head as she put a hand on her chin and thought for a moment, "Theres only one way. I just dont know if we have enough catmint."

"What way?" everyone looked at her.

Lin Qiao raised her head to look at them and said, "Burn all the catmint that we have. The catmint smoke will spread. That thing wont like the smell, so itll go to Huaxia Base. We wont be able to keep doing it for long though, because we dont have much catmint left."

The catmint plants in her space grew times faster than the ones outside, but still, the total amount of catmint wasnt enough.

People needed to think of a way to bring the monster down for good. After all, they couldnt possibly send Dong Xiaowei away at this point.

Earlier, Dong Xiaowei was invited to Sea City Base to guard the base against Si Kongchen. But now, he was attracting the level-nine monster, which was even more dangerous than Si Kongchen, to the base. However, both Lin Qiao and Wu Chengyue believed that he shouldnt be sent away for that reason. Neither did they tend to turn their backs on the ones who had done them a favor.

"We can only fight it if theres no other way," said Wu Chengyue.

Running was not an option, as the level-nine monster could catch up with them within a blink if it wanted to. They couldnt possibly escape.

Lin Qiao took out the catmint from her space, which was grown by Lu Tianyi, and asked Lin Feng to send his men to burn it on the roof. As the dense smoke rose into the sky, the people with wind power blew it to the north.

Soon after that, the level-nine monster turned to All Beings Base and twitched its nose. After spending a short while sensing the scent in the air, it uttered a deep and muffled roar.


Next, it turned to Huaxia Base and disappeared.

The moment it moved, Si Kongchen sensed it approaching Huaxia Base at lightning speed through the air.

This isnt good! Its coming at us! Si Kongchen changed countenance when he realized that.

At the same time, Lin Qiao and her people sighed with relief.

The catmint worked well! She wanted to go and witness Si Kongchens death, but she didnt have the time. After all, the monster would come back for Dong Xiaowei as soon as it finished Si Kongchen off.

She went to Teng and asked him if he had any idea. Teng had sharp intuition, and Lin Qiao was willing to believe in anything he might say.

However, he shook his head and said to her, "I only have a rough feeling about this. I dont know what exactly we should do, but I feel that well be fine. So I guess nothing too bad will happen to us!"

"Teng is trying to say that well find a way to keep ourselves safe at last. He just doesnt know what exactly the solution will be," Wu Chengyue said after hearing Tengs words.

"If we want something more specific, maybe we can talk to someone else," Lin Qiao thought for a moment and asked Duan Juan to bring Lin Wenwen over.

Lin Wenwen came over, knowing what Lin Qiao wanted to ask her about. "Do you want me to try to see into the future about the monster?"

Everyone nodded in response.

"Ill give it a try." Lin Wenwen narrowed her eyes and slowly glanced at everyone on the scene. However, no future scenes popped in her mind.

Soon, the atmosphere started to become depressing. Would they have to fight that monster at last? They obviously had no chance to win! Underground creatures could even kill humans at higher levels than themselves! A level-nine human being would have absolutely no chance against a level-nine underground creature.

Lin Qiao sighed as she raised her head and leaned on the back of the chair, saying, "Eh, I wish there were an animal trainer who could tame this huge monster. How nice would that be!"

"In your dreams!" Wu Chengyue gave a bitter smile.

"If theres really a person who can do that, Id kneel before him or her!" said Lin Feng with no expression.

Everyone turned and looked at him silently.

"No, brother, you wouldnt need to kneel. Ill kneel!" said Lin Qiao.

The people turned to her, still staying silent. They didnt know what to say about the short and weird conversation between Lin Qiao and her brother.

"No Neither of you two will need to kneel before that person, because hes your son and nephew!" Lin Wenwen suddenly dropped her head and buried her forehead in hand. In the meantime, she raised her other hand and spoke.

The other people immediately twirled to her, and then, following her finger, looked at Teng, who was in Lin Qiaos arms.

"Eh?" Teng popped his large eyes with confusion.What does this have to do with me?

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