Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436 The Twist In The Situation

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Lin Qiao gawked at Teng for a moment and looked at Lin Wenwen, figuring something out. "Have you seen anything?"

Lin Wenwen stood up and walked up to Lin Qiao. Then, she bent over and lifted Teng up, who was also looking at her with curiosity, "Aunty, what did you see?"

Lin Wenwen smiled at him and said, "I saw you sitting on a giant monsters head."

She then turned to Lin Qiao and asked, "Does the level-nine monster have a pair of short and sharp horns, a little like bull horns? Also, does it have thorns from the back of its head all the way down to its tail, and around its eyes? Are its eyes huge?"

Among all on the scene, only Lin Qiao had seen the level-nine monster. Therefore, Lin Wenwen asked her about it.

On hearing her description of the monster, Lin Qiao nodded and said, "Yes. It has thorns on its head and around its eyes and on its back and tail."

Recalling what Lin Wenwen had said about Teng sitting on the monsters head, Lin Qiao glanced at Teng and couldnt help but continue with, "You saw him sitting on the big things head? I guess he looked like a flea on that creatures head."

Teng felt speechless while Lin Wenwen burst in laughter. The others didnt know what to say either.

"So, you again? Teng, what do you have to do with those underground creatures?" Qiu Lili couldnt help but ask the question, looking at Teng with strong curiosity. The kid was able to scare away the underground creatures at level eight and seven, and now he even had the potential to tame the level-nine one! That was unbelievable! He was a half-human and half-zombie boy, so if he had the power to affect some other living beings, those should be zombies. How come he was able to affect the mysterious underground creatures?

Teng looked from side to side, seeing people stare at him as if he were a rarely seen animal in a zoo. While shrugging, he said, "How am I supposed to know? Im curious about it too. After all, neither my Mama nor Daddy have that kind of genes. Why do those creatures react to me so strongly?"

Lin Wenwen held him, shaking him gently while saying, "Maybe it has something to do with your superpower. Your power isnt formally awake yet!"

"No," Teng nodded and said.

Lin Qiao looked at Teng as she thought for a moment and said, "Tengs power isnt awake yet, but he already has such capabilities."

"So, hell be ruling the world when his power awakens," said Du Yuanxing, who had been quietly standing in a corner.

Everyone found that to be funny.

"Dont pin such a big hope on me," said Teng, "Im just a baby."

Lin Wenwen pinched his little cheek and laughed, "Does any other baby have the guts to sit on the head of a level-nine monster?"

Teng looked at her curiously, saying, "This is so weird. How come Im not feeling anything? Is what youve seen the real future?"

To be honest, he had no feelings about the level-nine creature at all, nor any intuition. So, what exactly was going to happen?

"I think youre probably the savior sent to us by God," said Lin Wenwen to the boy, "Theres still hope for humans."

In Sea City Base, the tall, sturdy man wearing a cape was standing on top of a building, his head lowered slightly. The brim of his hat covered his eyes. Ye Yingyue, Lei Cheng, Zou Shihui, and others were standing by his sides, looking anxious and worried. However, they had all been forcing themselves to calm down.

Finally, the tall man changed countenance slightly, saying, "It left."

On hearing his voice, all the others turned their eyes on him.

"Left? What does that mean?" Zou Shihui immediately asked a question.

However, the man dropped his head deeper without saying anything. He was never willing to show his eyes. His sight was limited to a very small range.

Ye Yingyue thought for a moment and exchanged glances with Lei Cheng. After that, she said to Zou Shihui, "Our Chief said that the level-nine thing is heading somewhere else, that its not coming here."

Upon hearing that, the Sea City Base people on the scene immediately sighed with relief. "Really? Is it heading to Huaxia Base?" Someone asked.

Judging by the nature of beasts, they figured that the level-nine monster wouldnt allow any other living beings as powerful as itself to exist in its territory. It would hunt those living beings down or drive them away.

It had only two targets. So, if it werent coming at Sea City Base, it must be heading to Huaxia Base!

Ye Yingyue thought for a moment and said, "Perhaps, but I cant say for sure yet. We need to send someone to find out."

The base was no longer surrounded by underground creatures, so the situation had become easier than before. Next, people only needed to find a solution to the poisonous mist. As same as Huaxia Base, Sea City Base didnt have a cure for the poisonous mist either. So currently, Sea City Base was manufacturing large numbers of face masks for its people. The lake water provided by All Beings Base and catmint were put into every face mask.

Learning that the level-nine monster wasnt coming at them for the time being, people felt relieved but still didnt stop worrying. After all, it would still come back for Dong Xiaowei as long as it finished Si Kongchen off.

"Were safe for now, but"

Sea City Base people now looked at Dong Xiaowei in a weird way. At first, he was there to help, so they didnt have the heart to ask him to leave directly. Some of them were thinking about how to ask him to leave politely and nicely.

If only he could take the initiative to leave, they thought.

Ye Yingyue and the others were smart enough to figure out what those Sea City Base people were thinking about. Since Sea City Base people didnt want them to say, their mission could be counted as accomplished. Hence, it was pointless for them to stay.

"Dont worry, well leave tomorrow," Ye Yingyue abruptly turned and glanced at those Sea City Base people, saying directly.

Zou Shihui and the others gave a slight start and wore an embarrassed and complicated look. After all, sending Dong Xiaowei away was the best way to keep the hundreds of thousands of residents in the base safe under the current circumstances.

As Sea City Base people were feeling relieved, the atmosphere in Huaxia Base became tense and depressing, because a super dangerous enemy was coming at it.

"Roar!" A nearly thousand meters long monster showed up above Huaxia Base while a strong and fierce vibe descended. The monster had grown many times larger than it was in the underground space. Floating in the air, its gigantic body cast a vast spread of shadow on Huaxia Base. In the meantime, the other underground creatures were gathering toward Huaxia Base in groups from all over the country like waves of tidewater.

Huaxia Base people were so frightened that they even wanted to run away from the base. However, all the gates had been closed. The commoners couldnt leave; some superpower possessors leaped across the wall to escape, but none survived the massive beast crowds outside.

The ones that stayed inside the base still had a glimmer of hope to live, while the ones who chose to run out all died immediately.

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