Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 182

Chapter 182 Are You Stupid?


In a building which was hundreds of meters away from the hotel, a man was sneakily observing the hotel building through a telescope.

“Have you found anything?”

“Shh, quiet! I’m trying to seeThat building has tens of floors, but only the rooms on one floor have lights on. The power in this town has been off long ago, so they must be using the solar power.”

“Solar power? Are you sure?”

“Or, you tell me how they generated electricity?”

“If there’s solar power equipment, that place must have been untouched beforeIt seems that the people in that building have killed the level-five zombie leader nearby. That is a huge hotel, so there must be sealed cold storages inside. Perhaps, the cold storages are directly powered by the solar energy. Will there be large amounts of frozen food?”

“That’s possible!”

“Should we go over there?”

“Be patient and observe the situation first.”


“Think about it. A level-five zombie is supposed to be nearby. However, those people have been staying in that hotel building restfully, which means that the zombie leader was already killed by them. Therefore, they have one level-six or three level-five members at the very least. We’re no match for them now, so it’ll be meaningless for us to go over there for now.”

“Are you saying that”

“You, take two men and go back to the base to report to our Deputy Chief. Tell him that we have found solar power equipment. He’ll definitely come.”

“Alright! Let’s do as you said.”

Lin Qiao had sensed these people who were hidden in the darkness, but as they were hundreds of meters away and talking in very low voices, she couldn’t make out their words, even though she had good hearing.

She sensed their scents and saw the dimly glistening light of the telescope.
Those people were staying motionless. Lin Qiao guessed that they were still trying to figure out the situation by observing.

Abruptly, she stood straight and disappeared from beside the window. Then, an invisible figure flashed out of the window, quietly darting toward those people.

Hundreds of meters wasn’t a long distance; with a few leaps, she quickly hopped onto the building that those people were staying in.She made a circle on the roof, then found two vehicles parked in the dark alley next to the building. Those were the same cars she had seen yesterday.

At that point, a few people sneakily came out of the building and got onto one of the two cars. Soon, the car was started and driven away.

Lin Qiao looked at the car, then turned her head to sense the vibes in the building.Most from the group of people stayed in the building, and only a few went out and drove the car away. What were they going to do?

‘It seems that they have found out about the solar power equipment, and are observing the situation. Did the couple of people leave to make a report to someone? Or, are they heading back to their base to find powerful helpers, because they’ve realized that they can’t win against Lin Feng and his people?’

With these guesses, Lin Qiao leaped out from the roof and followed behind the car.She moved way faster than the car, and soon landed on the roof of a small building.

There was an overline bridge near her. She sprung onto the bridge and climbed onto the guard bar. When the car passed under the bridge, she jumped and quietly landed on the car roof.

“Boss, do you really trust him? What if he took the solar power equipment without us?”

“Are you stupid? A level-five zombie often appeared in this area, and now, those people are staying in that hotel building. The zombie leader should be able to sense these people from miles away, but why didn’t it come to attack them? Because they have killed it! They are much more powerful than us. Even if Lv Duyao wants to take the solar power equipment by himself, he doesn’t have the power to do it.”

“You’re right.”

Standing on the car roof, Lin Qiao listened to their conversation and told herself that she had guessed correctly.These people were planning to seize the solar power equipment. They were worried that they might fail, so the few in the car were sent to find help.

She smiled and showed her face, then took the sunglasses out of her pocket and put them on.

‘You saw us, and you want to rob us. Moreover, you’re going to find help?’
Lin Qiao squatted on the car roof and slowly reached her hand to the window on the driver’s side.A wisp of dense and dark mist was released from her palm, drilling into the car through the window.

The mist spread in the car, merging into the darkness, soon getting into their ears.The driver who was looking around to check the situation on the road suddenly froze up.

“Eh? What’s this?” Shen Chengming, who was in the front seat, noticed a stream of black mist flowing toward his ears and dodged automatically.

Once he turned his head, he saw the frozen driver. The driver couldn’t keep holding the steering wheel, so the car slowly moved to the roadside. Shen Chengming gave a start, then hurriedly leaned over and reached out his hand to control the steering wheel.

“Damn! Do you know how to drive? The car is going to hit” He held the steering wheel and burst in yells, his eyes focused on the road. Then, he turned back his head, prepared to say something more to the driver. However, he suddenly saw that the driver’s face slowly disappeared.It was like it had melted suddenly, and then his entire head began melting as well.

Soon, Shen Chengming watched the driver’s head vanish entirely.

After witnessing that scary scene, Shen Chengming was stunned. A few seconds later, he realized what had happened.

He turned to look at the few in the backseat and found that they were all headless like the driver, sitting stiffly.

Shivers ran down his spine. He turned around to find that the driver’s neck was gone as well, and the rest of his body was melting in a weird way as well.

He immediately let go of the steering wheel and turned back to open the car door and jump out. After making a roll on the ground, he squatted by the roadside to look at the car.

As he jumped out, no one was left in the car to drive. Soon, the car rubbed against the roadside and hit the flower bed.


Shen Chengming breathed quietly, alertly watching the car hit the flower bed and stop.He had absolutely no idea what had happened, and didn’t know why the others suddenly lost their heads. It was like a horror movie, but fortunately, he had a strong heart.

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