Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 523

Chapter 523 We Won't Let Them Get Away

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Lin Qiao was speaking in a calm and cold tone, but still, the people in the room could tell how sad and regretful she felt for those fallen lives.

It wasn’t their fault to be targeted by the enemies. But as a leader, Lin Qiao failed to evacuate the base timely and protect her people. That was her failure, and it proved her incapability.

So now, she felt sorry for those who had died, as well as for the ones in the room.

“Those who have become zombies, I brought them here,” said Lin Qiao with a heavy tone.

Except for Duan Juan and Qian Xiaoai, the others were all stunned. They looked at Lin Qiao with surprise.

“You… Are you saying that…” Lin Feng did not expect her to bring those people who had become zombies back here.

“Yes, I brought them all the way back here. For now, I’ve let them stay near the border between Upper City District and West Lake District,” said Lin Qiao.

The others glanced at each other.

They had gotten used to the life in the new base which was surrounded by zombies. So, they had no disagreement with the fact that Lin Qiao had brought back those Hades Base people who had become zombies. They were simply surprised.

“Good… Even though they’re dead, we need to provide them with a home to return to,” Mrs. Lin gave a long sigh and broke the silence in the room.

Lin Qiao shook her heads and said, “No, I’ll let them wake up. They will also become our powerful weapons against Earth Dragon Base, Hidden Cloud City Base, and Sky Fire Base!”

“You’re going to fight Earth Dragon Base? Now?” Hearing her, all the people in the room raised their heads and stared at her.

“Not now. I’ll wait until the center of this new base is built up, and then I’ll figure out a way to improve your superpowers. Only by then can I go out to fight the enemy with no worries,” Lin Qiao looked at the people in the room and said blandly.

Hearing that, those people sighed with relief.

Lin Qiao stood behind the table, both hands rested in the pockets of her trousers, “I will make every single enemy pay for what they did to us. Yang Jianhua died first, so Long Yubai will be the next,” she continued.

“Speaking of Long Yubai, there’s one thing. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it already, but not long after you left, he came to our base with his people,” Yuan Tianxing abruptly joined the conversation.

“What? He came here?” Lin Qiao’s green eyes instantly turned cold.

The roomful of people nodded together.

Lin Qiao stayed silent for a few seconds, then asked with surprise, “Then what happened?”

Yuan Tianxing looked at her and said, “They came here, but we didn’t let them approach us.” While speaking, he turned to look at Yun Meng, who was standing behind Lin Qiao.

Sensing his gaze, Yun Meng made two steps forward, then stood by Lin Qiao’s side and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you about that. We stopped Long Yubai and his people miles from Jianggan District, then we beat them off.”

While speaking, she pointed at Lin Hao and Long Qingying.

“Actually, they were scared off by us,” Lin Hao finally got a chance to talk.

Lin Qiao glanced at them, then suddenly turned to Mrs. Lin and Lin Wenwen as she said, “Mom, you, Wenwen, and sister-in-law, you go back and take some rest.”

Then, she turned to say to the group of people behind Yuan Tianxing and Lin Feng, “The ones at level-five and above stay here… The others can leave. Lin Yu, you and your people go and see how things are going with Chen Yuting. Take over his work and tell him to come up for the meeting.”

“Yes,” Lin Yu and Feng Yuming responded quickly with good manners, but in fact, their eyes still wore a stunned look. Mrs. Lin, Lin Wenwen and the other Lin Family people stood up and left the conference room as well.

Long Qingying didn’t leave with them, as she knew that Lin Qiao must have something else to tell her later.

The ladies from Lin Family understood that Lin Qiao asked them to come to the conference room only because she was going to disclose her identity under their witness. After that, she was going to talk about some serious work which needed to be done, and it would be inappropriate for them to stay here and listen.

The others still looked shocked when they left the conference room, feeling like they were in a dream. Confusion could still be detected from their eyes.

Lin Qiao didn’t care how those people felt. As they left, she continued talking to the people who stayed in the room.

“Tell me, what exactly happened back then.”

Yun Meng found herself a seat where Mrs. Lin and the others were sitting before. At the same time, Qiu Lili walked over and sat down as well.

Lin Qiao looked at Long Qingying, who stood behind Lin Wenwen earlier, then pointed at an empty seat and signaled for her to sit down. Meanwhile, Yun Meng started talking, “We ambushed them at one end of a bridge. I controlled a crowd of zombies to block their way, then pretended to be a zombie dominator to fight them. While I created the chaos, Qingying secretly distorted Long Yubai’s vehicles and weapons. After that, he had nothing to threaten us.”

Lin Qiao looked at Long Qingying, who nodded to confirm Yun Meng’s words.

“But, that Long Yubai was so weak. I made one move, and he was kicked flying away by me. If he didn’t run that quickly, I’d have broken a leg of his,” said Yun Meng blandly.

Hearing her, Lin Qiao nodded and said, “You’re right. Among all level-seven people, Long Yubai is the weakest. Far away from water sources, not even some level-six people who can launch powerful attacks need to be afraid of him.”

“Although he’s not powerful, he has great ambition. Also, he’s very scheming. I think that we weren’t even his main target this time, because I heard that he lingered outside Sea City Base for a couple of hours without informing the people in that base. He didn’t leave until that night,” said Yuan Tianxing.

“Do you mean that he only dropped by our new base and attempted to destroy us conveniently?” Lin Qiao’s eyes glowed with a cold light.

“I think that’s right,” Yuan Tianxing nodded and continued, “He brought an army. If Mengmeng, Qingying, and the zombie crowd under your control weren’t here, we wouldn’t be able to survive the attacks from his combat vehicles and weapons.”

“Thankfully I upgraded Mengmeng before leaving, or we might have been hurt by Long Yubai again,” Lin Qiao sighed and said.

While Lin Qiao and her people were talking about Long Yubai’s approach, the person in question had returned to his Earth Dragon Base.

“Yang Jianhua didn’t come back? Didn’t I ask him to finish Hades Base and then come straight back here?” After returning to where he lived, Long Yubai freshened himself up, then sat in the couch in his study room with a glass of wine. When Qin Wusheng, one of the few Deputy Chiefs who stayed in the base, reported to him that Yang Jianhua didn’t come back, he immediately got angry.

“It’s not like that. He couldn’t come back even if he wanted. I just got the news that Yang Jianhua is dead.”

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