Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Fight Zombie Dominators

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As Wu Chengyue caught the animal-powered zombie dominator who had been hovering in the sky all the time, the metal-powered zombie dominator was suddenly dragged slightly forward, and then it disappeared.

However, Si Kongchen saw that. He narrowed his eyes and said with a deep voice, “They didn’t run! Someone else is here!”

He was trying to say that someone was making moves behind everybody’s back. After witnessing the metal-powered zombie dominator’s disappearance, he figured that someone had been bringing those zombie dominators away. It might be the zombie emperor!

Wu Chengyue blinked. His pretty face wore a warm smile as he said, “I think someone else is gonna take them down if we don’t move faster.”

Si Kongchen snorted coldly, then charged at the earth-powered zombie dominator.

“Great! Now we can each take one,” Lan Lu swiftly moved toward another zombie dominator with a smile.

The other zombies had realized that the situation was turning for the worse. As two zombie dominators suddenly disappeared, a great sense of crisis attacked them. While the three men went after a zombie dominator each, those zombies ignored the orders that they had received and quickly turned to run.

After throwing two zombie dominators into her space, Lin Qiao instantly restrained her vibe and hid in the darkness, then started gathering the energy in the space toward one of the two zombie dominators.

The other zombie dominator was making circles in the woods with confusion. Of course, he would never find a way out of the woods, unless Lin Qiao let him.

Lin Qiao prepared to kill those two zombie dominators. Because of Mo Yan, she didn’t plan to keep them and let them work for her. If she wanted Mo Yan to follow her with honesty, she should not keep the zombies who had betrayed him. Because if she did that, Mo Yan wouldn’t be happy.

Since she couldn’t turn those two zombies into her new subordinates, she would harvest their nuclei. She wanted very much to bring the other zombies from the outside into her space, but her current power didn’t allow her to deal with so many of them at one time. Besides, Si Kongchen and the other two men were outside. If she caught their attention by bringing more zombies into her space, she would be expecting a lot of problems.

Especially, Wu Chengyue was out there, and he knew what she was capable of.

The one that Lin Qiao targeted was that metal-powered zombie dominator. He didn’t understand how he was suddenly brought to that strange space. He was fighting against humans just now. Where was he? Who brought him there?

He was on full alert. No matter who brought him there, he had sensed her hostility.

Soon, he felt that the air surrounding his body seemed to have stopped flowing. He was disabled from moving, as if he was wrapped up by something invisible.

Under the great sense of crisis, he turned his skin into metal to protect himself, and also to free himself from that strong pressure.

That helped actually. He immediately felt his body was relaxed, and that bound feeling was gone.

He was about to become a zombie emperor after all; he was powerful.

Lin Qiao knitted her brows. She wasn’t frustrated, but the look in her eyes turned fierce. She raised a hand and released a flake of dark fire, which moved swiftly toward the metal-powered zombie dominator.

After turning his skin into metal, the zombie looked around, then raised his head and hopped onto a tree nearby. As same as Gao Haoyun, he saw a white fog, and then couldn’t go any higher.

The metal-powered zombie dominator tried a few times and saw nothing but the white fog. Therefore, he quickly leaped off the tree.

Before he landed on the ground, a thigh-sized, weird-looking black fire flew at him. He sensed a lethal danger from the fire that almost made him overreact. He flipped in the air, then thrust his feet against the tree trunk and sent himself away.

The fire seemed to be targeting him. The moment he flew out, the fire rose and quickly wrapped one of his feet.

“Roar…” The zombie dominator couldn’t feel pain. However, when the fire coiled around his foot, his entire body quivered just like how a person might react when a poisonous snake’s cold body coiled on his leg.

The dark fire grew stronger on his foot and started to devour it.

At that point, the zombie dominator landed back on the ground in a flurry. It seemed to have been freaked out. His trousers’ leg disappeared within a blink, exposing his golden shank and foot.

The dark fire did no actual harm to the zombie dominator within a short time, but clung to his skin and kept burning.

“Roar…” The zombie hopped with one leg, trying to get rid of the dark fire. He didn’t dare to touch the fire with his hands.

He was surrounded by trees, so there was nothing metallic for him to control. He could only turn his own skin into metal to protect himself, but underneath that skin were still dead blood and flesh.

The fire couldn’t hurt him for the time being, but never faded. On the contrary, it quickly crawled up through his thigh and reached to the rest of his body.

The dark fire wasn’t able to burn out the zombie’s metal skin. However, it had been devouring the energy that the metal skin contained.

The zombie gathered his energy on his leg, in case the dark fire ate up all the energy on that leg. If that happened, the fire would devour his entire leg and then the rest of him.

That was why the zombie had been sensing a life-threatening crisis the whole time.

At that moment, Lin Qiao was standing on a tree that was not far away from the zombie. While controlling the dark fire to cling tightly on the zombie’s leg, she continued gathering the energy in the space toward the zombie.

Before long, the bound feeling came back to the zombie. He ignored it, because all he wanted was to get rid of the dark fire.

The zombie panicked as he rolled on the ground to try and put out the fire. However, no matter how hard he tried, the fire didn’t grow weak at all.

At that very moment, Lin Qiao dived from the tree while she popped her black, sharp nails and swung her arm at the zombie, who was still rolling on the ground.

Clang! Her nails generated a loud clashing sound against the zombie’s metal skin but failed to do it any harm.

Lin Qiao landed on the ground with a frown.

As she thought, she wouldn’t be able to kill that zombie unless she broke his metallic skin.

In that case, she had no choice but to burn the zombie with her netherworld fire using all her power.

As she reached out both hands, the fire on the zombie dominator’s leg immediately grew darker, and the devouring power became even greater than before.

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